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AD HOC AND TAILORED EVMS REPORTING PRESENTED BY: TONY SPILLMAN Data Rich, Analysis Poor – Letting Everyone Get Involved.

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1 AD HOC AND TAILORED EVMS REPORTING PRESENTED BY: TONY SPILLMAN Data Rich, Analysis Poor – Letting Everyone Get Involved

2 Why Ad Hoc EVMS Reporting? Data Rich, Analysis Poor 20 years of experience or 1 year of experience 20 times? EVMS Data is just Data – Value of Earned Value is in the Analysis

3 Steps to EVMS Analysis Validate data is accurate Calculate Variances (SV, CV and VAC)  Focus on significant variances  Look at both current 2 and cumulative 1 Graph and analyze trends Look at comparative data Analyze schedule trends, critical path Provide written analysis (Cause, Impact and Corrective Action) Evaluate remaining work versus project risks Formulate plan of action Assess realism of and adjust EAC accordingly

4 Specific Needs for EVMS Reporting Needs that Current Systems may not Integrate  Forecasting BCWP and SV Recovery  Detailed EAC/VAC Analysis  Risk Modeling and Change Control Impact Analysis  Estimated ACWP for non-labor  Flagging EVMS no-no’s  BCWP without ACWP (Free?)  ACWP without BCWP (not authorized?)  ETCs on Completed scope (EAC equal ACWP?)  Negative or $0 BCWS or EAC (Change control has lost control?) Non-Standard or Infrequent Analysis  Fee Bearing Scope Performance  Staffing Plans and Resource Alignment/Assignment  Funding Shortfall scenarios (Funds aren’t in EV – yea RIGHT!)  Get well plans and “get to green” plans

5 What is Ad Hoc EVMS Reporting? Tool designed to focus on specific problem or area Always derived from and reconciled to “source data” User-defined, sophisticated to meet needs Can provide short-term or long-term solution Oh by the way, We each do it everyday!

6 Types of Ad Hoc and Tailored Reporting Single Source Engines (Ocean Floor)  ACWP or Estimated ACWP transaction detail  BCWS Estimate detail  BCWP Detail to activity or task Partially-Integrated Engines (Deep Sea Diving)  BCWS and BCWP detail  ACWP and ETC detail Fully Integrated Engines (Ocean Surface)  BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, ETC Reporting Detail Tailored and Fluid Engine (Floor – 5,000 feet)  Established for infinite reporting needs  Changes with Mgmt focus, strategy and business practices

7 Benefits of Ad Hoc EVMS Reporting? Analysis Streamlining data gathering for Analysis Fast with little or no IT involvement  Using existing software's and datasets (Cheaper)  “Automated” to provide real-time updates and consistent outputs  Short learning curve “We’re already using it”  Basic enough for non-professionals (PM’s, CAM’s, Sr. Mgmt, Other stakeholders)  No external “ongoing” support needed  Can be rapidly deployed to team, Project, Program or Company Endless options (Scalable)  Charts, Tables, Graphs, Presentations  Drill down capability  On-the-fly analysis  Mathematical Calculation  User-defined fields, styling and layouts Synergy of team members and counterparts  “Spillman is not intelligent enough to create, but smart enough to mimic”

8 EVMS Applicability The intent of an EVMS is to:  provide management information using the organizations resources … compliant with the EVMS principles… allow[ing] any program regardless of size and complexity to realize the benefits of earned value management. The ANSI-748 recognizes the challenges of analysis by providing clarification that:  “… organizations must have the flexibility to establish and apply a management system that suits their management style and business environment. The system must, first and foremost, meet the organizations needs and good business practices.”

9 Keys to Success in Ad Hoc and Tailoring Begin with (some) end in mind Leave room to scale and expand Data from trusted (and links) sources Validate, cross-check and validate again Involve Everyone for best ideas and usage KISS – So it can weather a storm or two and SPF Be aware of Number of Databases and tools you use Maintain an organized file structure Permissions and Administration Seek Training in tools and get involved in process

10 Real Field Examples of Ad Hoc Reporting Performance Reporting and Analysis by:  Contract Change (REAs or CCPs)  Fund Type, Control Point, CLIN, ABB, or PWBS  Organization (Resp. and Perf.) – crossing cutting the WBS  Fee-bearing scopes of work  CBS – S/C, material, WFO and Risk Breakdown Structure  Below the point of ACWP – when collected at WP or CA  CPRs by Fiscal Year  Lifecycle Reporting when tools are geared to Fiscal Year  Integration of non-standard data points (work location, scope prioritization, work type and complexity)  Weekly Labor Distribution, Overtime, and Downtime reports  Budget (Funding) Short-fall - scope cutting exercises

11 SV Recovery Plan

12 POW Example

13 Weekly Integration (Summary)

14 Integration – PM Assessment

15 Scheduler Status

16 EAC Analysis PMCM EACACWPDelta 0AG978,685950,61128,074 0OVR57,123208,415-151,292 0REG2,869,0632,448,694420,369 11,435,030766,323668,707 24,255,1294,162,64992,480 355,434 55434 43,137 3137 Grand Total9,653,6018,536,6911,116,910

17 Tailored Fee Charts

18 Spares EVMS Tracking

19 Ad Hoc and Trailing EVMS Reporting Questions and Answers

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