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Classroom AV On a Budget MAEDS 2011 Jim Burkhart, IT Director Coleman Community Schools.

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1 Classroom AV On a Budget MAEDS 2011 Jim Burkhart, IT Director Coleman Community Schools

2 What You Can Expect Disclaimers Our Classroom AV Needs Our solution with configuration details

3 Disclaimer Building Code Other duties One method Unorthodox use of gear Prices subject to change ENO boards

4 Why Last year’s presentation Ideal situation/funding Real world, real solutions

5 Problem $54,000.00 in AARA funds Do as much with it as you can Planning Begins

6 Planning Start with projector, screen size, number of inputs, vendors, brands? Gathered all the information Borrowed and tested

7 Planning What do we want to see & hear? – –PC with audio – –VHS & DVD with audio – –Cable TV & Channel One

8 Planning Where do we want to see and hear it? – –Projection screen – –PC monitor – –Audio coverage throughout room

9 Planning What kind of space are we working with? – –Drop ceiling – –Fixed ceiling – –Encapsulated Asbestos – –Size and shape of room – –Ambient lighting

10 Planning Ease of use – –Can teachers figure it out? – –Can the instructions fit on one page? – –Can a substitute figure it out? – –Is it safe?

11 Planning Longevity – –Is this modular? – –Can I replace individual components with different brands/products? – –Will the fancy features still be available?

12 Planning Two detailed solutions – –Unobstructed drop ceiling – –Fixed, encapsulated asbestos – –Both with small windows on one side of the room

13 Planning 4:3 or 16:9 – –All PCs had standard monitors – –Most classrooms had good 4:3 screens – –Most projectors were native 4:3 – –HD was out of the question at the time

14 Planning Cable TV/Channel One – –VCR was cheapest option – –Separate DVD player and input

15 Gear Projector – –VCR1 Composite Video – –DVD Player1 S-Video (converted) – –PC1 VGA – –Document CamVGA Pass-through

16 Gear Projector – –NEC NP series 2300 ANSI Lumens 4:3 native resolution, capable of HD 2 video inputs 1 VGA 1 DVI – –Kramer VGA DA for monitor

17 Gear Audio system – –Constant Voltage System (70 volt system) Flexibility Inexpensive wiring Easy configuration Been around for many years

18 Gear Audio system – –Crown MA 135 mixer/amplifier Three separate audio inputs Four knobs and one button clearly labeled – –JBL Control 24 and Control 25 speakers Very good coverage and quality for the price

19 Wiring

20 Wiring Audio System – –1/8” to 2 RCA from PC to amp – –2 RCA to 2 RCA from DVD to amp – –2 RCA to bare wire from VCR to amp – –18 ga from mixer to speakers

21 Wiring Projector and Video – –50’ VGA to VGA from Kramer to Projector – –50’ S-Video cable from DVD player to Projector (converted on DVD end) – –50’ BNC to BNC video cable from VCR to Projector (BNC to RCA adapters on each end)

22 Wiring Getting wire to devices – –Track, wire mold, in-wall??? – –Cable ties are the answer


24 Wiring

25 Wiring

26 Wiring

27 Ease of Use


29 Flexibility Easy to move Modular Does not rely on one set of features

30 Cost Effective Quality gear from a trusted vendor is better in the long run We are always trying to save money in the long run Time is valuable

31 Vendors Advanced Lighting & Sound – –Greg Koss, Troy, MI Alternative View – –Tammy Blanchard, Midland, MI

32 Discussion

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