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DO RASPBERRY KETONES HELP WEIGHT LOSS?. Most people who are looking at trying raspberry ketones for weight loss have usually tried at least one other.

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2 Most people who are looking at trying raspberry ketones for weight loss have usually tried at least one other diet pill in the past that has not worked. It’s a fact of the environment that we live in that most fat burning products promise great results but do not deliver.

3 However, while raspberry ketone won’t help you lose weight overnight, it does boost your metabolism and with consistent use it can help you finally achieve your desired body weight.

4 Dr. Mehmet Oz of Columbia University first introduced the raspberry ketone compound as a powerful metabolic enhancer on his TV show in early 2012.

5 Alongside nutritionist Lisa Lynn, they explained that the ketone compound is derived from the red raspberry fruit and is a side- effect free weight loss supplement. It works by targeting the fatty tissues in the body, making them easier for the body to burn for energy.

6 It does this by affecting adiponectin hormone levels in the body. This hormone plays a key part in lipid metabolism, otherwise known as fat burning. By increasing its presence in the body, you tell your body to burn more fat and can drop considerable pounds quickly.

7 A starting dosage of ketones usually consists of one 100mg tablet before breakfast and again thirty minutes before lunch. The dosage can be increased to 200mg if faster results are desired.

8 Even before this natural substance was first discussed by Dr. Oz, raspberry ketone supplements have been used to a great extent by bodybuilders looking to cut a lot of fat in short periods of time.

9 However, most bodybuilders will prefer a 500 mg ketone diet plan. At this dosage level, not only do ketones promote fat burning, but they also inhibit the absorption of fat in the body from a high fat diet.

10 One of the most compelling ways to decide if Raspberry Ketones are right for you is by reading reviews from other individuals who have used the product.

11 All of these reviews come from which goes through rigorous verification processes to ensure that any opinions posted are from actual users of the product.

12 In fact, in order to leave a raspberry ketone review on a specific product on Amazon, you must have purchased the product online through them. Here are some of the reviews posted about this weight loss product on Amazon:

13 “I tried this product on the recommendation of Dr. OZ and was not disappointed in the results. I upped my intake to 2 caps a day taken in the morning and that seemed to hit the sweet spot. I have lost about 2 lbs. a week and will soon be within the weight range suggested. Give it a try.” – Frank

14 “Ever since I started taking the supplement about a month ago I have lost over 10 pounds. I combined the raspberry ketone weight loss supplement with a healthy diet plan and since then I have been losing around two pounds every week.” - Jenn

15 “Have taken a full bottle (120 capsules)of this product. I can see a difference in my figure around the stomach and waist area. Hopefully another bottle will send me well on my way to even bigger, and better weight loss.” - Floridauser

16 “Lost 30 pounds and have kept it off, and feeling wonderful! Knowing that it will help keep the weight off is great, and a nice bonus is knowing I am getting a boost of antioxidants!!” – Skinnymom

17 “I have been very pleased with the Raspberry Ketones. I lost 30lbs in the last 6 months, and this product has helped me maintain my weight loss. I usually just take one every a.m., but ocasionally I'll take one in the p.m. It has defintely helped in reducing my appettite. I would recommend and to a friend and will continue to use myself.” – D. K. Martin

18 “Raspberry Ketones have been a breakthrough for me personally. I am a 185 pound female, 46 years old, and I have tummy fat that I am working to rid myself of. It's tough. But these really do put your body in a state of "ketosis" where you shed the pounds. Glad to have found it. Happy to pay the extra few dollars for the good stuff. And will keep on truckin.” – Gail

19 “What I really like about raspberry ketones is that they not only lower your appetite but also helps to stimulate and therefore increase your metabolism. I've personally lost 23 pounds over the past 16 weeks. I am also taking "Life Seasons" Metabolism weight control and L-Carnitine 588mg. I only started taking the Raspberry Ketones 16 weeks ago and had been useing the other two for 24 weeks prior. My inch and weight loss increased with the raspberry ketones.” - Anonymous

20 “I ordered this item a month ago. I love it! I take 1 in the morning and 1 at lunch. It has helped me with energy level. I also take it 30 minutes before a workout and it gives me that extra energy to stay focused. I have lost 8 lbs since I started using it.” – Chris

21 “I saw a positive plug of this product on the Dr. Oz show so I figured I would give it a try. It did as expected. When I take the capsules my stomach does get a full feeling where I don't have the urges to eat. As an end result I am eating less each day and noticed that I have been gradually losing weight. I would recommend this product to others who want to lose weight and cut down on their daily calorie intake.” – S. Squires

22 “5 stars for sure, great product. Have told so many people about my results. With out even trying I lost 3 lbs. right off the bat. Take my 1 supplement every morning finding great results. Sleep better and make better food choices. Will continue to take along with my other vitamins daily. Thank you for a great product.” – Gmoses

23 “Definitely think this makes a difference, I have lost 11 pounds since I began taking this supplement in February. I will continue purchasing this product and will suggest it to my family & friends.” – Gatorfan

24 “I first purchased this product when recommended by Dr. Oz I have since lot 10 pounds, my Mother has lost over 20 and now I have my Aunt taking this product. Neither of us have really changed any eating or exercise habits. The product does not make you feel jittery at all. I highly recommend this product if you are trying to lose weight the easy way!” – Penny

25 “I saw these pills advertised on the Dr. Oz show and decided to give them a try. They were shipped right away and they really do work! I saw results after just two weeks. I am verry happy with them!” - Liddy


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