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Turn Your Computer Into Cash

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1 Turn Your Computer Into Cash
~ No more selling ~ ~ No more Recruitment ~ ~ No Joining Fee ~

2 BUT We pay you for viewing our advertisements On your computer daily
You don’t get paid watching TV commercials You don’t get paid for listening to the radio commercials BUT We pay you for viewing our advertisements On your computer daily

3 Our goals is to give members who don't have very much spare cash the opportunity to earn money with us. You can earn money without contributing a single penny. Our advertisers are anxious to pay you to look at their sites. You earn money by Auto Surfing. Commissions are paid for your effort and time used to surf. You get to earn commission from your team member’s upgrade. Earn credits while surfing and use it for your free advertising. No joining fee and you decide how much you wish to make.

4 Why are people joining Studiotraffic?
We are ranked in the top 3, right after Go-ogle and AOL in gaining the most referrals on the net. Many join to advertise their business for free. Some join to surf for income each day. Others purchase our Studio products such as web design, hosting & support, script installation and other services. Providing you the perfect vehicle for achieving Financial Freedom without selling

5 How much time is needed to earn with Studiotraffic
Spend no more than 1 hour a day to earn from Autosurf Your surfing time will depend on your account level. Surfing time will vary depending on your connection speed Account Level Credits Per Hit Number of Sites Estimated Time Free Account 0.5 200 1 hr $20 - $490 1 100 30 min $500 - $990 1.5 70 25 min $1000 above 2 50 20 min

6 How much can I earn with Studiotraffic
Your earnings will depend on your account level, you can start earning with your free account ($10) without putting in any money or increase your account level to enjoy greater earnings. Account Level Below $1000 Earn between $3 - $300 a month Use this income to pay for your household expenses Earn part-time income just by surfing from home Account Level Above $1000 Earn up to $6000 a month per account You may increase earnings by opening a 2nd account Work from home and draw full-time salary with Studiotraffic

7 How does it work? Compound your earnings to maximize your income
Using our automated browser, advertisements will be flashed at 20 seconds interval. Paid members only require to surf sites a day. (200 for free members) You earn 1% of your account daily or up to $200 per day. Compound your earnings and you double your money in 3 months. Withdraw your capital and your business is now on auto pilot. Compound your earnings to maximize your income

8 The following table shows a 10 months projection of your account
Harness the power of Compounding! Start earning your daily commission with your free account ($10) Compound your earnings monthly Surf daily and watch your money grow Your free account today can be worth $60 in 10 months Remember you did not put in a single penny to start off The following table shows a 10 months projection of your account

9 Your free account turns $60 after 10 months
Account Level Monthly Earnings Jan $10.00 $3.00 Feb Mar Apr May $20.00 $6.00 Jun Jul $30.00 $9.00 Aug $40.00 $12.00 Sep $50.00 $15.00 Oct $60.00 $18.00 Your free account turns $60 after 10 months You earn $18 without putting in a single cent

10 You may choose to upgrade your account level at any time
You have the option to upgrade your account starting from $10 - $20,000 Upgrading your account will reduce surfing time & quota Your earning power will increase according to your account level You can compound your commissions to maximize your earnings

11 Compound Earning in first 6 months
Let’s see how an account of $100 grows in the first 6 months Month Account Level Earnings (per month) Jan $100.00 $30.00 Feb $130.00 $39.00 Mar $160.00 $48.00 Apr $200.00 $60.00 May $260.00 $78.00 Jun $330.00 $99.00 You double your money on the 4th month and make $100 monthly after just 6 months

12 Upgrade your account starting from $10 according to your comfort level
Each upgrade last 10 months before expiry Your account level is $910 after 10 months of compounding Month Account Level Earnings (per month) Jul $420.00 $126.00 Aug $540.00 $162.00 Sep $700.00 $210.00 Oct $910.00 $273.10 Nov $810.00 $243.00 Dec $780.00 $234.00 Your total earnings for 3 months (Oct – Dec) = $750 Upgrade your account starting from $10 according to your comfort level

13 Earn 10% of your downline’s upgrade
Use these commission to upgrade your account & maximize your earning power You can withdraw your earnings which is paid to you at the beginning of each month You get paid up to 1 level, you earn from your direct downline

14 Earn 10% commission when your team member Upgrade their account You
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $200 $100 $5000 (Account Upgrade) $900 $280 $1000 $2000 Your Team (Level 1)

15 Earn Free Advertising While Surfing
Earn credits while you auto-surf daily, the longer you surf, the more credits you gain Use your credits to advertise your business on the web for free Expose your business to thousands of members worldwide daily We have thousands of members surfing at any given time. Advertise all your Internet businesses here and get highly responsive hits to your websites NOW!

16 What are the risk involved?
Is this a MLM program? No, StudioTraffic is not a MLM site at all as our affiliate system operate in two levels only. (You and your sponsor) Is StudioTraffic a pyramid scheme? No, absolutely not. To enjoy the benefits of StudioTraffic, you do not have to recruit or come up with any money at all. If you do not have to recruit to make money, it can never be a pyramid program. What are the risk involved? Your potential risk, in economic terms, will be the dollar amount you contribute to Studiotraffic. Our advice to you is to participate within your comfort level, and do not put in anything you can't afford to.

17 How can we offer such a good return to your members?
When you upgrade your account, we use a percentage to cover administrative / server / administrators' costs, programming fees, and other operating expenses. The rest of the funds go into a pool to be redistributed to our members as earnings. Additionally, when members advertise their banners or purchase our other services from us, we pool a percentage of the revenue generated to be given to our members. Revenue from other Studio related products and services (eg. Studiopay) will be redistributed back to members as commisions. With many new products on the line, Studio group will enjoy more revenue and members can benefit from these programs

18 This way, you can have fun and enjoy making money with us.
Tips on making money with Studiotraffic Start with an affordable sum to try it out Make it a daily routine to auto surf Do your usual routine while surfing (read your s, go for lunch, watch TV or go shopping) Log off when you reach your daily target This way, you can have fun and enjoy making money with us.

19 Who says you cannot make money on the Internet?
Have fun surfing and get paid Work for 1 hour a day Advertising for your business for free Get a $10 bonus when you sign up Still wondering if this is true? Join for free and experience it yourself To sign up, click on the banner above

20 Your First Step Towards Financial Freedom
Success don’t come overnight but you have to take the first step in order to achieve it. Think about the following before making a decision: Some people hunger for success to gain financial freedom but is not offered the opportunity. Some wait and hope for something to happen all their life and choose to do nothing to achieve it Many watch opportunity slip by just because they are too afraid to try Only a handful make changes to their life because they gave it a shot Are you willing to start with a small amount & start building an income for tomorrow?

21 You too can be part of this wonderful business
Just to share with you I was auto surfing when doing up this presentation slides Just an hour of work is all I need I am now 1% richer today Start small and you will have lots of fun You too can be part of this wonderful business

22 Interesting Facts About Studiotraffic
Most established Autosurf Program since 2003 Largest membership in the industry Ranked Top 500 most visited site Good payment record Own payment processor – Studiopay Provide local cheque payment Debit Card withdrawal facilities Active forum and online support

23 Sign up for your FREE account here
To register for free, click on the above banner or the below link: Please ensure that used for registration must be valid in order to receive your activation . Sign up for your FREE account here

24 Check out other Studio products

25 Thank you for your time in viewing the presentation
Start Building Your Income For Tomorrow Today Join Us Now


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