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APHSA – ISM Conference October 8, 2013

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1 APHSA – ISM Conference October 8, 2013
Predictive Analytics For Program Integrity Child Care Administration

2 Who Are We ? Mindy Krauss Devon Pollard Systems/IT Manager
Child Care Administration Arizona Dept. of Economic Security Devon Pollard Lead Information Tech. Specialist

3 Overview of Presentation
AzCCATS History From ASSISTS to AzCCATS Data Gathering for Reports Reports through system Einstein Data Warehouse Areas of Reporting Regularly Scheduled Reports Forecasting Client Beneficial Monitored Risk Potential: Monetary Reimbursement Fraud Questions and Answers

4 Arizona Child Care Automated Tracking System
(AzCCATS) Stone and Chisel to Paper and Pen ASSISTS(Legacy System) Received from Utah – 1989 Coded in Natural and DB2, launched for use in 1991 Child Protective Services and Child Care Administration both used this new system 1996 CPS split off into their own Front End system At same time, ASSISTS became the AzCCATS

5 Data Gathering for Reports
Data available through: Reports in the AzCCATS Generated through system scheduled jobs ADHOC region updated Weekly Data Warehouse Repository of Data from various systems Retrieved using Microsoft ACCESS Data Warehouse updated Monday – Friday Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Semi-Annual/Annual Regulary Scheduled (120+) Upon Request from Management

6 Types of Reports Regularly Scheduled Forecasting Client Beneficial
Monitored Risks Potential Monetary Reimbursements Potential Fraud

7 Regular Scheduled Reports
AS003 - Workload by Case Manager Caseload Listing – Upcoming Reviews Due AS200 - Month End Reports Productivity Report - Authorization Counts Intakes – Type of Program – What is carried Forward CP100 - Timeliness Registration and Determination PR50 - Provider Inactivity, No Pay/No Auth Active providers with no current auths or payments

8 Forecasting Reports Priority Waiting List (PWL)
Who we can help if we had funding to provide services Global Information System (GIS) Allows forecasting for recruitment and need based on # of clients and providers per zip code

9 Client Beneficial Priority Waiting List (PL) should be on Transitional Child Care (TCC) or TANF Employment Child Care Assistance (EA) Cross match our Clients with AZTECS Open TANF = Potential EA Closed TANF = Potential TCC TCC with open TANF Client has Potential EA eligibility, a program with no Co-pays

10 Potential Monetary Reimbursements
IV-E Report - Completed on quarterly basis - Care needed must be based on Work - Children in our CPS Child Care Category - Potential recoupment of over 1 million dollars monthly

11 Monitored Risks Fingerprint Report
Informs what providers have fingerprint cards which are about to expire

12 Potential Fraud UI Match - Cross Match All clients to UI Data
- Receiving Child Care but are Unemployed - UI and CCA both validate inconsistencies Red Flag Reports - Paid per Capacity - Amount Paid - Number of Children

13 Red Flag Reports Paid per Capacity - What is capacity? LC Amount Paid
- Are they consistently paid for full capacity? LC Amount Paid - Provider Payment Range - Top 10 Consistently in defined range Number of Children - How many children paid per month Certified Group Home – Average 5 kids paid per month Certified Home – Average 2 kids per month

14 Questions and Answers Thank You !!

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