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Predictive Analytics For Program Integrity Child Care Administration.

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1 Predictive Analytics For Program Integrity Child Care Administration

2 Who Are We ?  Mindy Krauss Systems/IT Manager Child Care Administration Arizona Dept. of Economic Security  Devon Pollard Lead Information Tech. Specialist Child Care Administration Arizona Dept. of Economic Security

3 Overview of Presentation - AzCCATS History - From ASSISTS to AzCCATS - Data Gathering for Reports - Reports through system - Einstein Data Warehouse - Areas of Reporting - Regularly Scheduled Reports - Forecasting - Client Beneficial - Monitored Risk - Potential: - Monetary Reimbursement - Fraud - Questions and Answers

4 Arizona Child Care Automated Tracking System (AzCCATS)  Stone and Chisel to Paper and Pen  ASSISTS(Legacy System) Received from Utah – 1989  Coded in Natural and DB2, launched for use in 1991  Child Protective Services and Child Care Administration both used this new system  1996 CPS split off into their own Front End system  At same time, ASSISTS became the AzCCATS

5 Data Gathering for Reports  Data available through:  Reports in the AzCCATS  Generated through system scheduled jobs  ADHOC region updated Weekly  Data Warehouse  Repository of Data from various systems  Retrieved using Microsoft ACCESS  Data Warehouse updated Monday – Friday  Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Semi-Annual/Annual  Regulary Scheduled (120+)  Upon Request from Management

6 Types of Reports  Regularly Scheduled  Forecasting  Client Beneficial  Monitored Risks  Potential Monetary Reimbursements  Potential Fraud

7 Regular Scheduled Reports AS003 -Workload by Case Manager Caseload Listing – Upcoming Reviews Due AS200 -Month End Reports Productivity Report - Authorization Counts Intakes – Type of Program – What is carried Forward CP100 -Timeliness Registration and Determination PR50 - Provider Inactivity, No Pay/No Auth Active providers with no current auths or payments

8 Forecasting Reports Priority Waiting List (PWL) Who we can help if we had funding to provide services Global Information System (GIS) Allows forecasting for recruitment and need based on # of clients and providers per zip code

9 Client Beneficial Priority Waiting List (PL) should be on Transitional Child Care (TCC) or TANF Employment Child Care Assistance (EA) Cross match our Clients with AZTECS Open TANF = Potential EA Closed TANF = Potential TCC TCC with open TANF Client has Potential EA eligibility, a program with no Co-pays

10 Potential Monetary Reimbursements IV-E Report - Completed on quarterly basis - Care needed must be based on Work - Children in our CPS Child Care Category - Potential recoupment of over 1 million dollars monthly

11 Monitored Risks Fingerprint Report Informs what providers have fingerprint cards which are about to expire

12 Potential Fraud UI Match - Cross Match All clients to UI Data - Receiving Child Care but are Unemployed - UI and CCA both validate inconsistencies Red Flag Reports - Paid per Capacity - Amount Paid - Number of Children

13 Red Flag Reports Paid per Capacity - What is capacity? - Are they consistently paid for full capacity? LC Amount Paid - Provider Payment Range - Top 10 Consistently in defined range Number of Children - How many children paid per month Certified Group Home – Average 5 kids paid per month Certified Home – Average 2 kids per month

14 Questions and Answers Thank You !!

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