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Name/Title Topic/Date. Table of Contents Company Overview Business Need Intelliscope Overview Detailed Feature Review Whats Next Conclusion.

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1 Name/Title Topic/Date

2 Table of Contents Company Overview Business Need Intelliscope Overview Detailed Feature Review Whats Next Conclusion

3 Company Overview

4 Company Overview: Thomson The Thomson Corporation is a leading global e-information and solutions company – Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada – Annual revenues are approximately 6 billion U.S. dollars – Currently ranked 227 th on the Financial Times Global 500 list – 36,000 employees building over 450 valued brands in more than 100 Thomson companies worldwide Thomson Financial, one of four market groups within Thomson, serves the worldwide financial and corporate communities – Founded in 1980, with over 30 offices located throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim – Annual revenues are 2 billion U.S. dollars – Over 12,000 employees within TF serving customers in over 70 countries

5 Financial Learning Company Overview: Market Structure Four groups provide specialized expertise and service to specific market segments Intelligence Data focuses on the corporate market segment within Thomson Financial Thomson Legal & Regulatory Scientific & Healthcare Intelligence Data

6 Company Overview: Intelligence Data Founded in 1997 as a joint venture between First Call and Investext, Intelligence Data (ID) is the most comprehensiveand in some cases, exclusivesource of industry and company opinion and analysis IDs customer base is drawn exclusively from the corporate marketplace Headquartered in Boston with offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, and Stamford More than 30,000 users from over 3,600 companies access IDs databases Over half of the leading Fortune 500 and Financial Times Global 500 corporations subscribe to IDs services

7 Company Overview: Our Vision To be the leading e-information source serving corporations worldwide with a unique mix of competitive and business intelligence at the highest end of the business information spectrum. Our customers will gain greater insight, and make better business decisions, through access to independent opinion and analysis to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

8 Company Overview: Product Timeline Founded 3.0 released 1.1 released 2.0 acquired 1.0 introduced 2.0 released 1.0 introduced 19971998 1999 2000 NovemberJanuaryNovemberMarchJulyAugustOctober AugustJune 3.1 released InSite Integration 2001

9 Business Need

10 Business Need: What is Business Intelligence? Broker Research - Expert opinion and analysis that is generally company- and industry-focused. Its primary market is financial industry professionals, who use this research to make critical investment decisions. Corporate users are a secondary market. Morning Meeting Notes - analysts summaries of company meetings and conference calls as well as their commentary on industry events and corporate announcements. Market Research - In-depth product- and sector-focused reports that include profiles of key players, market share and demographic trends, forecasts and analyses, and competitive information. Trade Journals and Newswires - Timely coverage of information and news focused on events and personalities. Business intelligence includes a wide variety of research and data, such as:

11 Market Research Broker Research Aggregated Research and News* Broker Notes News Opinion & Analysis Data Annually Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily TIMELINESS VALUE Trade Journals & Newsletters * Highest value & most timely: When research/news sources are aggregated, new information becomes available more frequently. Also, the comprehensive coverage and multitude of sources increases the value of the information. Business Need: Information Type/Value vs. Timeliness

12 PAST Fewer Competitors Stable markets Strategic Planning Increased: Competition Market Uncertainty Pace of change Tactical Planning Decreased: Resources Time Staffing + - PRESENT Business Need: Factors Creating Business Need for Aggregated Competitive Intelligence Products

13 Business Need: What to Look for in a Research Provider Electronic capture from global sources and aggregation of that data to ensure that you get the most comprehensive overview possible Value-added indexing and normalization/standardization Clear rights for use Powerful search tools that can meet your changing needs, from comprehensive coverage of an entire industry to tightly-focused information on a specific competitor Time-saving features like saved searches and e-mail alerts that provide new information on your topics of interest Convenient means of sharing information enterprise-wide

14 Business Need: Primary Uses for Business Intelligence Competitive Intelligence - Find out what analysts are saying about your competitors…and how they rate your company in relation to the competition. Strategic Planning - Keep up with the latest industry developments to support your business strategy, and find out what your competitors are planning so you can proactively update your own business plans. New Business Development - Identify new business opportunities by tracking companies that are growing or expanding into new areas. Sales and Marketing - Determine who your next customers will be by assessing in-depth analysis of market trends, demographics, and new prospects. Mergers and Acquisitions - Use in-depth corporate data, evaluations, and forecasts to identify promising targets and evaluate their financial strength. Researching New Products - Access information on product evaluations, development costs, regulatory approval issues, and marketing strategies, as well as assessments of long-term potential.

15 Intelliscope Overview

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17 Intelliscope Overview: Content Source Facts Broker Research Over 2.5 million reports from more than 630 active contributors Covers nearly 34,000 companies worldwide More than 2,000 new reports added each business day First Call Notes Over 3 million notes from more than 200 brokerage firms worldwide More than 2,300 new notes added each business day; during quarterly earnings periods, as many as 4,800 notes are added per day Top 10 Sources Merrill Lynch Global Securities Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Salomon Smith Barney Credit Suisse First Boston Deutsche Bank SG Securities UBS Warburg Paine Webber Robertson Stephens Lehman Brothers

18 Intelliscope Overview: Content Benefits Broker Research First Call Notes

19 Intelliscope Overview: Broker Research Example

20 Intelliscope Overview: First Call Notes Example

21 Intelliscope Overview: Unique Features: Cross-Database Search

22 Intelliscope Overview: Unique Features: Post and Share

23 Intelliscope Overview: Unique Features: Alert Management

24 Detailed Feature Review

25 Cross- Database Searching Post and Share

26 Detailed Feature Review Multiple E-Mail Alerts Alerts

27 Detailed Feature Review User Preferences Preview Feature Best Passage Relevancy Scoring

28 Detailed Feature Review Document Download Options On-Screen Display Options Detailed and Summary Citations

29 Detailed Feature Review Tips Online Help New Feature Announcements

30 Whats Next

31 Whats Next: New Content in 2001 Gale Group Trade Journals and Newsletters Gale Group Company Profiles SEC Documents Gale Group Newswires

32 Whats Next: Trade Journals and Newsletters Database contains over 3,000 publications More than 2 million searchable articles and abstracts Titles include: Forbes The Wall Street Journal The Industry Standard Computerworld The IPO Reporter Biotech Week Energy Daily Wireless Review Manufacturing News Journal of the American Mobile Communications Medical Association Report And more...

33 Whats Next: Trade Journal and Newsletter Example

34 Whats Next: Newswires Over 200,000 searchable news briefs More than 500 new stories posted daily Database contains over 40 newswires, including: AsiaPort Daily News AsiaPulse News Business Wire Canadian Corporate News FedNet Government News Futures World News InfoLatina S.A. de C.V. PR Newswire States News Service United Press International US Newswire And more...

35 Whats Next: Company Profiles Collection contains over 300,000 company profiles Database covers key public and private companies, both domestic and foreign Users can search for and retrieve company overviews that contain a wide variety of information, including: – Revenue and asset data – Number of employees – Officers names An ideal tool for sales departments, business development managers, and strategic planners; allows users to quickly sort and analyze companies by region or industry

36 Whats Next: Company Profile Example

37 Whats Next: New Content-Specific Search Options in 2001 Lead Paragraph Search - search the introductory paragraph of trade journals and newswires Keyword Search - search trade journals for terms indexed by editors Publication Name Search - search trade journals by publication name NAICS Industry Search - search trade journals and company profiles by industry using a standardized classification of 1,170 industry codes and terms Business Topic Search - search trade journals using a list of over 100 of the most popular business topics, as assigned by Gale Group editors Author Search - search trade journals for articles by specific authors Document Type Search - search trade journals by choosing articles, abstracts, or both Source Search - search newswires by source to target those that focus on specific countries, industries, or topics To enable users to further target the exact information they need, a host of additional search options will be integrated into Intelliscope to help users fine-tune their searches within the Gale Group content databases:

38 Whats Next: New Features in 2001 Company Profile Export Option Multiple Document Downloads

39 Whats Next: New Features in 2001 Activity Codes Enrollment Administration

40 Whats Next: New Service Offerings in 2001 Qpass E-Commerce Initiative Web-Based Tutorial

41 Conclusion

42 Conclusion With its powerful combination of high-value opinion and analysis and up-to-the minute news and analyst commentary, Intelliscope can help you: find the right information at the right time to make the right business choices access detailed research that enables you to turn ideas into reality achieve the kind of breakthrough innovations that revolutionize the world and ensure your companys place history

43 Conclusion With Intelliscope on your side, youre ready to Decide and Conquer

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