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Welcome to SFPAL! Host: Joanna Doyle and Heidi Edwards Address: 350 Amber Drive San Francisco, CA, 94131 Phone: 415-401-4666.

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1 Welcome to SFPAL! Host: Joanna Doyle and Heidi Edwards Address: 350 Amber Drive San Francisco, CA, 94131 Email: Phone: 415-401-4666

2  PAL/Staff introduction-Who is PAL  Partnerships -SFRPD -SF Vikings- 415-504-8131, -MYSL- 415-968-3017,  Season Logistics- schedule, league start/ends, how to start the game, rule modifications, how to end a game, report scores, rainouts, fields, pay day etc.  Responsibilities of refs, mentors and field marshals  Q&A  How to use PENSRA  Closing

3  SFPAL is over 50 years old. Founded by SF police offices, SFPAL is where the men and women who protect the city link arms with the community to protect the city’s future, providing young people with four season of sports, a police cadet program and, most importantly, a new sense of possibilities  We are a non-profit, with staff that is made up of civilian, non-city workers. We exists based on donations for our participants, grants and the good hearted people out there, like the coaches who dedicate their time to the youth of SF. So we THANK the volunteer coaches the most, for putting in the time, care and energy to help an organization like PAL survive, even in these hard times

4  We serve over 4,000 with the help of over 700 volunteer coaches!  Sports include:  Spring Soccer w/ partner SFRPD  Jr. Giants Summer Baseball w/ partner SFRPD  Summer and Fall Tackle Football/Cheer/Dance w/ partner SFRPD  Fall Basketball w/ partner Boys & Girls Club (refs wanted)  Year round Judo  Soccer Success!  Over 2,600 kids in 211 teams! That’s 105 games/weekend, WOW!

5  Popcorn style  Years you’ve officiated  Why do you ref?  Share the wisdom  Get to know your officials  Participate in the mentor program  Mandatory for all first time refs  Help out, be a mentor!

6 Season Logistics  Schedules- The schedule will be posted on the website the week of March 11 th  Can start self-assigning to games when we go live on PENSRA  Games will start on Saturday, March 23 rd ! We will play until Sunday, May 19 th. Weekends off are March 30 th /March 31 st  Both Saturday and Sunday games during the season  Fields are Beach Chalet, Crocker, Franklin, Grattan, Marshall, Mission Playground, O’Connell, South Sunset, Sutter, West Sunset

7 Season Logistics  How do you start a game?  Team must have the minimum number of players  U8-U11 -5 players  U12-U14 -7 players  Team must have their CYSA player and coach passes- No passes, no play, NO EXCEPTION  You must introduce yourself to the coaches, explain how you would like to communicate with them-at half time, during the game on throw in’s/corner’s etc?  Ask for the game card from the HOME team  The roster of both teams should be listed on the game card.  Line up the players and check, player/coach passes, shirts, shinguards, shoes/cleats etc.  No jewelry (except medical alert,) no casts/splits- NO EXCEPTION  You’ll have a coin toss and once possession is chosen the game will start

8 Division # of players per side during play (minimum) Size of Ball (Home team to provide game ball) What if the ref is a no-show? (forfeits see below**) What is an INDIRECT kick? (U8-U10) What is a DIRECT kick? (U11-U14) U87 (5)#3 As long as both teams have CYSA player & coach passes with the PAL sticker, then you are still allowed to play. The HOME team will have a coach ref the 1st half and the AWAY team will have a coach ref the 2nd half. An INDIRECT is a free kick given to a team at the spot of the infraction ( unless it happens in the goal box, see below.) The ball MUST touch another player (on EITHER team) before entering the goal. A DIRECT kick is a free kick given to a team at the spot of the infraction (if in the goal box a PK is given.) A goal will be counted if the ball is kicked directly into the goal. It does NOT need to touch another player for the goal to count. U98 (5)#4 U108 (5)#4 U118 (5)#4 U1211 (7)#4 U1311 (7)#5 U1411 (7)#5

9 DivisionTimeSubstitution TimesOffside, Free Kicks & Slide Tackling U82 - 20 min. halves 6 and 13 minute marks NO offside. Indirect kicks. If a foul happens in the goal box, the ref will place the ball 5 yards back at the spot of the infraction. NO penalty kicks. Slide tackling allowed. U9-U10 2 – 25 min. halves 8 and 16 minute marks YES offside. Indirect kicks. If a foul happens in the goal box, the ref will place the ball 10 yards back at the spot of the infraction. No penalty kicks. Slide tackling allowed. U11 2 – 25 min. halves 8 and 16 minute marks YES offside. Free (direct) kicks, penalty kicks from 12 yards. Slide tackling allowed. U12 2 – 30 min. halves Free substitutions on your own team’s throw-ins, goal kicks and restarts (after a goal is scored, injuries and if a caution is given.) YES offside. Free (direct) kicks and penalty kicks from 12 yards. Slide tackling allowed. U13/U142- 35 min. halves

10  Registration- CYSA player, coach and assistant coach passes will be used for all age groups and must carry the PAL sticker. Without the PAL sticker on the CYSA pass, the player, coach or assistant is not eligible to participate. Please check that all your passes have the PAL sticker  Sideline- Only 2 coaches on the sideline during a game  Guest Coaching- A coach with a CYSA 2012-2013 pass can substitute coach or guest coach to any team in their same home league. A guest coach who is suspended cannot participate. All guest coaches must fill out the guest coach registration form and be fingerprinted and cleared by SFPAL before they can guest coach for a team. They will present to you a confirmation e-mail with the PAL logo as well as their CYSA 2012-2013 coaching (with PAL sticker) pass to show the are an eligible coach.  Player participation- U8-U11 subs will be on a specific minute. U12-U14 will have free substitutions but it will be expected that ALL of your players who show up for games play at LEAST half the game  4+ Goal rule- You must take a player off the field once the team is at a 4- 0 advantage. If a team goes up 5-0, you must take another player off the field. If the opposing team scores and now it’s 5-1, then you can put one player back on. This continues as needed however, no team will go under the minimum players per side.

11 Guest Coach Form


13  Uniform- Proper dress for all teams and players is required. Minimum requirements are SFPAL T-shirt worn on the exterior, shorts or pants, proper footwear and shin guards completely covered by socks. Have GK in a different shirt/penny  All teams must wear SFPAL shirts on the exterior during games. If an individual player doesn’t have their SFPAL shirt they cannot play and must sit with the spectators, not with the team  No jewelry, accessories or hard casts/splits may be worn during play. The only exception is if a child has a medical alert bracelet or necklace. They are allowed to wear it but it must be fully taped down to the body

14  Ejections-  Send off report and pass sent to SFPAL- 350 Amber Drive, SF, CA 94131  Any player or coach ejected from a game will also be suspended for an additional 1-2 games  Ejections and poor sportspersonship could affect your participation in MYSL and SF Vikings  Volunteer Line Judge-  Calls the ball out of bounds for you so use them  Take Back the Game Weekend-  SFPAL will have a weekend where the players and official are the ONLY ones allowed to be vocal during the game  No coach, parent, spectator or fan is allowed to talk  Only “golf” clapping is allowed  The only people allowed to be speak are the referee and the players  This is for the players, it’s giving the game back to them. It’s for developmental purposes and just letting the kids play their game  TBTGW will be the weekend of May 4 th /6 th



17 How to End the Game?  When the game is over, give back the coaching/player passes to the coaches  Write on the game card any additional information you need and keep it for your records  The teams should do a post game hi-5/handshake  Exceptions for this is if a coach feels their team will not behave in a sporting manner  Start checking in your next game and get it started  Report your score at and give feedback about the game, coaches, field conditions etc. if

18  HOW & WHEN TO REPORT SCORES:  Scores must be reported by Monday 9am after your game  Log onto  Click on the “ Report Scores ” link. This will take you to our form to report scores  Please make sure to fill in all required responses  If you do not have access to the internet, please report scores on our office voice mail at (415) 401-4666  FEEDBACK:  If you had a negative experience with a coach, player, parent or fan you must report it to SFPAL immediately  Use the referee score report to do so. If it is urgent, you must also call the office at 415-401-4666


20  SFRPD has a rain-out link so you can conveniently check on your computer at home PAL has that posted on our website  PAL will NO longer do the rain-out hotline  If you have the first game, and the field closures are NOT posted on the SFRPD website, you must go to the game to see if it is on, or off (SFRPD will post signs on the field.) Unfortunately, this will happen if you have the first game of the day

21  If you are on a TURF field, the likely hood of your game being cancelled is almost NONE  The only time SFRPD will close a turf field is if the weather is extremely hazardous (constant lightning, extreme rain, etc.)  If you are on a turf field and it is raining you will play

22  If at anytime you see a lightning flash you must stop the game immediately, find shelter and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, if there isn’t a second flash of lightning, you may continue the game. However, if there is a second flash of lightning, you must call the game off and the score will stand as is.

23  U8- Grass fields will include  Grattan Playground A & B and Louis Sutter  U8- Turf fields will include  Mission Playground  U9-U11-Grass fields will include  Beach Chalet 1C/D,2A/B & 2C/D  West Sunset- A & B  U9-U11-Turf fields will include  O’Connell  Marshall  South Sunset 1, 2, & 3  U12-Grass fields will include  Beach Chalet 3  U12- Turf fields will include  Crocker 3  U13/14- Grass fields will include  Beach 3  U13/14- Turf fields will include  Franklin








31  U8- $20/game  U9-U11- $25/game  U12- $30/game  U13/14- $40/game  Age/Experience Requirements:  U8- 1st year  U9- 1st year  U10 2 years+ and at least 13 years old  U11- 3 years+ or 2 years if at least 15 years old  U12- 3 years+ or 2 years of at least 16 years old  U13/14- 4+ years and at least 17 years old

32  2 pay periods  The week of April 15 th  The week of May 20 th  Please give us 7 business days to sort, calculate, cut and mail out checks. If you do not want us to mail your check, please call us ahead of time  Keep your game cards incase of a discrepancy on your payment  Communicate with us. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail us during the season

33  Assign yourself to the proper age division  If you’re a first time official you must sign up with a mentor  Show up to your game early- 30 minutes  Check field for hazards, goals/nets secure  Check in players and coaches- no pass, no play  Start on time  Report your score  Add additional comments and follow up with PAL via phone call if it’s urgent  Report forfeits  Look like a ref, act like a ref- take ownership of the game, you’re the one in charge- use your voice, let the team know who’s ball it is, what the call is, throw in, corner kick etc.

34  Goal- To support our soccer youth referees to properly officiate the game. The Referee Mentor is the “instructional lead and support” during games to our youth and first year referees. The mentor is to provide assistance and guidance to the youth/first time referee before, at half time or during the game  Required Skills and Experience:  Must have strong communication skills  Positive attitude and a sense of humor  Knowledge of the rules and regulations of soccer in a CYSA’s District 1  Qualifications:  Grade 8 license preferred or  Grade 9 license with 3+ years officating with SFPAL/MYSL/SF Vikings  Must have been a referee for PAL/ SF Vikings for at least 2 years  Experience officiating games at the U8-U14 recreational level  Prior Referee Mentor a plus!  Rate: $25/hour for U8 games and $30/hour for U9 games. Please inquire with Heidi Edwards, Program Coordinator at 415-401-4666 or email

35  Mission: To support our soccer youth and referees in enjoying the game in a sporting manner. The Field Marshal is the “go-to” person for information on game days  Goals: Be a resource for parents and coaches about field logistics, trash pick-up and appropriate sideline behavior  Support our referees’ ability to officiate and players’ ability to play soccer by helping with crowd/parent/fan/coach management. This is particularly important for our youth referees  Keep games on schedule  Required Skills and Experience:  Must have strong communication and customer service skills  Positive attitude and a sense of humor  Knowledge of the game of soccer  Qualifications:  Knowledge of SF Vikings/SFPAL/MYSL/CYSA leagues a plus  A certified CNRA Grade 9 or higher a plus  Prior field marshal experience a plus  Must be at least 16 years of age  Rate: : $15/hour. Please inquire with Heidi Edwards, Program Coordinator at 415- 401-4666 or email

36  SFPAL wants to better support our referees! We will provide a mid-season check-in for officials  Roundtable discussion of what’s working for you, what’s difficult, trouble shooting with more experienced officials etc.  Refresher clinic- if possible  Mandatory for referee mentors  Mid-Season check-in- Thursday, April 18 th @ SFPAL from 6:15pm-7:30pm  An RSVP for the event will be sent out on Monday, April 1st

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