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רבנית מנוחה רחל By: Mushki Freedman Age: 13 Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

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1 רבנית מנוחה רחל By: Mushki Freedman Age: 13 Bahia Blanca, Argentina

2 Her ID Place of Residents: חברון, א"י Mother: רבנית שיינא Father: מיטעלער רבי Husband: רבי יעקב (כולי) סלנים Date of Birth: י"ט כסלו 5559 יארצייט: כ"ד טבת 5649 Age by הסתלקות: 89 Children: יהודה ליב, לוי יצחק, שניאור זלמו, יעקב יוסף חיים, מרדכי דובער,

3 Intresting facts רבנית מנוחה רחל was born on the day that her grandfather the אלטער רבי came out from prison. Therefore they gave her the name מנוחה which means comfort. The name רחל was given after her aunt רחל which passed away at a young age. רבנית מנוחה רחל‘s wish was granted to her in the year 1845 when she moved with her husband and family to א"י where they settled in חברון. There they became the leaders of the חסידים. She was the רעבעצין of חברון where she was known for her wisdom, and piety. Everyone used to call her באבע מנוחה רחל She was always interested in all of her family members doing, and was caring and charming until the last day of her life. She would always listen to what her grandchildren had to say. She merited long life, and was able to see up to 4 generations, of grandchildren. Whenever someone was sick they would immediately tell her, and she should would דאווען for them until they got better. באבע מנוחה רחל was one tough רעבעצין who always got her way and very compassionate and generous to all those who needed help. באבע מנוחה was treated like royalty by everyone in חברון.

4 More Intresting Facts In her old age she lived with her oldest son’s family-יהודה ליב. Their house was the "שול" where they would דאווען on יומים טובים and ימים נורואים, on שבת and on weekdays. She constantly would tell stories that she saw/heard in her grandfathers, the אלטער רבי‘s house. There was a רוחניות'דיקע feeling whenever she would say this stories. During שבת people would always come to her, including family members and she would always bless them. All the important and holy memories, and things she learned she would always keep. One thing she always kept which was "טהור" she always repeat this word, over and over. And she made sure her surroundings was clean and pure. Everyone who was around her felt this holiness. Her clothes did not have any stains. In the name of her father and grandfather she would say: “In a place where it’s pure and clean, there is כשרות and יהדות." She educated her children from when they were young to be this way, and even in her old age she was clean, and pure.

5 Story She was always extra careful with the foods of שבת. She would honor them, and she would make sure they don’t get thrown out saying: that she got this idea from her grandfathers house. “Once came a guest to the א"ר to eat by the Friday night meal. When they served him the soup, the guest tasted it, and because it was too salty, he left it on the side. The א"ר usually went into highרוחניות thoughts on שבת waking up and seeing that he is not eating the soup the א"ר thought it needed salt. He asked him why isn’t he eating, without waiting for an answer he poured in salt too the soup, and went back to his thoughts. Waking up again and seeing the soup is not touched he did the same thing, this happened a few times until the guest said “the soup is way to salty to be eaten”. The א"ר quickly took the salty soup and ate the entire soup. When he finished he said: “none of the שבת food get spoiled, and none of the שבת food will do bad for our health, your not allowed to throw out שבת food”.

6 Walking in the rain The ברכה was given by the צמח צדקto his sister in law as מנוחה רחל cried to her sister חיה מושקא that she did not want to go to ארץ ישראל because of the heat and rain. חיה מושקא told her sister she would ask her husband to give a brocha to keep away the heat and rain From someone else’s view: “This event was told to me by my grandmother when I was a teenager that when her mother was walking down the street with באבע מנוחה only her mother got soaked in the rain, and not באבע מנוחה.”

7 Getting ברכות The צדיק ר' אליעזר מנחם מנדל זצ"ל from the city of ירושלים was used to travel to חברון to דאווען by the קבר of the אבות a few times a year. Every time he came to חברון he would go visit באבע מנוחה רחל. He would never sit down when he was with her, he would always stand and ask for a ברכה. She would put her hands above his head into the air and bentch him. This was his מנהג from time to time. A ברכה from her was very powerful that a כלה on the day she would get married would go visit the מערת המכפילה and get a ברכה from her. A person who is sick, or a mother having a hard time giving birth to a child would ask her for a ברכה right away.

8 A Poem A special woman מנוחה רחל So sincere our role model Giving ברכות Clean and pure Helping people She would cure She would ask How are you doing She would help and would listen to you talking בעל תשחית She made sure to keep Extra careful on שבת she was clean she would sweep A צדיקת A charming smile A kind heart Her memories she would file She told stories Learning new things She would hold us strong Like a daughter of a king She always helped She always taught She was always happy And the יצר הרע she fought A רוחניות feeling Telling stories You would feel pure And she told her memories She was kind Until her last day She was strong I hope to go in her way.

9 Lessons for Life I enjoyed finding out about באבע מנוחה רחל. (Especially because I am her descendant). I never knew so much about her until now. She showed, she taught, she cared, she helped, she cured. She was kind, she was happy, she was loving, she was everything a צדיקת can be. The Lesson I took was mostly to share what you have. She would always share what she knew. Her good memories, her kind words. This is a special lesson I can take for my daily life, to share what I learn. Even if I don’t know much I can teach other people, the right way. Because as a שלוחה from the רבי that’s what my job is. I feel a special feeling knowing about her. I never really knew so much about her, until I actually started researching of what my באבע‘s values were. Of what I can try to be. (This material was found form the book ספר הצאצאים-a book from the desendants of the א"ר).

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