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Let’s Begin With A Happier You… SVForum Engineering Leadership SIG Gayatri Patel – June 20, 2013 ReflectBenchmarkTargetStrategy Test, Try & Iterate.

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1 Let’s Begin With A Happier You… SVForum Engineering Leadership SIG Gayatri Patel – June 20, 2013 ReflectBenchmarkTargetStrategy Test, Try & Iterate

2 Journeying Back  Career Successes  Life Events-Activities  Interests  Lessons Learned Me Life Events Life Influencers Life Decisions People Communities Environment Marriage Relocation Children Job Position College Selection Hobbies

3  Caroline  Music Map your life happenings & take-aways… Insecure/Eager Learning/DeterminedConfident/Risk Taker Marketing/Sales Merchandising HS-College Transition First Job Drivers License Married Graduated College Move Away From Home Career Life Inspiration Big Picture Better Process Take Away Betterment Brand/Sell Myself Diversify +/- Label Hard Start Education Developer Career Started Tandem Computers Birth of #1 Daughter Move to new home Birth of #2 Daughter Jimmy Bill Kristin Daughters Products Women can succeed OK to take risk Enjoyed my work Believed in what I was doing Top down support key Education Costs Long working hours Need to grow how to sell ideas How to deal with challenging relationships & conflict NPI Support Manager Internet Product Manager Computers Hwr/Swr/Networking Bus Dev, Marketing, PM, Support, Course Dev Internet-Security-Queuing Jerry-Vivek Venkat Dieter Daughters Pioneering Need to exercise Not doing anything for me…no hobbies Not exercising

4 Benchmark What’s your starting point? Getting Started Human Resources Team Indirect Inward Influences EmotionsOutlookEnergy Outward Influences RelationshipsCommunity DirectMeRelationshipsCommunityEnvironment  Get to know yourself  Get to know those around you  Get to know your surroundings  Ask how others perceive you  Who is like and not like me?  What makes me happy?  What keeps me healthy, energetic and productive?  What do I influence-project to others? Insights Discovery Model Myers Briggs Assessment

5 Example: On a Bad Day Excitable Frantic Indiscreet Flamboyant Hasty Docile Bland Plodding Reliant Stubborn Aggressive Controlling Driving Overbearing Intolerant Stuffy Indecisive Suspicious Cold Reserved Cool Blue Fiery Red Sunshine Yellow Earth Green Example: On a Good Day Source: Insights Group Ltd. “The Insights Colour Energies”;

6 Assess Individual & Team Ask, Ask, & Ask: What motivates them, influences their productivity, reactions to change or conflict, Team player/leader/worker, complimentary strengths, positive or negative influence to others, … Develop Individual Support their own self discovery Identify people who can provide feedback Challenge, Learn, Partner Develop Team Team Events “Get to know each other” Reinforce work environment & core values Rate eNPS, Work Life Balance, Innovation, Risk Taking, etc. Partner with Human Resources Benchmark What’s your starting point?

7 Target What do you want to be?  Define how you want to be perceived  Define what WILL make you happy  What are your Must Have’s…Let Go’s?  What will keep you balanced?  Set aspiration targets  Incorporate training, mentoring, network support, etc.  Target frequent positive acts  Set productivity landmarks  Incorporate aspiration targets to work development plans  Set individual eNPS, WLB, … goals Do for others as THEY would like (not what YOU would like)

8 Question What is the magic ratio of positive interactions for every negative interaction for productive workgroups? A. 3:1 B. 5:1 C. 13:1 D. 10:1 Source: Reference Losada M’s 1999 study in “How Full is Your Bucket?” book; Authors Tom Rath and Dr. Donald Clifton

9 Strategy What’s your action plan?  Take care of you!!!  Follow your passions  Strengthen your strengths  Upward is not always best  Refreshes rebuild…  Continuously learn, be challenged and track your progress  Observe and follow from what others do well  Surround yourself with inspiration  Compliment your weaknesses  Upward is not always best  Deliver positive energies IndirectInwardEmotionsOutlookEnergyOutwardRelationshipsCommunity DirectMeRelationshipsCommunityEnvironment

10 Strategy What’s your action plan?  Partner with Human Resources  Active monthly management of development plans  Mentor, Coaching, Shadowing opportunities  Leverage company resources and training  Industry and technical workshops, conferences  Focus on progress  Set productivity landmarks  Proactive WLB; Implement cultural changes; discuss w/staff  Practice what we preach  Quarterly/Half Year Team Building Events  Energy project workshops and culture changes  Invite company leaders to discuss company values w/team  Power of positive energies, happiness, and creativity  End the week on a positive note…sense of accomplishment  Incorporate bi-weekly innovation brainstorm/POC sessions  Hack-a-Thon like events Events  Celebrate learning from failings  Track what wrongs were prevented  External presentations IndirectInwardEmotionsOutlookEnergyOutwardRelationshipsCommunity DirectMeRelationshipsCommunityEnvironment

11 Question How many human interactions/moments do we experience on an average waking day? A. 32 B. 400 C. 1600 D. 22,000 Source: Nobel Prize-winning Psychologist, Daniel Kahneman

12 Test, Try & Iterate  Test your limits  Tweak your strategy  Never give up Live Long, Prosper & Be Happy ReflectBenchmarkTargetStrategy Test, Try & Iterate

13 Map your life happenings & take-aways… Career Life Inspiration Take Away Betterment +/- Label

14 SVForum Engineering Session June 20, 2013 Gayatri Patel – DESCRIPTION: As you know, the first step on your career journey towards greatness begins with you. But have you asked yourself, "Who am I…really? What am I good at? What is important to me?" The discovery of what makes you fundamentally and uniquely you will lead you to greatness in your career, relationships, health and life. "Employee Happiness" is getting a lot of airtime these days. Let me share some self-learned approaches for 'continuous discovery of oneself' from my journey that have helped me make career choices. I hope that you will be able to apply these insights to achieve your greatest potential and become a happier "you".

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