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Standards for Region 5 Growth in 2012 Jeffry Handal Region 5 Standards Coordinator.

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1 Standards for Region 5 Growth in 2012 Jeffry Handal Region 5 Standards Coordinator

2 Region 5 Impact on SA 1.Increased presence and visibility of SA. R5 conference Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET) – postponed due to Hurricane Isaac Internet of Things: Home Networking Summit Region 5 website 2.Grants being submitted and approved for students. 16 submitted (2009-2011) 1 approval (2012) 3.Speakers requested: New Orleans (canceled due to Isaac) Central Texas (speaker pending) 2

3 Standards Present - 3

4 SA Recognizing R5 Efforts SA staff open, receptive, and excited of working with R5 throughout 2012. Featured article on Standards Insights Participation in the Standard Education Committee Meeting (November 2012) 4

5 Region 5 SA Resource Evaluation Program Name Observations and Experiences Recommendations for SAR5 Actions for 2013 Student GrantsGreat program with lots of potential. Create a flyer to promote the grants. Showcase en example of a successful grant submission. Promotion within the region especially through SAC. SA Speakers BureauTwo requests placed (New Orleans and Central Texas). Speaker was identified for New Orleans but not for Central Texas. Create a list of pre-qualified speakers beforehand. In addition, create a set of guidelines for speakers so the region may help identify speakers. Help identify potential speakers to be part of the SA speaker bureau. Access to StandardsSeveral methods available: Get program, university affiliations. Provide guidelines/tips on how standards’ documents should be read and used. Use standards to promote professional development activities/workshops. Standards Education Resources Programs show great potential through the eZine magazine,, standards workshops. Target SA workshops for Region 5. The region will help with logistics and volunteers on the ground. Propose grant to IEEE higher boards to build on the momentum developed in 2012 to promote standards education in R5 for 2013. SA Printed MediaVery colorful and useful material is available to promote SA. It must be ordered with good lead time. Some amendments shared with staff to improve printed material. Develop hands on tools to show standards in action. Continue using material to support local section and regional events. 5

6 2013 Opportunities 1.Submit a grant for SA workshops in R5. Submit grant to IEEE foundation on premise of education. Tentative locations: Baton Rouge, Denver, St. Louis. 2.Develop local section activities around standards. E.g. PACE, GOLD 3.Increase number of applications for students grants in 2013. 4.Build and develop a stronger link to SA. 6

7 Resources Region 5 SA Coordinator Jeffry Handal Websites 7

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