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A BRIEF PROTOCOL FOR INTERPRETING Using an Untrained Bilingual Person as an Interpreter.

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1 A BRIEF PROTOCOL FOR INTERPRETING Using an Untrained Bilingual Person as an Interpreter

2 Interpreter Responsibilities Professionalism Accuracy Skill Positioning Confidentiality Integrity Thoroughness Trust

3 Crash Course in Protocol Pre-conference with both parties Position yourself Omit nothing, add nothing, change nothing Use the first person Allow for culture explanation Maintain confidentiality Have integrity

4 Pre-conference with Both Parties Plan the questions you will need to ask (from the provider) Allow the provider to introduce himself to the patient Introduce yourself to the patient State that you will say everything exactly as both parties say it State that if you need to explain something cultural you will make a motion (signal) before speaking State that everything is confidential Ask for questions

5 Position Yourself Agency and client interaction is the focus – don’t interfere Sit beside and slightly behind the client (or the agency person) Remain unobtrusive and out of direct view You are the voice of both parties, you are not the focus

6 Be Complete and be Accurate Omit nothing – what is insignificant to you may mean something to one of the others in the session Add nothing – you may influence the session without being aware Change nothing – do not inadvertently influence the conversation

7 Use the First Person The session is between the agency and the client. Do not insert yourself by saying “She says she’s talked with them before.” Instead say, “I’ve talked with them before.” Remember, say it exactly as they say it.

8 Cultural Explanations When the client is explaining something that the provider is unfamiliar with, you need to explain it. Stop the session. Tell the client you need to explain. Explain the cultural tradition or belief to the agency. Go back to being just a voice.

9 Confidentiality Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want others saying about you. What goes on in the session, stays in the session. Only share with others what they need to know. Don’t bring information to the session that the patient hasn’t.

10 Integrity If you aren’t capable, don’t do it. Do not accept the interpreter assignment if: The subject matter is not your expertise The topic is too personal (rape, miscarriage, sexual abuse, domestic violence) Your personal relationship with the client will put you in danger or compromise your objectivity There is a conflict of interest

11 Professionalism Dress and speak appropriately Be respectful of others, of time, of the situation Be friendly, don't befriend Do NOT accept payment or gifts from the client

12 Trust Be on time Be accurate Be honest Be true to your word Be professional Accept responsibility

13 Just the Facts Refrain from offering advice or opinions  Remember you are the messenger, not the decision maker  You can advocate by offering information available to the public that clients may not know how to access  Don’t make the client feel pressured

14 Know Your Stuff Be accurate in all that you say; be sure the message is correct. Make yourself aware of any cultural or dialectal differences Knowing words is not the same as knowing the meaning…

15 Please list the following: Your vital statistics One use for nylons. The highest number of people you have seen on a tricycle.

16 It’s all about the meaning! Vital statistics – 1. statistics concerning human life or the conditions affecting human life and the maintenance of population, as deaths, births, and marriages. 2. Facetious. Measurement.

17 Be Non-judgmental You don’t know the whole story. It makes sense if you understand it. You don’t always “get it right” to someone else. You may find yourself in the same position some day.

18 Melanie Manares Kansas State Department of Education 785-296-7929

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