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1 THE SENEGALESE EXPERIENCE ND. Maimouna DIOP DIAGNE CCTLD.sn Technical Support SENEGAL mayediop@ucad.sn

2 SENEGAL BRIEFLY Population in 20019.800.000 habitants Urban Population 41 % Density 48 pers/km2 Growing rate 2,8 % per year Young 58 % are less than 20 year Active Population 42 % Trained Population 55,7 % Religions94 % Muslems 5 % Christians 1 % others

3 SENEGAL BRIEFLY International bandwith : 310 Mbps (octobre 2003) LL : 146 ISP : 13 Customers Internet : 12 000 (août 2002) Users : 100.000 Domaines ".sn" déclarés : 1150 (août 2002) Sites on line : 160 (mai 2001) Internet acces points : > 150

4 In 1989 The French Research Institute for Development (IRD ex ORSTOM) decided to build anetwork between the Main office in Paris and all the overseas sites in order to link the IRD researchers around the world. The RIO project implemented an Email service based on STORE and FORWARD using Unix servers, Sendmail and UUCP as delivery protolol. The.sn history

5 June 1992 RIO is extended to the Universities (Dakar and Saint Louis) 30 nodes are installed with 300 users. At the same time another Email Network ( FIDONET) was installed by ENDA for Non Governmental Structures.

6 1 992 : Registration of the "Top Level Domain".SN The Computer Department of the Polytechnique Institute take the initiative to fill the application for.SN hosting, with the assistance of IRD. This was the beginning of a technology transfer from IRD to UCAD (University Cheikh Anta Diop)gb. IRD gave some help to facilitate the contact with the RIPE-NCC in order to get five class C IP ranges The DNS.SN is hosted at Montpellier

7 1995 : First "full IP" connexion The Francophone University Agency, hosted in UCAD uses the X25 service of SONATEL (national telephone company) to encapsulate IP packets and set-up the first Web server in SENEGAL (REFER server)

8 November 1995, a group of the computer Department faculty members wrote a memorandum to the president of Senegal explaining the major importance for Senegal to get a FULL IP Connection to the Internet. In his declaration to the nation at December 31th the president announced “ Senegal will be connected to the Internet at the beginning of the new year” This success ensure to UCAD a real leader ship in the development of the internet in Senegal.

9 MARCH 1996 : Senegal in FULL IP SONATEL set up a 64 Kbps Intelsat link with MCI At the same time SONATEL with the support of the Minister for communication try to force UCAD to leave.SN administration. An group of 1 ingenieur of SONATEl and 4 university faculty members participated to the first ISOC french workshop during 2 weeks in Canada.

10 November 1996 UCAD installs a full IP connection with SONATEL and transfers the.SN from Montpellier to Dakar. During the first year we collaborate and coordinate with SONATEL. From 1997 to now : - SONATEL provides access and IP addresses - University (UCAD) provides domain names.

11 In 1998 The Senegalese ISOC Chapter is set up. ALL ISP, and telecom actors joined the group. It made possible to rise a consensus and formally give the commitment to the University of UCAD to continue the administration of the.SN domain. UCAD provides all the facilities to ISOC Chapter in term of office, meeting room, workshops etc

12 Registration process The application Form is available in the WEB at www.nic.sn A charter based on following rules is applicable Conform to OMPI Registered as Company in the Country Non generic names as ( Internet, health, sport etc…) No town ( ife.ng, lagos.ng etc…) Minimum 3 characters Last resort ( fist in firs out) www.nic.sn

13 HOW TO FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM ORGANISM requesting for the domain name Domain name 3 char minimum Related to your trade mark First in first out Confict resolution by negotiation Type of request 1) Reservation of the domain name 2)Creation 3) Modification

14 Delegation of management Administrative contact Technical contact DNS SERVERS (Primary and secondaries) Dont filter port number 53 for UDP and TCP Don’t filter ICMP Reverse DNS (in-addr.arpa. domains) Mail relay

15 COST 60 $ per year for international applications 50 $ per year for local applications BUDGET September 2003 : 1200 domains 500 local25 000 $ 700 external 42 000 $ TOTAL 67 000 $ per year.

16 USE OF THE BUDGET Salary 1 network ingenieur 1 assistant 1 secretary Participation for Internet connection Hot line Telephone and Fax Equipment and maintenance

17 Main Problems Luck of trained ISP’s technicians on dns implementation and security – Training center for ISP’s technicians (project) Problem of reverse DNS du to Luck of IP addresses: the subnet process did not make easy the reverse dns. – We hope that with afrinic, sonatel will get more addresses to be able to provide full classe c to customers

18 Perspectives WHOIS database policy an update in december 2003 Implementation of secure and dynamic DNS server in december 2003 Implementation of IPV6 at the university at the beginning of 2004 – University is connected at M-Bone network but it needs to be extended to researchers

19 Main contacts Alex Corenthin : corenthin@ucad.sn Tidiane Seck : seck@ucad.sn www.nic.sncorenthin@ucad.snseck@ucad.sn www.nic.sn


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