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Welcome Consumer Operated Service Accredited by the National Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission in Employee Development Services since 2002.

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2 Welcome Consumer Operated Service

3 Accredited by the National Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission in Employee Development Services since 2002

4 Our Mission : Shining Reflections provides peer, job and socialization support and education that identifies and responds to the changing needs of people with mental illness and other disabilities. Shining Reflections does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, national origin, race, sex or type of disability

5 Mental health recovery is a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental health problem to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve his or her full potential. Definition of Mental Health Recovery consensus from 2004 MH Systems Transformation Conference

6 Satellite Site

7 Shining Reflections Education Center 503 Market Street GED and Adult Education classes taught by Angela Datillio

8  Responsibility  Honesty  Loyalty  Trust  Caring  Respect  Dignity Values

9 Shining Reflections offers people with mental illness and other disabilities a chance to become involved in a community based program. Individuals are encouraged to engage in meaningful activities as they learn many transferable skills. Shining Reflections continues to succeed because we realize people are different. We encourage this creative expression through peer support, computer skills development, training, workshops, various art classes, life skills and vocational opportunities.

10 Workshops offered include:  Mental Health education  Computer literacy  Peer support classes  Job seeking skills  Wellness (health, exercise and nutrition)  Life skills  Arts opportunities  Floral arranging and other crafts  Social networks: (dance, movies, games)

11 Network of Care Information Center

12 Art for the Senses Shining Reflections received an Accessorily mini- grant for updated technology and computer software from Ohio River Border Initiative (ORBI) a joint program of the Ohio Arts Council and West Virginia Division of Culture and History. Digital painting classes

13 Shining Reflections Support Group Est. 1986 East Liverpool, Ohio

14 SRSG is a group of individuals who have mental illness who come together with other advocates for a common cause. We support Shining Reflections programs, people and mission with pride. We promote self advocacy, self direction, responsibility for one’s actions and a sense of belonging. Is Shining reflections Support Group for Me?

15 We encourage educating the community - not to the limitations of disabilities - but to the achievements and possibilities of someone who faces these challenges.

16 Peer Mentor Program Helping people help themselves  Todd McCormick  Todd Jensen  Jonnie Lorah  Jonnie Lorah Currently all our referrals come from Carol McArthur at CCCC

17 Handmade Crafts

18 WHO CAN RECEIVE SERVICES Shining Reflections programs serves people referred by the Columbiana County Counseling Center, BVR, BWC, Job and Family Services, East Liverpool Option 4 program, and other agencies for life skills, education and training to prepare for reintegration into the community including community employment if desired.

19 Services Progressive Attitudes (funded by Columbiana County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board) Provides opportunities for personal, life, and job skill development. Arts/Crafts classes and Business “funded by Ohio Arts and East Liverpool City Hospital Community Benefit funds since 1999” BRIDGES Educational Program Coordinating Center/Administrative Agent ELHS Option 4 Vocational (Funded by East Liverpool School Board) GED/ABLE classes: Columbiana County Adult Education Fee for Service contracts with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and Bureau of Worker’s Compensation FIELD PLACEMENT SITE for Kent State University Occupational Therapy and Human Services Students Volunteer opportunities (MANY!)

20 Shining Reflections provides: Self direction and consumer choice Expanded job choice and exposure by providing various job tasks in- house and community Individualized plans based on interests, strengths and needs Supported, flexible work environment and work experiences Accommodations as needed A holistic approach of an individuals whole life, mind, body and spirit

21 Choices is our hallmark:  Courage  Help  Opportunities  Innovation  Control  Empowerment  Support

22 WHERE WILL I BE QUALIFIED TO WORK UPON COMPLETION OF MY TRAINING? We have assisted people in obtaining and retaining employment at the following community businesses: Kent State University, Dollar General, Giant Eagle, Foodland, Das Dutch House, Maxi’s Lunch Box, Mountaineer Gaming Lodge, Hot Dog Shoppe, E.L. Motor Lodge, Pizza Hut, JC Penney’s, Adrian’s, Adkins Nursing Home, Wal-mart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dairy Queen, Columbiana County Counseling Center, Casa Emanuel, and more.

23 “There are many mentally ill people, whom I have met that are in pain, and a job may be the farthest thing from their mind. I believe this may change through the support I have received, and others like myself have had the pleasure of receiving through the support of the Shining Reflections Program”

24 If so, PLEASE CALL: SRVTP: 330-385-7000 Do our programs sound interesting to you?

25 Executive Staff  Executive/Fiscal Director: Thomas Volino  Associate/Program Director: Nila McKinley  HR Director: Elsie Franklin

26 It is our intent to provide meaningful services of choice to every individual diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness in Columbiana county.

27 We thank you for your kind attention to our presentation. 509 Market Street – East Liverpool, Ohio – 43920 330-385-7000 –

28 Visit us Online at Presentation by: Nila McKinley / Tom Brown – Shining Reflections 2007

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