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Siauliai University (LITHUANIA) Gintautas Daunys COGAIN Kick-Off 5.-6.9.2004 Tampere, Finland.

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1 Siauliai University (LITHUANIA) Gintautas Daunys E-mail: COGAIN Kick-Off 5.-6.9.2004 Tampere, Finland

2 The University Siauliai University (SU) Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Education Faculty of Arts Department of Electronics Biomedical Engineering Research Centre Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Special Education Faculty of Technology In-Service Training Institute Department of Information Technology SU  over11000 students  840 lectures  Fifth largest in Lithuania  Center of Science and Culture in Nothern Lithuania

3 Department of Electronics  Its history started in 1963  At the end of 2003 it was renamed to Department of Electronics  The department is responsible for studies of Electronics Engineering.  More than 50 new undergraduate students and 15 master students each year  Research fields: Biomedical Engineering Human Computer Interaction

4 TEACHING 17 staff members Studies Electronic Engineering for the Bachelor's Degree Signal Processing for the Master's Degree;

5 Involvement in European and EC-funded Projects  PACS: Predictive And Adaptive Communication System For Physically Disabled People With Speech And Language Impairments (Eureka), 2002-2003  ECOGASYD: Environment Control By Gaze System For The Disabled (Eureka), 2004-2006  MICOLE: Multimodal environment for inclusion of visually impaired children (FP6/STREP), 2004-2007  COGAIN: Communication by Gaze Interaction (FP6/NoE), 2004-2009

6 Applications for Users with Disabilities  Software for typing with one or two on-off keys in Lithuanian language  Home environment control system with one on-off key based on EIB network

7 Research  Human eye movement control system  Gaze tracking  Eye movement during picture exploration  Computerized communication systems for the disabled  Biomedical signal processing

8 People Involved in COGAIN Gintautas Daunys Vincas LaurutisVidas LauruskaMarijus Bernotas Nerijus RamanauskasDonatas Dervinis Egidijus Paliulis

9 Interest and role in COGAIN  Eye tracking (WP5) Model of videooculography (VOG) Head tracking Eye tracking by VOG hardware Eye tracking software  Eye typing and environmental control (WP4)  Usability studies (WP3)

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