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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

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1 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
By: Debora, Trevon, Monserrath, and Ida Mrs. Gabehart’s 4th grade Bilingual Class

2 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
He was born in Salamanca, Spain in 1510 He was an explorer

3 Francisco Vasquez Coronado

4 Coronado Came from Spain

5 What Was He Looking For? Coronado was in charge of a large expedition to find the Seven Cities of Gold The explorers were disappointed to find that Cibola, a Zuni settlement in the present – day New Mexico had no riches to offer because they found no gold

6 Coronado was Looking for Gold

7 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
His expedition included over 1,400 soldiers, slaves, and natives He also brought herds of cattle and sheep to Texas

8 Chebe la Diminoz

9 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
He traveled in the 1540’s and established Spain’s later claims to what is now the Southwestern United States

10 Map of Coronado’s Expedition

11 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
He arrived in the new world in 1535 with Antonio de Mendoza, the new ruler of Spain, Mexico.

12 Antonio de Mendoza

13 References Drawings by Moserrath
FactMonster ttp:// Britannica online /

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