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Section Management Kolkata, India 4 Mar 2012 Fanny Su Director, Asia Pacific Operations IEEE Singapore Regional Headquarters.

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1 Section Management Kolkata, India 4 Mar 2012 Fanny Su Director, Asia Pacific Operations IEEE Singapore Regional Headquarters

2 Section Management Topics: 1. Geographic Units & their Relationships. 2. Governing documents 3. Operational Effectiveness: Measured by timely annual reporting -Officer, Meeting activity L31, Financial reporting L50 -Section Rebates 4. Succession Planning – Key Section Officers 5. Volunteer Tools & Resources - Center for Leadership Excellence - SAMIEEE

3 R9 – 18,235 (4.38%) R8 – 76,322 (18.35%) R10 – 97,393 (23.41%) R1 to 6 – 207,096 (49.79%) R7 – 16,943 (4.07%) IEEE Membership By Region 31 December 2011 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP – 415,989 R1 – 35,424 (8.52%) R2 – 31,773 (7.64%) R3 – 30,680 (7.38%) R4 –23,221 (5.58%) R5 –29,335 (7.05%) R6 – 56,663 (13.62%) Reflecting the global nature of IEEE, R10 and R8 are now the two largest IEEE Regions

4 Regions (10) Sections (333+) Student Branches (1,991+) Member & Geographic Activities Board Areas Subsections (50) Councils (18+) Chapters (2,050+) Affinity Groups (349+) Student Branch Chapters (585+) Total Geographic Organizational Units 31 Dec 2011 Student Branch Affinity Groups (154+)

5 Region 10 Sections (57) Student Branches (749+) Areas Subsections (17) Councils (6) Chapters (490+) Affinity Groups (49+) Student Branch Chapters (98+) Region 10 Geographic Units 31 December 2011 Student Branch Affinity Groups (53+)

6 1. Geographic & Technical Unit Relationship Technical Activities Board Parents - WIE, Consultants, GOLD IEEE Societies Member & Geographic Activities Board (MGAB) Regions Areas Sections Chapters Affinity Groups Sub-Sections Student Branches Council SB Chapters SB Affinity Groups

7 2. IEEE Governing Documents MGA Operations Manual Section 9 Geographic Organizational Units The basis of governance by which Geographic Units should be managed is through the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Operations Manual. If required by local law, Sections and Geographic Councils may also create their own addendum/bylaws, using the MGA Operations Manual as a guideline. Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Operations Manual

8 Addendum or document in conflict with MGA Operations manual - submit a request for exception to the Region Director who will present the item to the MGA Board for action. Addendum or document NOT in conflict with MGA Operations manual - submit a request for approval to the Region Director. Any questions? Email:

9 Changes to the Geographic Unit Formation Petition Process – Effective 1 Jan 2012 Affects petitions for Sections, Subsections, Chapters, or Affinity Groups. The petition organizer is responsible for communicating their intent to begin the petition process with the geographic parent’s executive committee, prior to gathering signatures on a petition. Prior to submission of the completed petition to MGA staff, the organizer must obtain the signed endorsement on the new geographic unit petition form from a member of the geographic parent’s executive committee. This step ensures awareness of the organizer’s intent and their willingness to coordinate efforts with the geographic parent. The organizer shall complete a business plan summary sheet to indicate the planned meetings and activities for the initial six months of the proposed geographic unit. The business plan summary sheet is included on the revised petition form. The business plan form shall include the signature of a member of the geographic parent executive committee, which will indicate the geographic parent’s endorsement of the business plan. Petition signers must have been IEEE members for a minimum of six months.

10 3. Operational Effectiveness Timely reporting of : 1. Current Officers Submit Officer Confirmation Report electronically 2. Meeting Activity Submit form (L31) electronically ing_form.html ing_form.html 3. Financial Activity : Treasurers log into Netsuite online (L50) must be received & approved to qualify for Rebate html Deadline - 17 February 2012 for 10% Bonus - If reporting is on-time & complete by deadline then Section gets 10% bonus - 31 March 2012 is final deadline to submit reporting in order to receive rebate for 2011 activities

11 Financial Reporting - L50 Treasurer to access L50 form with webaccount. L50 submission is up-loaded online. No longer via mail or email. Step by Step instructions given. Both outgoing & incoming Section Chairs/ Treasurers sign off on annual L-50 financial report All Section Chairs and Treasurers are required to complete an IEEE Disclosure Statement and Principles of Business Conduct forms/Conflict of Interest (POBC-COI) In order for a unit to be eligible for the 10% bonus of the total rebate, all required information must be submitted by 17 February 2012. If the information submitted is not complete or contains errors, and if corrections are not submitted within 60 days of a written request, the 10% bonus will be forfeited. The written request provided by IEEE will clearly state what action is expected, the date by which it must be submitted and the consequence if not submitted

12 - Continue Original bank statements (not IEEE Concentration Banking and Investment Accounts) must be provided Some banking institutions do not provide hard copy of the banking statements. If your unit is not able to provide the original bank statement with your financial report, please contact us via the email address below. Copies of pages with signatures, and additional back up may be faxed to +1 732 463 3653 or scanned and emailed to

13 Summary of good Financial management practices Bi-annually: –Review checque register with Section Excom Monthly: –Review accounts – Section Chair and Treasurer Annually: –Review & update bank signature cards –Conduct local Section audit Assist in IEEE Audit if requested Exemption to Signatories, use L50 Financial Report Form Consider Concentration Banking program/ custody account –Easiest way to be compliant with most of the IEEE processes & policies

14 2012 SECTION REBATE SCHEDULE FOR 2011 ACTIVITIES Rebate schedule based on 31 st December membership numbers –Includes US$2,000 Section Rebate, plus:  $4 / Fellows & Senior Members  $3 / Associate, Member & Students  $1.50 / Affiliate  $500 / Active Subsection  $200 / Active Chapter or Affinity Group New Sections: pro-rated from formation date to 31 Dec 2011 10% Bonus for reporting on time i.e: 17 February 2012

15 ACTIVITY BONUS a)All Sections reporting 10 meetings or more, at least 5 of which be of a technical nature, shall received an additional US$200 b)All Subsections reporting 10 meetings or more, at least 5 of which be of a technical nature, shall received an additional US$100 c)Joint meetings may be counted toward only one unit’s bonus. For example, joint meetings of different Chapters and/or Affinity Groups may not be counted as a meeting for both units. d)All Chapters or Affinity Groups reporting 6 or more meetings of a technical nature shall receive an additional US$75. e)Activity bonus funds are excluded from the 10% bonus for timely reporting. To qualify for Activity Bonus: Meeting Reporting Bonus deadline: 17 February 2012

16 Section/Subsection Chair 1) Manage operations of the Section Section /Subsection Vice Chair 1) Assist Chair in managing operations of the Section Section/Subsection Secretary 1) Submit Section meeting activity – L31 2) Check subunits (Subsections, Chapters, Affinity groups) submit reports 3) Submit Section/Chapter Officer reporting within 20 days of election or changes online Section/Subsection Treasurer 1) Submit the L50 financial report for Section and subunits (Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups) Other Section executive committee members depending on our Section activities: Membership Development Coordinator Industry Liaison Coordinator Chapter Coordinator Educational Activities Coordinator Student Branch Cordinator 4. Succession Planning – Key Section Officers

17 Officer Reporting Officer Confirmation reporting online (login with web account) Officer eligibility except Newsletter Editor and Webmaster - anyone may hold those positions The qualifications to be an IEEE Geographic Unit officer are: –IEEE Membership must be current (membership dues must be paid) upon entering office, and must be maintained throughout term of office. –Membership Grade of "Graduate Student Member" or above. Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, and Fellow grades qualify; Student and Associate Member grades do not. –Membership in the Geographic Unit in which office is to be held. –Chapter Officers, in addition to the above requirements, must also have and maintain membership in the Chapter's Society. In the case of JOINT CHAPTERS, membership in any (1) of the Societies is sufficient. Officer Terms: Jan-Dec,maximum 2 years with exceptions granted by Region 10 Director

18 - Continue Submit officer confirmation report online within 20 days of elections or of a change of officer. Important: Please be sure to have only ONE person submit the Officer Confirmation report form from your geographic unit. Section/Subsection Officers Report all officers Chapter/Affinity Group Officers Need to report only Chair and Treasurer You should receive copy of the submitted Officer confirmation report form Any questions should be directed to IEEE MGA Department at: scs-officer-

19 Timeline to Remember Key DatesDescription Mid Feb10% bonus on the rebate if you submit your Financial Report before the 3rd Thursday in February End of MarchDeadline to submit Financial Reports (Financial Reporting Form)(Financial Reporting Form) End of MarchDeadline to submit Officer Reporting Form (Officer Reporting(Officer Reporting End of MarchDeadline for filing Meeting Activity Reports (L31) (Meeting Report Form)(Meeting Report Form) End Feb/Early March Regional Meetings - around end Feb/early March Flexible – by DecElections if it is an election year Flexible – by DecAnnual General Meeting – each section requires an AGM each year

20 MGA Contacts Governing documents: Meeting Reports : Officer Reporting L50 Financial Report : IEEE Singapore Regional Headquarters Staff: Fanny Su & Ewell Tan Email: Webpage:

21 Volunteer Tools & Resources - Overview Centre for Leadership Excellence (CLE) SAMIEEE for Volunteers

22 Centre for Leadership Excellence Library for Volunteers. Up-dated regularly with new courses. Full course materials related to volunteer positions. One place to go for training needs. Quick start modules to help you in first 30 days in your new position: roles & responsibilities, timeline for key dates, recommended training modules.


24 Training Modules for 14 volunteer positions Section Chair Section Vice Chair Section Secretary Section Treasurer Section Technical Chapter Chair Section Life Member Affinity Group Chair Section GOLD Affinity Group Chair Section Affinity Group Vice Chair Section Educational Activities Chair Student Branch Chair Section Student Branch Vice Chair Student Branch Counselor Section Student Branch Mentor Membership Development Chair

25 Other available training modules Learning Library Volunteer Position TrainingVolunteer Position Training 14 CareerCareer 10 (managing career, lifecycle of an engineer, networking skills, publishing skills) CommunicationsCommunications 1 (communicating effectively) FinanceFinance 2 (financial Management for Section/Chapter, Netsuite) LeadershipLeadership 7 (leadership development) ManagementManagement 8 (building Industry alliances, management & people skills, volunteer recruitment & retention) ProgramProgram 16 VitalityVitality 16 (building Section/Chapter/Society relationships, engaging members) MembershipMembership 14 (membership develoipment, grade elevation & recognition, membership benefits) ToolsTools 5 (Webinar, Vtools)

26 SAMIEEE for Volunteers SAMIEEE is a Web enabled tool that allows ad hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE's membership data. Access to this system is limited to registered users with designated or automatic access. All users must have an IEEE Web Account. Upon accessing you agree to accept the terms of condition and use.IEEE Web Account It has come to our attention that there have been instances or situations where member information obtained from SAMIEEE has been made available and used inappropriately. All volunteers with access to IEEE member data have a responsibility to verify the nature of the request before providing any information.


28 Volunteers must be currently reported in the position. If an access denied message appears when logging in, please verify that your Organizational Unit has submittted current officer reporting.current officer reporting Section/Council/Subsection Chairs Section/Council/Subsection Vice Chairs Section/Council/Subsection Secretaries Section/Council/Subsection Treasurers Section/Council/Subsection Secretary/Treasurers Section/Council/Subsection MD Chairs Section/Council/Subsection Student Activities Chairs Chapter / Joint-Chapter Chairs GOLD Affinity Group Chairs Automatic Access for Organizational Unit volunteers.

29 NEW – 5 Training Modules. Learn SAMIEEE at your own pace. Module 1: An Overview of SAMIEEE - An overview of the SAMIEEE Program and tool along with a look and explanation of the Homepage. Module 1: An Overview of SAMIEEE Module 2: A walk through of the Analytics Tool - A walk through of the SAMIEEE Tool, screens, and options. Module 2: A walk through of the Analytics Tool Module 3: Using Predefined Queries - How to use, modify, and save predefined queries. Module 3: Using Predefined Queries Module 4: Building a Adhoc Query - How to build a query by selecting individual fields to meet your specific criteria. Module 4: Building a Adhoc Query Module 5: Building a Filter - How to build a filter to meet your specific needs. Module 5: Building a Filter Quick Training Guide (PDF, 117 KB) - Two page document giving step-by-step instructions on the basic use of SAMIEEE, including how to use and modify a pre-defined query, and how to save your query and download the results. Quick Training Guide

30 New members in Past 30 days Members in Arrears Inactive Members Current Student Branches by Section Active Current Members - GOLD Current Society Members by Section with Contact Information Current Society Members with Email who have a specific Technical Interest Pre-Defined Queries

31 SAMIEEE / MD Dashboard One-stop interface containing modules of commonly-queried member data – Data modules display data corresponding to Volunteer access privileges – E.g., New members, members in arrears Data modules refreshed upon log- in. Queries automatically launched in back-ground Each Volunteer will need to configure his / her dashboard

32 Thank You for your Attention and Active Participation

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