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From US 17 to SR 11 and SR 11 to Cone Road FPID No. 240386-1-32-01 240387-1-32-01.

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1 From US 17 to SR 11 and SR 11 to Cone Road FPID No. 240386-1-32-01 240387-1-32-01

2 Overview and Limits Original PD&E Study Complete 1990 Reevaluation of SR 40 for Two Design Segments –Segment 1 US 17 to SR 11 - 6.7 Miles –Segment 2 SR 11 to Cone Road - 7.1 Miles Widen from 2 lanes to 4 lanes –Use Existing Lanes as WB Lanes –Construct New EB Lanes Replace 3 Existing Bridges Construct Wildlife Crossings

3 PD&E Study Reevaluation Location Map Design FY 11/12 Design FY 13/14

4 Existing Conditions Rural Principal Arterial Other –Emerging SIS –Hurricane Evacuation Route Access Class 3 Posted Speed Limits: 55-60 mph Operating Speeds: 65-66 MPH Conservation Lands –Relay Timberlands, Inc. –Heart Island Conservation Area

5 Existing Typical Section Rural Typical Section 200 Feet of Existing Right-of-Way No Existing Stormwater Treatment Base Clearance Varies: 1-3 feet

6 Proposed Typical Section 4-Lane Rural Divided Arterial Minimum Design Speed = 65 mph Right-of-Way Acquisition –Interceptor Ditches: 0’-20’ additional right-of-way –Pond Sites

7 Drainage 25 Roadway Basins –22 Pond Sites –Compensating Treatment for Three basins located in Conservation Lands Interceptor Ditches to Divert Offsite Drainage Flow

8 Structures Replace Existing Bridges –Increase Vertical Clearance and Lengthen to accommodate “Wildlife Benches” 790018 – 147’ Bridge 790019 – 121’ Bridge 790020 – 163’ Bridge Two Additional Large Wildlife Crossing Box Culverts (7’ x 19.5’) Three Additional Small Wildlife Crossing Box Culverts (Size Varies)

9 Wildlife Crossings

10 PD&E Reevaluation Public Involvement/Agency Coordination Saint Johns River Water Management District –Heart Island Conservation Area –Relay Timberlands Conservation Easement –Wildlife Crossings Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission –Wildlife Crossings Volusia County –Plum Creek Conservation Easement –Planned Trail Volusia Speedway Relay Timberlands, Inc Black Bear Scenic Byway – Advisory Group Workshop/Access Management Public Hearing

11 PD&E Reevaluation Ongoing Activities and Next Steps Design Concept Plans Development Final Impacts Analysis Access Management Public Hearing –(November 2011) Draft Re-evaluation Study Finalized – (January 2012) FHWA Approval – (February 2012)

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