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Status of Extensible SCCS-SM Concept Green Book 12 February 2013 1.

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1 Status of Extensible SCCS-SM Concept Green Book 12 February 2013 1

2 1.0 Introduction 1.1 - Purpose – Terse but okay (?) 1.2 - Background – Okay 1.3 - Scope – Okay in general, but need to figure out what and how much to say about space-space and space-planet links and SSI (WG discussion, JVP writeup) 1.4 - Approach – Okay 1.5 - Document Organization – Annexes need to be added 1.6 - Definitions (JVP) – Needs to be done 1.7 - References – Looks okay now: will be confirmed in final edits – Remove “for possible future use” entries 2

3 2.0 Concept Overview Still needs a major update 3

4 3.0 Context of Extensible SCCS-SM (1) 3.1 - SCCS Enterprise Management Model – [Opening notes/questions]: do we want to address these for the first published release, or should we just cut them? – “The enterprise model describes the aspects of space data systems including the organizations, policies, roles and constraints involved in the end-to-end processes of managing …” Does this model address all of these? Do we really expect it to? – Need to check latest ADD for consistency of terminology, graphic conventions – Need to determine whether to use ADD or old (e.g., “Complex”) terminology throughout the book – How much to address SSI Enterprise model, if at all – Parking lot items - address or discard? 4

5 3.0 Context of Extensible SCCS-SM (2) 3.2 - SCCS Mission Support Lifecycle – Okay in general – Should Service Planning and Scheduling ( and/or Service Package Execution ( be modified to mention the Service Execution Event Notification ( 3.3 - SCSS Functional Resource Model – No known issues, except need to be sure that material keeps pace with the latest changes – Should overall FR material be moved to another (Green?) book and just referenced from this book? If not, should the content of 3.3.2 be moved to an annex to streamline 3.3? – Note that extension methodology needs to include derivation of appropriate FR types as necessary 5

6 4.0 Extensible SCCS-SM Framework (1) 4.1 - Overview – The framework components diagram needs to be updated Originally this was expected to be a copy of a MagicDraw diagram. Do we still expect that a MagicDraw diagram will be developed (and by whom?), or should JP just do it in Visio? 4.2.1 - Information Entities – Overall okay (pending confirmation by WG) – Service Execution Event Notification ( – TBD needs to be replaced (EB) 4.2.2 - Management Services – Needs much work. We need to determine what and how much we are going to say about management services, given that we are pretty much ignoring this in the next few years. One approach is to first specify enough services/operations to substitute for the V1 services, then follow on (at some unspecified later time) with new services and operations 6

7 4.0 Extensible SCCS-SM Framework (2) 4.3 - Managed Service Profiles – Needs to be modified to identify the SC services that will be addressed by the initial drop (i.e., IOAG SC 1) and those that will be addressed later (IOAG SC2) (JP) – Also, needs to address the notion of combining the different services into prototypical groupings – Needs more explanatory text (JP) 4.4 - Mechanisms/Infrastructure (AC) – All bullets need to be replaced by text 4.5 - Baseline Functional Resource Types – The text here is completely inappropriate for the topic – I think that what we need is the set of FR Types that correspond to the services in the Managed Service Profiles (4.2.2) that will be supported by the first drop 7

8 5.0 Documentation Nothing here now except a few notes Needs to include at least the documents that we have called out (JP) 8

9 6.0 Roadmap Needs to flesh out in text the Roadmap that Erik has Mindmapped (EB) 9

10 Annexes Annex A - Acronyms and Abbreviations – Needs to be generated (JP) Annex B - Example Set of Functional Resource Types – Needs to be aligned with latest FR definitions – Move this to a separate Green Book and just reference it from the E-SCCS-SM Concept Book? – Move the material from section 3.3.2 to annex B? 10

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