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Crowdfunding A Funding Model Debe Fennell. Why Crowdfunding? PeopleMoneyResources.

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1 Crowdfunding A Funding Model Debe Fennell

2 Why Crowdfunding? PeopleMoneyResources

3 What is Crowdfunding? People use the Internet and Social Media to ask their contacts, friends & family to fund projects, pre-buy their product or launch their business

4 The Key to Crowdfunding People want to support good ideas, innovation and creativity. Just give them the opportunity and wonderful things happen!

5 What can be Funded? Tech Apps, Products, Businesses, Causes, Non-Profits, Scholarships, Movies, Music, Start-Ups…

6 How does Crowdfunding work? 1 Business Plan becomes a marketing plan 2 Project funding goal is set 3 Rewards and incentives are defined 4 Contributors review and choose projects

7 Steps to Success Rewards Marketing Video pitch Goal Plan Story Product or idea Vision

8 Crowdfunding Creating the Opportunity

9 The Crowdfunding Market

10 Crowdfunding Companies IndiegogoKickstarterMicroventuresQuirkyRocketHub Founded20082009201020092010 TargetAnything goes.Artists, designers, and inventors. Technology firms seeking experienced angel investors. InventorsCreative projects. FeaturesUnfiltered approach means 10,000 causes and projects at any one time. 13,000 successful campaigns. Only takes artistic or creative projects. Online broker- dealer for more than 1,000 angel investors looking to make equity investments of $1,000 to $50,000. Communal product development and earn a share of the revenue. Two brand new consumer products to market each week Rewards for contributions are required. Cost4% if the fundraising goal is met and 9% if it isn't. There's also a third-party payment processing fee of 2.9% 5% of funds raised, plus 3 to 5% to Amazon Payments Pay $100 to submit a project, $250 for due diligence, and 5-10% of the total if the raise is successful. Submission fee is $10.4% if the fundraising goal is met. (If goal not reached, fee is 8% of the total funds raised) plus third party processing fees. Avg. $ raised$15,000$5,000$150,000 Payment method(s) Check, credit card, or PayPal. Amazon PaymentsCredit card. Accepts only 60% of the 2,000 or so projects that apply each week Luxembourg based.

11 Getting People Involved

12 Create Your Outcome JobsSmall Business Growth Funding Business Dreams Products

13 Thank you Debe Fennell debef@charter.net775-762-0370

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