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Corruption, Crime and Compliance Advertising Kit 1.

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1 Corruption, Crime and Compliance Advertising Kit 1

2 About Corruption, Crime and Compliance Corruption, Crime and Compliance ( is a blog focusing on anti-corruption enforcement and compliance, as well as general white collar crime issues and compliance issues. Global anti- corruption enforcement and compliance is one of the most significant trends today and is leading to substantial investments by global, mid-size and small companies. Businesses in the legal, intelligence, training, investigative and related industries are rapidly expanding in response to business demand. Corruption, Crime and Compliance creator and primary author is Michael Volkov, who has nearly 30 years of experience in a variety of positions as a former federal prosecutor, Congressional Chief Counsel, and Justice Department official. He has a refreshing and interesting perspective. He is frequently cited by the Wall Street Journal, Law 360, and other related publications, and contributes articles to a number of legal and trade publications. 2

3 Why Advertise on Corruption, Crime and Compliance ? Reach your target audience. Corruption, Crime and Compliance offers a unique and compelling experience that will help you reach your perfect target audience with high-quality readership. Acquire new customers. Be seen everyday by hundreds of compliance professionals, lawyers, corporations, and other users. Achieve Cost Effectiveness. Look at the big picture. Just one contract won through advertising will pay for your ad campaign many times over. Pick your price. Stay in control of your budget by selecting only the ad options you want from the variety we offer. 3

4 4 Corruption, Crime and Compliance Advertising Details A. Leaderboard (728 x 100px): The most premier ad space available. Limited to one on a “first come, first served” basis. $4,500 $2,250/quarter * (rate available until December 31, 2011) B. Premium Right Side (320 x 230px): This eye-catching space is limited to one on a “first come, first served” basis. $2,250 $1,500/quarter (rate available until December 31, 2011) C. Standard Right Side (220 x 160px) Unlimited ad positions, randomly ordered every time the page is loaded. $1500 $750/quarter (rate available until December 31, 2011) Quarter means a three month period from the start date to the end date. For example, if a campaign starts on November 20, it will end February 20. Rates subject to change.

5 Monitoring & Optimizing Your Investment Here are just some of the ways that Corruption, Crime and Compliance works with you to monitor and optimize your investment: Reporting – Corruption, Crime and Compliance will provide monthly performance reports including the total page views and unique visitors for the current and previous months. You’re in Control – Want to change your ad halfway through the month? Want prospective customers directed to a different link when they click your ad? We respect your space, and our team will work with you to make sure you are happy with your campaign. Need help designing your Ad? – Our team can help you design and develop the perfect ad. – USD $200 for design and development of one ad. – USD $300 for design and development of two ads. 5

6 Advertising Specifications Corruption, Crime and Compliance accepts the following file formats for ads: Third party: A highly customizable, interactive creative. You can use any custom HTML and JavaScript snippets as well as tags from a third-party ad server. Flash: A creative containing animation, sound, video, or interactive features. Requires a Flash (.swf) file. Image: A basic image creative. Requires a.gif,.jpg, or.png file. CMYK color format is not supported for.jpg files. If you have any questions about ad banner specifications, please contact 6

7 FAQ’s 1.How do I purchase an advertisement space? Please email with the details of the ad position you want to 2.What are the terms of advertising on Corruption, Crime and Compliance? The Terms & Conditions can be sent upon request. 3.I want to purchase more than one ad position, can I get discount? Please direct your question to 4.I want to see a detailed analytics report for the Corruption, Crime and Compliance before I purchase, where can I find it? Detailed reports are available upon request to 7

8 Need More? Visit Corruption, Crime and Compliance Visit the Ethics 360 website 8

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