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“I Am” John 8:52-59 Christ and Abraham Is Jesus God? 1.

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1 “I Am” John 8:52-59 Christ and Abraham Is Jesus God? 1

2 Christ and Abraham  Abraham put the calling of God first  Abraham: rich and prominent in Ur and Haran  He left all of man’s honor behind to honor God – Genesis 12:1-4  True honor comes from God  Only eternity can reveal real honor  Hebrews 11:8-10 “I Am” John 8:52-59 2

3 Christ and Abraham  Abraham believed God in spite of circumstances  A “grievous” famine  He and Lot separated (Lot took the best land)  Lot was taken captive  Fulfilled promise in Eliezer?  Romans 4:19-21 “I Am” John 8:52-59 3

4 Christ and Abraham  Abraham placed his hope in the coming of Jesus Christ and rejoiced in that day  Genesis 22 and the sacrifice of Isaac  Abraham believed God could raise Isaac from the dead – Hebrews 11:17-19  Jehovah Jireh – used by Abraham twice  Second time was for substitution – Jesus “I Am” John 8:52-59 4

5 Is Jesus God?  Jesus no longer minces words but claims to be God – Jehovah (I am)  Exodus 3:13-14  They knew this unspeakable name  They needed to kill him for his blasphemous claim “I Am” John 8:52-59 5

6 Is Jesus God?  Jesus had claimed all this before many times and in many ways  Mark 1:15  Luke 17:21 – O.T. prophesies about Him  Matthew 5:17  His claim of God as His Father – no Jew would  The “I am” sayings  John 20:28 – ultimate conclusion “I Am” John 8:52-59 6

7 Is Jesus God?  The reaction of the Jewish leaders was to get rid of Jesus by stoning – blasphemy  “The Rock of Ages” done away with by stones  Eliminating “The Ancient of Days” from their days  Taking “The Lord of Life” from one’s life “I Am” John 8:52-59 7

8 Is Jesus God?  Jesus hid Himself from the temple guards  Even though they could not harm Jesus neither could they benefit from Him  Jesus does not save all men! – Romans 1:24  But God saves some anyway! – John 9:1 “I Am” John 8:52-59 8

9 Application Are you doing what Abraham did? Do you put the calling of God above earthly honors? Do you believe God instead of circumstances? Do you place your hope in the fact that Jesus came to die for you and rejoice in that coming? “I Am” John 8:52-59 9

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