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Online – The Party Never Stops! Rotary eClub of the Southwest, USA.

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1 Online – The Party Never Stops! Rotary eClub of the Southwest, USA

2 Rotary eClub Southwest, USA: Chartered in 2004 One of only six online Rotary eClubs in the USA One of 24 online eClubs throughout the Rotary world District Governor Greg Todd presenting the eClub Charter at the 2004 5510 District Conference.

3 Our eClub Motto is “Service Without Borders” and we currently have 24 members. 19 live in Arizona (metro- Phoenix and northern AZ) and 5 are from as far as Johannesburg, Africa, Washington DC, California, and Maryland. Current President Judy Taunt receives the eClub Charter at the 2004 5510 District Conference.

4 Like other Rotary clubs, we host physical meetings and social events. 2004 Board meeting in Scottsdale. Pictured: Rotaract, Jonathon Mazinter, next Web Chair Darin Wayrynin and next Treasurer Chad Bassett.

5 At left: Chad Bassett, Beth Wexler (past President of Phoenix Arcadia, now next year's Vice President), Ellan's friend and Ellan, our Ambassadorial Scholar. At right: Chad, Ellan, Stephan Shearin (past GSE team leader when in Tempe RC) Rotaract member, and PDG Rodney Mazinter, father of Jono and Louisa (our Johannesburg member) representing district in the Capetown area.)

6 Unlike other Rotary clubs, our eClub has the freedom to offer 24-hour opportunities to both members of the club and visiting Rotarians. Since the Internet never sleeps, we’re open all the time!

7 Our eClub maintains a 100% attendance rate. Members attend weekly meetings online and can do so at any hour during the week.

8 We also provide a valuable service to Rotary members outside our club who would like to attend a makeup meeting.

9 2004 RYLA in Northern Arizona. Current President Judy Taunt, Secretary Mel Taunt and new President Karen Naranjo have lunch with staff and students at this year’s event. At right: Past District Governor Mel referees the RYLA volleyball game – something he’s done every year since 1997.

10 Fellowship with other like- minded “Service Above Self” people is one of the great opportunities the Rotary provides. We’ve managed to have both on and offline opportunities. At left: Stephen and Mel share a moment at an eClub picnic in Scottsdale, AZ.

11 Our online forums offer additional opportunities to communicate and fraternize – free from the constraints of time differences and schedule issues. There are areas open to visitors and an eClub “members-only” area as well.

12 Topics of discussion include eClub business, member introductions, fun “getting to know you” quizzes and general topic discussions on social (and other) issues.

13 eClub members have logged XX hours of volunteer service this year. At left: Chad Bassett and his son raise money for MS (??) at a Phoenix Zoo Walk-a-Thon. Above: Amy Davison and a group of volunteers raise money for a low-income school in Mesa by hosting a golf tournament. Below: spring garage sale brings in $1000 for breast cancer research and education.

14 Rotary eClub SW, USA celebrates one year with a spring picnic and meeting, April 2005 in Scottsdale, AZ.

15 And we’re just getting started! Visit us online at...

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