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AB 2385 Facts & CAFPC’s Role in Educating Policy Makers 1.

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1 AB 2385 Facts & CAFPC’s Role in Educating Policy Makers 1

2 Today’s Agenda Call goal Introductions Facts on the bill from Karen Bocaling, Asm Phil Ting’s office Educational Goal Materials Distribution & Deadlines The Future 2

3 The Bill Presented by Karen Bocaling, Office of Assemblymember Phil Ting AB 2385 The Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program Intention Pathway in Assembly What is needed to clear committee? 3

4 Educational Goal Inform members of the Committee where you stand with letters (support or oppose) Susan Talamantes Eggman, Chairperson: 916-319-2013 ph, 916-319-2113 fx Kristin Olsen, Vice Chair: 916-319-2012 ph, 916-319-2112 fx Toni Atkins, Speaker: 916-319-2078 ph, 916-319-2178 fx, Brian Dahle, 916-319-2001 ph, 916-319-2101 fx, Richard Pan, 916-319-2009 ph, 916-319-2109 fx, Bill Quirk, 916-319-2020ph, 916-319-2120 fx, Mariko Yamada, 916-319-2004 916-319-2104, 4

5 Materials Review Sample letter The Honorable Susan Talamantes Eggman, Chair Assembly Committee on Agriculture 1020 N Street, Room 362 Sacramento, CA 95814 RE: AB 2385 (Ting) – Support Dear Assemblymember Eggman: [Name of your organization] supports AB 2385, which would improve low- income Californians’ access to nutritious food through new incentives for nutrition benefit program recipients to shop at farmers’ markets… (refer to email) 5

6 Materials Review Tweets – “Send a letter now to help CA SNAP families get more fresh, healthy produce! (bitly link)” – “CA families need access to farmers’ market produce. Act now! (bitly link)” – “Support #AB2385 @PhilTing’s bill, the CA Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program: (bitly link)” – “#AB2385, a win for CA farmers & low-income families (bitly link)” – “More farmers’ market income for farmers, more healthy produce for families: we need your support: (bitly link) #AB2385” 6

7 Materials Review Facebook – Newsflash: New CA bill AB 2385 is a win-win for two important groups: CA’s SNAP participants and our farmers. We all know that CA’s low-income families need access to more fresh produce, and small farmers need more income. Assemblymember Phil Ting, whose district’s Heart of the City Farmers Market serves more SNAP recipients than any other in the state, is giving CA an opportunity to institutionalize MarketMatch, to put fresh produce on the plates of thousands more low-income families. Send your letter of support to call upon CA legislators to act! Sample Support LetterSample Support Letter 7

8 Materials Review Facebook – A four-year pilot run by Roots of Change showed that over 800 small California farmers benefited from a MarketMatch program; that almost $1.4 mil in EBT sales were conducted at farmers markets in 2013 alone. And, with the drastic SNAP cuts in the 2013 Farm Bill, CalFresh recipients need all the help they can get to get healthy, fresh food onto their dinner plates. The Market Match program needs state investment for maximum impact. We’re calling on California’s legislature to exert their leadership and support food system transformation. Send a letter of support for AB 2385 today: Sample Support LetterSample Support Letter 8

9 Distribution & Deadlines Primary contact is the Chair, but cc and email or fax a copy to each member on the committee by April 22nd Share copies with Michael Dimock and Karen Bocaling Tweet members of the committee until hearing 9

10 The Future 1 st Hearing likely 29 th or 30 th of April Please attend and share your thoughts there. ROC will put out an email with details as soon as we have them. If the bill moves out of the 1 st committee we will inform you of who to contact. May need to begin visiting your own Asm and/or Sen members in the future in their districts to share you views. We will be in contact 10

11 Final Questions 11

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