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Susan J. Daluddung, Deputy City Manager, Peoria, AZ.

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1 Susan J. Daluddung, Deputy City Manager, Peoria, AZ

2 Look for ideas outside of your community Find the best practices Identify your communities defining attributes Creativity Using Your Areas Authentic Attributes: Unleashing the Potential of Your City or District Peoria, AZ Ventura, CA

3 How Do You Get Started? Engage & Mobilize Diverse Team  Break down barriers and focus on the goal Shared Vision  Collaborative, non- prescriptive planning process

4 Visualization Ventura, CA Peoria, AZ Ventura, CA Portland, OR

5 Focus : Vision : Visualization FocusVisionVisualization

6 Connecting With the Community Unique Communities have Unique Needs A variety of community engagement techniques can be used to achieve successful, community driven results.

7 Who is the Community?  Residents  Elected Officials  Community Leaders  Shoppers/Tourists  Business Owners

8 Products  Portland Central City Plan  Ventura Downtown Redevelopment & Economic Change  Peoria Sports Complex Area Urban Design Plan Results  Document/Plan is a instrument to attract investment  Implementation of business plan helps businesses organize  Shared Vision – Everyone had an expectation of result.  Emphasize Quality  Measurements Change Results Focused Focus and predictability from a community provides security in economic investment

9 How Do You Connect?  Neighborhood Meetings  “Clicker” polling / surveys  Media/Internet Outreach  Charrettes  Stakeholder Interviews

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