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SV150WI. Swami Vivekananda 150 Women's Initiative [SV150WI] Why? SV150WI.

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1 SV150WI

2 Swami Vivekananda 150 Women's Initiative [SV150WI] Why? SV150WI

3 Even as some educated young Indian women, like many young men, are attracted to Western modernity And therefore many perversions of the West are penetrating India... Yet Indian womanhood is the only hope to save the women of the world And Indian women are the only guide for the world at Cross Roads SURPRISED? Do you have five minutes to know Why and How? Now go to the first of the Seven Fact Sheets that follow

4 Read this carefully....... And ask yourself whether you accept western-modernity which Regards individual rights sans duty to family – as modernity Celebrates sexual freedom – as women's liberation Treats your teenage wards having premarital sex – as normal Accepts your school-going daughter becoming pregnant – as acceptable Views neglect of parents and the infirm by children – as inevitable Treats all those who disagree with these as un-modern, backward and inferior Asks them to undergo counselling to overcome the cultural shock If you can't accept this..... If you want to fight this.....perverted...and animal-like life... If you consider a young girl or women's body as sacred.... If you believe women are manifestation of Shakti – the creative power as our ancestors had said If you want such perversity to be averted in India.... Please read the next slide.............................Otherwise you may STOP here.

5 41% of the babies in US [2009] are born for unmarried women – half of them for school going teenagers 55% of the first, 67% of the second and 74% of the third marriages end in divorce 51% families are without father and mother living together -- “fatherless America” emerging As 60% Americans live without marriages the US President has announced National Marriage Project in 2012 to persuade Americans to marry Contrary to the recently created impression that India is a nation of rapists and killers, the population-to-rape ratio in US 80 times India’s. Shockingly, in US, one fifth of the rape victims are men. Women have become like men. According to the US Dept of Justice, 180 lakh women and 28 lakh men – one-tenth of US population between age 14-64 – have been rape victims at least once in life Elsewhere – 47% of the babies born in UK are for unmarried women – half of them teenagers; two thirds of the couples in Norway and Sweden – top in world's Human Development Index – live together without marriage and their children are declared as State properties; the population-to-rape-ratio in UK is 120 times India's. And yet a 2009 Study by economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers based on data of US and Europe focusing on the period from the 1970s to the mid-2000s when 2 nd wave of feminism took place, found women had become less happy than they were before, despite economic independence. Now move on to the next.... Do You Know The facts about sorry state of women and families in the most developed US?

6 This perversion of life, family, men and women happened because of unbridled rights for individuals, elders, women, and children with no sense of duty to each other or to the family. Result.... Parents have no duty to take care of the children or give them higher education or protect them when unemployed Sons or daughters owe no duty to take care of the aged or infirm parents or grand parents or when they are ill The traditional society is as good as non-existent and the Western sociologists have declared there is no such thing as society Each one unto himself or herself has destroyed the traditional family which was natural social security provider to the elders and the rest. With the result, the government has to take care of all family duties – of care of the aged, infirm and unemployed through social security spending – which is bankrupting the government. This has meant nationalisation of the families. With family relations turning into contracts, the Western life model has ceased to be relation-based Families without responsibilities have stopped saving and live on credit cards. There are 114 cr credit/debit cards for 11 cr American families. The American families carry a debt of Rs 660 lakh cr. SV150WI Have you ever analysed How did this perversion happen in the West? Continue....

7 Because the people do not save, the US national savings is poor. This forces the US government to borrow – at the rate of over Rs 20,000 cr a day – from Asian nations. This has made US as the most borrowed nation in the world! Because of the decline of family savings and consequent borrowing since 1970 US foreign debt has gone up by 160 times, domestic debt by 40 times but the US GDP only by 15 times..and that is the reason for the economic decline of the US. Family decline leads to economic decline. All this was because of the perverted concept of unbridled individual rights prevailing over families and the near and dear. SV150WI Continued... Now go to the Next............

8 Despite all odds the Indian women have kept alive family traditions, culture and values. This has enabled Indians to preserve their relation-based life – not contract-based as in West. The family is the most vibrant socio-cultural and socio-economic institution in India. Because of this, the family savings has gone up from 19% of the GDP in 1991 to 29% of GDP in 2009. This is the backbone of the Indian economy Thanks to this, with very little foreign investment, India's growth rate rose up to almost 10% -- to shock the world. Indian families invariably take care of the parents and elders and the infirm, the ill-healthy and unemployed. Indian women's sacrifices have enabled the families to stand up to modernity and preserve our values. Because of the traditional roots of Indian women, the Indian economy itself is feminine in character – with high savings, moderate consumption and family-provided social security for elders, infirm and the young. In short, the Indian women have kept values in living and functioning form – not just in theory. SV150WI Do you realise Indian women have kept values alive in functioning form through our culture and family Now on to the next....

9 SV150WI Are you aware.... Western Modernity is a threat to Indian womanhood?  Young Indians wrongly equate and limit modernity to fashionable clothes and western manners, urban habits and the English language.  But it really means the intrusive lifestyle of the West... and calls upon the non-West to give up its traditions as a precondition for economic growth.  The UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs told the underdeveloped countries [1951] that as “the price for rapid economic development”....“ancient philosophies have to be scrapped” and “old social institutions have to disintegrate”  This meant discarding India as Indian policy makers, media and intellectuals are echoing and assuming Westernisation as modernisation.  But the Japanese modernise without westernising by Nihonjhindron or Japanesness; and so does China by Neo-Confucianism........And so India should modernise without Westernisation  The Westernisation process in India is specifically targeted at perverting Indian womanhood and make it the carbon copy of the West – threatening to bring down traditional respect for parents and women, causalise pre-marital sex, normalise teenage pregnancy and live-in lifestyle  So there is the danger of Indian womanhood being perverted by Western modernisation soon, unless attended immediately Turn over to the next....

10 The sense of superiority of the West is declining now – because the West is declining socially, culturally and economically. The Western researches themselves have shown that even in the past China and India were the leading economies in the World till almost the middle of 19 th century. But, when the West led the world in the last two centuries because of colonisation, it spread its lifestyle and made the Rest accept their inferiority to the West. But, now the economic power is shifting to Asia - China and India to share super power status with US by 2030 – says the National Intelligence Council of US. The west has now been weakened by cultural degeneration which has led to economic decline. It is the turn of Asia especially India to show cultural lead to the world. It is only by strengthening our superior culture and tradition that India can protect itself against westernisation. Only by showcasing our culture we can save the West also. In practice, culture in India translates to Indian womanhood. Swami Vivekananda warned the US against excessive materialism and said that it should import spiritualism from India – which it did not do. An American lady Eleanor Stark wrote a book “Swami Vivekananda: A Gift Unopened” on how the US missed the message of Swami Vivekananda. Result, the decline of US culturally and materially. Only our women can save even the Western women. Indian women have maintained in living form their traditions and culture, kept the families protected and preserved, taken care of the elders and raised the young. This is the biggest social capital of India today SV150WI Do you understand.... India's time to lead has come – Indian women need to guide the confused world And now to the last..........

11 SV150WI Now you read Why the Swami Vivekananda 150 Women’s Initiative [SV150WI] and what it plans to do? Indian women need to protect their girls and children from the pervasive aspects of western modernity which trivialise women and destroys families Indian womanhood is Indian women's gift to the world As India is rising as a global power Indian voice will be increasingly heard in the West – which will be a U-turn from Indians listening to the West This development coincides with the 150 anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Birth who envisioned India rising as the Global Power and it is being realised today In the sacred birth anniversary of the greatest spiritual nationalist son of India the SV150WI is seeding the thought “Indian Women as the guide for the World at Cross Roads” to prepare the Indian women for this momentous task As the first step, the SV150WI plans to hold a massive women's convention on 12 th January 2014 at Chennai on 150 th Anniversary of the Swami's birth consisting of women who are educated and achievers in diverse fields – Artistes, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Executives, Businesspersons, Academics and others – on that Theme The SV150 WI plans to take the work forward by creating awareness among the people through schools, colleges and other institutions of learning and public fora If you agree with the above objective please respond and join forces with the SV150WI to force-multiply the effort to achieve our objectives.

12 SV150WI Contact... SWAMI VIVEKANADA 150 WOMEN’S INITIATIVE NEW NO. 6, OLD NO. 20, BALAIYA AVENUE, LUZ, MYLAPORE 600004. TEL: +91 – 44 – 24662314 MOBILE : +91 - 9444811706 EMAIL : WEBSITE :

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