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KLIC2020, The Dutch way to implement INSPIRE subtheme Utility Services Ad van Houtum, advisor innovations Kadaster.

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1 KLIC2020, The Dutch way to implement INSPIRE subtheme Utility Services Ad van Houtum, advisor innovations Kadaster

2 2 Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency Cables and pipelines

3 3 Use Case KLIC: Network Information to prevent excavation damage KLIC one-call-system, an initiative of network operators (1967) Legislation WION (2008) KLIC-online: digital exchange (2010) KLIC2020: future requirements (2020) INSPIRE Utility Services? Preferred scenario WION+

4 4 Classical proces 1967 - 2010 digger NO1 NO2 Convex Hull Network NOx KLIC

5 5 WION legislation since 2008 Mandatory participation for network operators Standardised digital information Mandatory request for scheduled excavations Obligated use of the information provided Kadaster builts the system KLIC-online Agentschap Telecom is the regulator and enforcer Penalty for violation, maximum fines: –Network operator 450 k€ –Digger 100 k€ Rate financed (2013: € 21,50 / request)

6 6 KLIC-online procedure since 2010 digger Klic-online NO1 NO2 Convex Hull Network NOx Internet

7 7 KLIC-online, an example of area information

8 8 KLIC2020 Future business requirements of the industry Excavators, network operators and managers of public spaces need: Further decline of excavation damage Improve efficiency of network operators and excavators Use of network information in other domains e.g. –Planning and zoning –Public order and security A rate financed information system

9 9 KLIC2020 User requirements of the industry High quality demands: ubiquitous –Continuously available (24x7) –Without waiting (near realtime) –Presented at any location and on any user platform Multiple maps e.g. planned topography, type of soil, ground water, cadastral boundaries, adresses, etc. A controlled process for registering digging applications Authenticated applicants and documenting their digging purposes Authorisation based on applicant’s profile and intended use Webservices –Viewservice (WMS) –Downloadservice (WFS)

10 10 What about INSPIRE US? European directive (2007) Anchored in Dutch act “Implementatiewet EG-richtlijn INSPIRE” (2009) Goal: unlock digital governmental, environmental related information Open data, free of charge..... unless 34 themes, including Utility Services Obligatory for 80%e of the (Dutch) network operators Strict roadmap –Metadata published (2013) –Webservices (WMS/WFS) data as is (2013) –Data harmonised (2020) High quality demands –24x7 available –99% uptime –Respons viewservice < 5 s –Start download < 20 s –Simultaneous > 20 users

11 11 KLIC2020 in line with INSPIRE US Unlock information of cables and pipelines Ubiquitous Web services WMS/WFS +100% of the network operators +Preventing damage of Dutch networks +Build on existing system We need to fit in: -KLIC-service is not public accessible : controlled process with authenticated authorized users -Restrictions in case of excavations: -Point out the excavation area, -Reasonable time for precautionary measures -Financing the service: rate per request

12 12 Preferred scenario: WION+ digger KLIC2020 NO1 NO2 Convex Hull Network NOx Data warehouse networks ? Internet

13 13 Afnemer Financiele afhandeling Financiele afhandeling Dienst verlening Klantcontact Communiceren / informeren Master data management Master data management Registreren rollen Registreren belangen Leverancier Toezichthouder Beheer Problem release Incident change configuratie Business function model Registreren Eigenaar Beheerder Klant registratie Registreren relatie Betaal condities Lever condities Informatie Bestellen web service Bestel loket Logistiek Output management Download service Verzenden Viewer Order management Order registratie Abonnement Proces management Productie SamenstellenBPMMRP TMV Informatie beheer Informatie beheer Rapporteren Business warehouse Financiele verantwoording Archief Data management Aanleveren Terugmeld voorziening ?

14 14 Finally KLIC2020, an development on the current system –Future information-exchange of cables and pipelines –Supported by the entire industry In line with INSPIRE US Decision making takes time –Who’s in charge? –Central data warehouse of cload? Certain points need to be incorporated –Financing –Non-public access to the service Research of the technical architecture is in progress

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