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St. Peter Catholic School State of the School 2013-2014.

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2 St. Peter Catholic School State of the School 2013-2014

3 Parish Prayer Lord, thank you for the rich history you have bestowed on our family of St. Peter in Kirkwood. Blessed by grace we ask that you be present in our parish today. Guide us as we celebrate our gifts through worship, education and loving service. Holy Spirit create within us a vision for the future where we live, witness and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Amen

4 Our Mission Formed in the Catholic Faith | Committed to Excellence | Prepared for the Future! St. Peter Catholic School, modeling the example of Jesus Christ, forms students to be life-long learners, servants of Jesus Christ and compassionate members of society.

5 Core Values  Alive in Christ! We know, practice, and live our Catholic faith.  Academically challenging! We prepare students for future academic endeavors.  Centered in virtue! We foster a culture of kindness through formation in virtue.  Empowering service! We put our faith into action as Jesus did. O

6 Who We Are  450 Students from 325 families  98% Registered Parishioners  25 Classroom teachers – All State Certified  1 Learning Consultant – State Certified  1 Reading Specialist – State Certified  2 Resource Teachers – State Certified  7 Teacher Aides  1 Nurse - RN  2 Administrative Assistants  1 Director of Elementary Faith Formation - Certified  1 Principal – State Certified

7 Income and Expense  Revenue  - Tuition$1,649,000  -Scholarships ( 35,000)  Gifts 28,000  Expense  - Salaries and Benefits$ 1,887,000  - Instructional Materials$ 101,000  - Maint/Facilities/Utilities $ 270,000  Archdiocesan Assessment $ 134,000  Capital Expenses $ 68,000  Total Expense$2,460,000  Parish Subsidy$ 818,000

8 Per Student Costs  Cost Per Student – STP$5,348  (based on 460 students)  Average Tuition Per Student$3,570  Subsidy Per Student$1,778  Kirkwood Cost Per Student$9,650

9 Test Scores – Fall 2013 Subj.GradePercentile ELA486% 6 90% 8 95% Math469% 6 69% 883% Core477% 679% 890% Complete478% 677% 886%

10 School Improvement Process  The School Improvement Process happens every seven years. We are in Year 2.  Entire school community was involved in this process – parents, faculty, administration.  Team Visit: 16 Commendations – all areas  SIX goals for improvement were proposed by the Steering Committee and approved by the Visiting Team.  All goals incorporated in to Strategic Plan.

11 School Improvement Goals  Goal #1: Each member of the St. Peter School community will grow in their knowledge and practice of fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith in a supportive environment.  Goal #2: Revise and implement the Religion curriculum according to the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum Standards and directives of the “Alive in Christ” Mission Advancement Initiative and local needs.  Goal #3: Student learning will improve by the implementation of differentiation in content, instruction, and assessment. O

12 School Improvement Goals  Goal #4: Improve student writing abilities through revising the Language Arts curriculum and developing a comprehensive plan to achieve excellence in writing at all grade levels.  Goal # 5: The school will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to effectively communicate with all stakeholders.  Goal #6: The school will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to help ensure the health and safety of all members of the St. Peter School community.

13 Report on Priorities for 2013-2014  Conduct Self-Study work and report (completed)  Host Accreditation Team in spring of 2014 (completed)  Catholicity:  Fully implement VBRD (now fully certified)  Integrate 8 th grade into specific FIA initiatives (In progress)  Support Sunday Mass attendance (In Progress)  Community  Connect with young families and integrate them into the life of the school (Greatly enhanced new family orientation)  - Marketing committee is working with young families group  Strengthen relationship between the school and PSR (Ongoing)

14 Report on Priorities for 2013-2014  Academics  Continue reviewing and updating curriculum  Finish – Math, Science, SS, Tech, Art and Music (complete)  Begin English/LA, Religion and PE (in process)  Complete Science Lab construction and use (completed)  Offer Math/Science elective for 8 th grade (not completed)  Evaluate and select new k-5 th Math series (in process)  Technology  Integrate the use of tablets in the classrooms (In process MS)  Continue to develop staff use of technology (will be formal part of Technology Plan)

15 Report on Priorities for 2013-2014  Communication  Expand the use and function of our website (complete)  Monthly update letter from the school office (complete)  Work with Marketing Committee to promote school successes and events through several sources. (complete)  Continue to strengthen the relationship between the school and PSR. (complete)  Continue to enhance home and school communication. (in progress)

16 Priorities for 2014-2015  Catholicity:  Complete revision of Religion curriculum.  Enhance family Mass attendance  Full implement VBRD and FIA  Community:  Develop alumni relationships, mailings and communication  Build relationships with PSR  Build relationships with young families

17 Priorities for 2014-2015  Academics  Complete revision of LA and PE curriculum with K- 8 writing program.  Begin professional development on differentiated instruction  Begin development of Professional Learning Communities for diff. instruction.  Adopt and implement new K-5 math resources

18 Priorities for 2014-2015  Technology:  Develop Technology committee  Update Technology plan  Integrate tablet use further into 2 nd – 8 th gr.  Communication:  Deliver “Wednesday envelope” electronically.  Continue to enhance website and Fast Direct

19 Priorities for 2014-2015  Marketing:  Build strong relationships with young families  Produce promotional video  Develop Middle School identity  Continue work on retention  Facilities-Safety  Develop and implement a comprehensive Safety Plan.  Complete remodel of cafeteria  Paint hallways  New flooring in 5 th grades

20 We need you and we are grateful!  This is your school – feel free to be here and help wherever this is a need.  Thank you for partnering with us.  Share you ideas – together we can make our school everything God created it to be!

21 Thank You! O Please call or email me with any questions. O Mr. John Freitag, Principal O 314-821-0460

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