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2008 ARRL Sweepstakes 75 th Diamond Anniversary. 2007 QST Write-up Club Competition “ This year, the titans of the west and east coasts, the Northern.

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1 2008 ARRL Sweepstakes 75 th Diamond Anniversary

2 2007 QST Write-up Club Competition “ This year, the titans of the west and east coasts, the Northern California Contest Club and the Potomac Valley Radio Club again battled it out for dominance in the Unlimited Club category. When the dust settled, the W6's came out victorious, aided by their 32 entry margin over the capitol-area gang. ”

3 2007 Club Results #1 – Northern California Contest Club – 19,142,808 #2 – Potomac Valley Radio Club – 18,012,122 #3 – Society of Midwest Contesters – 10,448,258 #4 – Minnesota Wireless Association – 5,967,490 #5 – Yankee Clipper Contest Club – 5,898,360

4 2007 Score Analysis NCCC – 273 Logs (70,120 points/entrant) PVRC – 241 Logs (74,739 points/entrant*) SMC – 173 Logs (60,395 points/entrant) We are competitive! * 75K points = approx. 475 QSO’s & 79 Sections (13 – 15 hours)

5 CW vs. SSB Breakdown Trend is more SSB than CW logs 2007 –CW – 105 Logs – 8,263,044 –SSB – 136 Logs – 9,749,078 2006 –CW – 123 Logs – 9,377,096 –SSB – 166 Logs – 11,112,244 2005 –CW – 96 Logs – 6,240,420 –SSB – 114 Logs – 7,546,184

6 PVRC Chapter Breakdown 2007 SS Annapolis – 9 logs – 505,262 Carroll – 10 logs – 485,224 Central – 64 logs – 4,729,361 Central VA – 16 logs – 1,305,186 Eastern Shore – 11 logs – 974,065 Laurel – 4 logs – 61,866 NC East – 30 logs – 2,732,610 NC West – 4 logs – 99,352 Over The Hill – 2 logs – 132,440 Rappahannock – 15 logs – 855,780 Southern Maryland – 4 logs – 617,706 Southwest VA – 13 logs – 969,628 Tidewater – 16 logs – 916,904 Northwest – 46 logs – 3,985,997

7 PVRC Chapter Breakdown Notes Numbers are based on claimed scores Number of logs in 5 Million database is slightly higher than QST results show (minus 9) Not everyone’s Chapter affiliation may be up to date. Use the numbers as a guide, goal setting for chapters, or inter-Chapter competition!

8 Strategy Strive for a higher CW turnout It would be much better to go into the SSB weekend with a potential lead, operating from a point of strength rather than playing catch- up. A potential lead also makes motivating members easier. Something to rally around. Turn out! Turn out! Turn out! Numbers are key. We need your help at the grass roots level. If you have limited time, operate to your station’s strength (what bands do you do best on?)

9 Strategy Using Packet will likely increase your score. Consider limiting the number of operators in a Multi-Op. Splitting into two teams or one team and several single ops will likely improve the club’s bottom line. If you don’t feel like operating the entire 24 hour period (24 of 30 hours), bring over another member who might not otherwise operate. 75K points = approx. 475 QSO’s & 79 Sections (12-14 hours – approx. 4 - three hour operating sessions) No score is to small!

10 What We Need From You! If you put in a full or competitive effort last year, we need you to do it again. A winning effort begins with maintaining the base we built last year. You are the cream of the SS crop and we need your leadership in order to achieve our goal. If you put in a partial effort or missed a mode, at a minimum we need the same this year. But if I could ask a favor, please consider boosting your score or operating both modes this time around. I believe most members fall into this category. YOU have the ability to make the biggest impact. The cumulative effect of 25 - 50 entries with a few additional hours in the chair or entries from modes missed last year will have a huge impact.

11 What We Need From You! If you did not operate last year or SS just isn’t your thing (SS is a bore, you prefer the CQWW DX contests, etc.), the club has a favor to ask. PLEASE help us out this one year. If it’s only a couple of hours or one mode, no score is too small! Or, make this the year you put in a substantial effort. The fact of the matter is that SS is the one contest that gets the competitive juices of our club flowing. It’s something we can all rally around. The last time we won the gavel comments like “I’ve never been prouder to be a PVRC member!” were heard. Submit a log, any size, and you could be part of a winning team in the historical 75 th Diamond Anniversary of Sweepstakes.

12 What We Need From You! If you can’t contribute a score this year, no problem. You can still help us out by making a donation to the club to help offset PVRC sponsored plaques. Checks should be made out to PVRC and sent to our treasurer Dave Baugher, WR3L, 615 Rockway Beach Ave, Baltimore, MD 21221

13 ARRL Special 75th Anniversary Awards Check it out! 1.Any station who submits a SS log with 75 sections worked will receive a special commemorative magnet free of charge. 2.Any station who submits a log with a “Clean Sweep” (working all 80 ARRL/RAC sections in the contest) will receive a commemorative Clean Sweep whisk broom free of charge. 3.Clean Sweep coffee mugs will again be available for purchase. For the 75th Anniversary of SS, the mugs will be made of lead crystal and will be etched with the Sweepstakes logo. These crystal mugs will only be available for this year’s Sweepstakes, which will make them a highly sought-after item. Price to be determined. 4.The ARRL is again pleased to continue its PINS (Participation In November Sweepstakes) program for 2008. Anyone who completes 100 contacts on CW or Phone during Sweepstakes is eligible to purchase one of these attractive Participation Pins. Pins are based on claimed scores. Each pin includes the year and mode and has become a popular tradition in the November Sweepstakes event. Pins cost $6, which includes postage and handling. 5.Magnets and Clean Sweep whisk brooms will be shipped without any action required by those who qualify.

14 2008 Sweepstakes Dates CW: November 1-3, 2008 Phone: November 15-17, 2008 Contest Period: Begins 2100 UTC Saturday, ends 0300 UTC Monday. Operate no more than 24 of the 30 hours. Off periods may not be less than 30 minutes in length. Listening time counts as operating time.

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