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Manager Orientation February 11, 2014. Agenda Introduction Manager Responsibilities Manager Training A Word About: - Practices - Parent Relations - Umpire.

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1 Manager Orientation February 11, 2014

2 Agenda Introduction Manager Responsibilities Manager Training A Word About: - Practices - Parent Relations - Umpire Relations - Manager Evaluations Season Schedule Overview League Breakout Session

3 Craig Stine President Craig Stine President Larry Gowe MAJ - NL LD Larry Gowe MAJ - NL LD Kevin Kurland MAJ- AL LD Kevin Kurland MAJ- AL LD Greg Adams AAA- NL LD Greg Adams AAA- NL LD Todd Nethery AAA- AL LD Todd Nethery AAA- AL LD As A Manager, You Have A Chain-of-Command to Support You Karnig Ohannessian VP Baseball Ops. Karnig Ohannessian VP Baseball Ops. Scott Mills AA- AL LD Scott Mills AA- AL LD Rob Sorensen AA- NL LD Rob Sorensen AA- NL LD

4 Your BOD Direct Support Officers Phone numbers of all these officers are in the back of the gray book. Player Agent – Steve Sopko - Releasing, Calling Up a Player Safety – Allen Judkiewicz - Background Checks, Injury Reporting, Safety Observations/Issues Training – Jim Casamento Umpire In Chief – Scott Dias

5 Other Support VP, Special Ops –Jon Anderson - Opening/Closing Day/Registration/Try Outs VP, Property & Facilities – Scott Rippee Others - Secretary – Gene Ager - Treasurer – Craig Copeland - VP, Communications – John Monaco (web, newsletter, printing) - VP, Parents Auxiliary – Amie Adams - VP, Player Support – Scott Mills - VP, Technology – Micah MacDonald

6 Manager Responsibilities General Responsibilities Pre-Season Post-Season End of Season

7 General Responsibilities OBJECTIVE: The objective of WSLL is to provide children a fun, learning experience that will stress good sportsmanship, respect for others, and enjoyment of the game of baseball. The League’s goal is to develop lifelong fans and participants in the game, and to encourage its members to become active members of their communities. Article II, WSLL Constitution.

8 GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES ✓ ACCIDENTS. Report to Safety Officer. ✓ BASEBALL INFORMATION. - Rules of play (Green Book + Gray Book)‏ - Educational requirements and playing standards (website) Contains day-to-day information Training and clinics Umpire and rules information Team management Scorekeeping Field permits Etc. etc. - Admin. Policies (Admin. Policy Manual (website))

9 General Responsibilities Behavior – Games. Green Book, Gray Book. - Key is respect and recognition of why we are there. Civility in everything we do. - ZERO TOLERANCE: applies to YOU, CORs, and PARENTS “Consider yourself warned” Chain of command. Keep LD informed. Dress code. Dress the part (t-shirt/polo, no tank tops, no baseball uniforms). Fan Behavior. Teach parents how to root positively. Sexual Abuse. Protect your players and yourselves. Sexual Harassment. Those in position of authority may not suggest, invite, or extend sexual favors, or subject anyone to verbal or physical sexual behaviour.

10 Pre-Season Responsibilities Coaches. Two coaches of record + unlimited others. - Volunteer forms. - Only coaches of record in dugout - May not leave the dugout Equipment. Stress proper wear, use face guards, cups, treat with ordinary care. Sponsor. Introduce yourself. Team Parent. Treat like part of your staff. Meeting 3/19. Field prep days will be weekends (mostly Saturdays, some Sundays) in March. - Youth volunteers who need community service hours are encouraged to come out as well, but we'll need adults mostly.

11 Volunteer Forms Volunteer Forms due to League Directors – 3/14/14 - Managers forward 1 per coach + others subject to rule w/ form if not previously supplied. - Need volunteer forms for everyone you expect to be on the field or in the dugout with kids. Includes practice coaches and anyone you want to have “fill in” as a game coach when coach of record unavailable. - LD verifies all accounted and forwards to Safety Officer. - Safety Officer publishes list of cleared persons. - LDs notify managers that stragglers and those with unsuccessful background checks may not be on field.

12 Other Lists to Turn In Player Call Up List – 3/28/14 - AAA and AA coaches identify two players who could play at higher level on emergency, one game basis (clear with parents). Coaches send list to League Directors. - LDs forward list to VP, Baseball Operations. - VP forwards to higher-level LDs, who control call ups by delegation from Player Agent. VP also send list to Player Agent for forwarding to National Little League. Coaches List by 3/14/14 - List of official coaches (coaches of record) with contact information sent to LDs (who will send to VP)

13 Practices

14 Practices Number of Practices. - Be judicious about scheduling extra practices. Cost/schedule considerations. Better to cancel, than overdo it. Practice Fields. - Permits – one per week, subject to high-school needs (see “Coaches Corner”). - No team may practice on any field not approved by the BOD.

15 PRACTICES Practice Plans. - Written. - Safety. - Repetition. - Stations. - Movement. - Hydration. - Consistent with “WSLL Playing Standards.” Emphasize proper throwing and catching.

16 Games

17 Game Schedule Overview AA: 15 games; 10 games count in standings AAA: 17 games; 13 games count in standings Majors: 17 games; 14 games count in standings

18 Game Day Cage Use* (see Gray Book) - Cages are available 1 hr prior to the start of games. The visiting teams on Yankee, Wrigley, and Ebbets can use the cages for the first 20 minutes and the home team for the second twenty minutes. - The teams playing at Yankee will use cage closest to Yankees. Teams playing at Ebbets will use cage closest to Ebbets. Teams playing at Wrigley will use cage at Wrigley. - When a game starts at 5:45, each team can have their cage for 15 minutes each from 4:45 to 5:15 and be on the field at 5:15. * Policy updated with new Wrigley cage

19 Game Day Pre-Game (see Gray Book) - The visiting team shall take infield practice for 5 minutes beginning 20 minutes before game time. - The home team shall take infield practice for 5 minutes beginning 15 minutes before game time. - The playing field shall be cleared 10 minutes prior to game time for field preparation.

20 Game Day Field Care. See Gray Book. Consistent field quality depends on our teams. - Leave the field in better shape than you found it. That means raking base paths toward bag and plate, repairing the mound and emptying the trash Game Times. Game clock runs from scheduled time, not start time, unless delayed by prior game or weather. Game Cancellations. Tell parents if they hear nothing, go to the field. Too late to email at 3:00 pm. Lightning – review gray book but bottom line is get off field and get to cars.

21 Game Day Make Up Games. First available date. No considerations if manager out of pocket. That is what coaches of record and volunteer coaches are for. Don’t ask. Scores. Winning team reports on web (AA-Majors). See instructions on web. Use of last names are permitted but not required. Post pitch counts within 24 hours. LDs and Safety Officer will monitor. Trash. Empty half-filled cans and last game of day. Not gray hat responsibility. Uniforms. Alterations not permitted to uniforms/helmets (e.g., decals).

22 Parking Byron - Park straight into parking spots. Irving MS – Not on basketball courts. Keene Mill ES, other ES’– marked spaces only. Fenway @ Burke School – Park on marked spots. If parking behind Fenway on our neighbors streets do not block any portion of their driveways.

23 WSLL Byron Ave – Main Road OKOK No Player Dropoff on Entering If you are not parking - Player Dropoff AREAS at Yankee Ahead or when EXITING ONLY ! Wrigley Field Ebbets Field Concession Stand BOD Reserved Parking Only

24 No Parking along walkway WSLL Byron Ave – Main Parking This has been Implemented by Fairfax County Park Authority to support safety and Maximum capacity (1) Left Turn Only to Enter at REAR of Parking Area (3) Left Turns Only for Additional Row Parking (2) Now you’re here – park STRAIGHT- IN for all rows NOT angled Yanke e Field

25 No Parking along house fronts WSLL Byron Ave – Church Lot Parking 3 rows of parking spaces offered by Church of Christ 3-Rivers overflow parking area (dry conditions only) Forbes Field 3-Rivers Field Wrigley Field Continue to Byron Ave Park Road to Main Parking Lots

26 Game Rules Summary MAJAAAAA Batting Order 9-player order with max 3 offensive substitutions/inningBat line-up (no special pinch runners) Defensive Play 3 innings (can't sit for more than 6 consecutive outs) Every other inning in field; can't sit 2x until all have sit once, etc. (pitcher exempt) Every other inning in field; can't sit 2x until all have sit once, etc; pitcher limited to 3 innings; 2 innings infield/pp; each player must start 2 games in infield; no infield fly Time Limits (no new inning after) None (except interleague if doesn't count - 1:45)1:40 (game can end when time expires) Curfew10:30 PM Run Limits12 runs Inning LimitsNone6 innings Inning Definition3 outs 3 outs or 4 runs (innings 1- 4) or 5 runs (innings 5-6)3 outs or 3 runs Other Soft toss; no delayed/home steals No fake bunt to swing rule is in effect - Batter is OUT if this occurs

27 Game Day – Pitching Rule Max. 50 (7-8 years); 75 (10 and under); 85 – 11/12. Rest.* 0-20 pitches – 0 days; 21-35 pitches – 1 day; 36-50 pitches – 2 days; 51-65 pitches – 3 days; 66+ = 4 days. Conditions. - Designated person counts. Home team official scorer. - Scorekeepers will inform mgr or ump of pitch count on request and “should” tell ump when over. - Pitcher always may finish batter whose at-bat takes pitcher over limit. - Responsibility to pull is that of the managers. Failure to pull is protestable, regardless of whether scorekeepers warned umpire. - No automatic intentional walks (must pitch to all batters).

28 Game Day – Misc. Jewelry (includes cloth and rubber bracelets and earrings) and nothing distracting on player’s hands or wrists. No white long-sleeved undershirts for pitchers Game Time Start. On time or 15’ from end of last game (conditions permitting). All levels: The rule for in-between inning time IS 60 seconds. Keep the game moving, by focusing on the next defensive half inning – assignments should be known, catcher or temporary replacement should be ready. Have line-ups ready to go each inning; no huddles between innings/player should know where to go. - Purposeful delays will result in disciplinary action.

29 End of Season Player Evaluations. You must submit electronically at end of season. WSLL standards of play (see Admin. Procedures Manual). - Be frank, but careful, in your choice of words. - WSLL uses utmost care in guarding these evaluations and requires their destruction after useful period. See Player Agent with questions. Player Release. You must inform your League Director promptly when you have a player you reasonably believe will be out 3 weeks (AA–Maj only). See Gray Book. Sponsors. Ensure they get trophy/picture.

30 The Fun Doesn’t End with Your Last Game! Team Parties Team Pictures Trophies (current plan) - 5T–A: Team - AA–Majors: League (1st and 2nd Place) - A-Majors : Playoff (1st and 2nd) – number of “flights” depends on number of teams. Don’t forget your sponsor!

31 …and if you still want more 9-10, 10-11 & 11/12 All-Stars. - Note: There is NO public discussion about All-Star players at any time. - Protect the integrity of the process. Dissuade coaches/players/parents from public discussion. Fun Tournament: 8–10 and 10-12 divisions


33 Manager/Coach Training Coaching philosophy and leadership Majors managers training with LBHS and WSHS varsity coaches – 2/17 VBC and the MVP Baseball School Coaches Clinic – March 2 and 9 Looking for managers at the upper levels that are willing to serve as mentors to lower level managers. Let Jim know if you are interested.

34 Manager/Coach Training Safety Awareness Training (required once/ 3 years) – 3/19 at 7:30 pm at Keene Mill ES Cafeteria. - Need one representative from every team. Misc. practice plans, ideas, resources on website. Playing standards for each level of play in Admin Policy Handbook.

35 Manager Evaluations

36 Evaluations Procedure. - Automated - Return rates are 65-70%. - Returned to VP, Baseball Operations and to President. - Stored for 5 years. - WSLL will prepare summary for you as soon as possible. - All but managers vote (coaches vote). Your role. - Read the eval in advance. - “Take the temperature” of your team. - Give notice and remind parents of eval date. - Insist on receiving a copy of your summary.

37 20122013 Game knowledge4.464.41 Is an effective teacher4.294.25 Relates well to children4.444.36 Treats all players fairly 4.484.38 Relates well with coaches and umpires 4.604.40 Displays and encourages good sportsmanship4.474.53 Motivates and seeks to develop all players4.404.39 Makes the game fun4.434.36 Administrative ability4.504.35 Practice organization4.404.29 Communication with parents4.524.43 Overall made our season enjoyable 4.514.42 Overall Average4.464.38 Evaluations (All Levels) – Spring

38 Parent Relations

39 Set expectations first meeting. - Schedule early and make mandatory - Find a host - Have agenda Lay down ground rules. Attempt to get parents involved – vested in what you are trying to do. Attempt to find a way to connect with every player. Take the parents’ temperature constantly. #1 Issue: Perceptions of unequal treatment. Consult your LD when you sense problems.

40 Teams Require Many Volunteers Team Parent Practice Coaches Umpires Grounds Crew – assign for each game Scorekeeper Bench Monitor Safety Officer Get your parents involved from the beginning to support you ! See checklist in Coaches Corner Get your parents involved from the beginning to support you ! See checklist in Coaches Corner

41 Parent Volunteers Team Parent. Delegate and confer. Team parents are members of Parents Auxiliary and can be source of knowledge of pulse of the families. MUST SEND ONE PARENT TO MTG. ON 3/19. Volunteers. You must assure that all coaches/volunteers who have repetitive access to children submit vol. form AND clear Safety Officer check.

42 Umpires

43 Umpires – General We are stretched thin for adults on Majors coverage, especially on weekday games that start before 7 PM Expect high percentage of youth umpires relative to adult league umpires – same as last year Help us (the league) with recruiting/retention - Need to convince more adults to get trained to umpire Umpire training: - “101” - 2/26 & 3/5 (intro and LL rules 1-4) - “102” - 3/12 & 3/19 (LL rules 5-9 and WSLL rules) - “Parents from the Stands” training - 3/18 Parents from the Stands are frequently no better than youth Team Umpires (AAA and AA only): Receive Registration and Volunteer Fee Refund (7+ games) – MUST either ump or be ON the field when youth umpires present E-mail me the name of your team ump (AA and AAA) as soon as you “volunteer” him or her

44 Umpires – Game Day Plate Conference: - Players properly equipped (jocks for males, no jewelry, proper equipment for catchers (cups and throat guards), proper uniforms, etc…) - Ground Rules - Pitch counts while in play thru the Umpire - Time Outs - Stay in the Dugout Balls & Strikes (don’t argue – you can ask how it missed, but leave it at that) May only question rule interpretations, not judgments Second opinion on checked swings only – if the plate umpire calls it a ball (Base umpires are trained to consult on pulled foot, swipe tag plays at 1B with no other runner on)

45 Question the ump who made the call – they MAY choose to consult and decide whether to change a call (Let’s Get it Right) With 1 or 2 umps, mistakes WILL be made Think about what you are conveying to kids about respecting authority Be diplomatic and you may get more....... - Ask for time - Understand dynamic (if ump changes call, what will other manager think)‏ - Approach respectfully - Talk privately - If appropriate, explain what you saw and ask to get help from partner - Don’t abuse the privilege, because you’re using playing time Umpire – Game Day

46 Umpires – Pitching Rules Conditions: - Home team is the scorekeeper of record and responsible for official pitch count - Scorekeepers will inform manager or umpire of pitch count on request and “should” tell ump when over - Pitcher always may finish batter whose at-bat takes pitcher over limit. (in this case if final count is 21 pitches, 0 days rest applies) - Responsibility to pull is that of the managers. Failure to pull is protestable, regardless of whether scorekeepers warned ump. - No automatic intentional walks (must pitch to all batters)

47 Umpires – Key Game Rules Majors: - Can only make 3 offensive substitutions per inning -- no rolling the order. - Can't use a player in the line-up to pinch-run/can’t remove same kid twice - On a third strike, whether at a pitch swung on by the batter or pitch called a strike by the umpire, the batter is out when: the pitch is caught by the catcher; With less than two out, first base is occupied. - In all other instances, the batter may attempt to acquire first base prior to being tagged out or forced out by a fielder in possession of the baseball. Force out can be at any base. Younger levels: - At AA there are: no walks for the first half-season, no infield fly rule and no penalty for illegal pitches - If can't tie or go ahead once time limit is reached game is over--no futile batting after the time limit

48 Umpires – Administrative Rules Game Time Start: On time or 15 minutes from end of last game (conditions permitting) AAA and AA Time limits: No new inning starts after 1 hour 40 minutes (Time limits only apply to majors inter-league games) 10:30 PM drop dead for games under the lights (other local rules apply to games preceding late night games) Run limits: AAA = 4 runs in innings 1-4 and 5 runs thereafter; and AA = 3 runs in all innings All levels: The rule for in-between inning time is 60 seconds (generally no more than 8 pitches) Keep the game moving by focusing on the next defensive half inning Have line-ups ready to go each inning, no huddles between innings, players should know where to go, catcher or temporary replacement should be ready - Purposeful delays will result in disciplinary action - If no batter in the box when umpire calls play umpire may start calling strikes without the pitcher pitching

49 Umpire Relations Bring umpiring quality issues to UIC (Scott Dias), not to the umpires on the field “Let it slide” if it’s that complicated and you have to research the rule on the internet, bring it to UIC - don’t hold up the game Use kid gloves on youth umpires - if you have an issue call the UIC Include ump’s name in the post-game write-up (allows tracking of who, or is it whom, is entitled to payment) Manager hysterics are more embarrassing for the Manager and the players than for the umpire

50 Umpires – Composite Bat Moratorium Composite barrel bats are prohibited UNLESS they are on the approved list on the Little League website. If an umpire identifies a bat that is illegal, he is authorized and obligated to remove it from the game. Managers should eliminate unapproved composite barrel bats before the season starts and let their players know to show the Manager any new bat that they may acquire during the season. Penalties for using illegal bat this year – Lose base coach, manager ejected, newly appointed manager ejected

51 Umpire – Game Coordinators (aka Team Umps) Game coordinators (GC) necessary when the only umpire(s) is (are) a youth umpire. Home team assigns. GC must be present at the plate conference and remain at the field during the entire game. If the GC leaves the field, the game is suspended until GC returns. GC have the authority to suspend games, eject Managers, players, spectators. Have authority/responsibility for weather related delays/restarts. The primary responsibility of the GC is youth protection and to ensure civility and decorum towards the youth umpire. Each team should identify two parents.

52 Schedule of Events

53 March/April – Pre-Season FIELD PREP – Begins 2/22 and runs every weekend to Opening Day 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/22 – Umpire Training 2/15 – AAA Tryouts 2/17 – Majors Managers Training with LBHS and WSHS Varsity coaches 2/19 – Majors Draft 2/22 – Equipment Handout 2/24 – AAA Draft 2/27 – AA Draft 3/1 – First Day of Practice – Majors, AAA, AA 3/2, 3/9 – Coaches Clinic (VBC) 3/5 – Managers Orientation Meeting – A, T-Ball, 5T 3/8 – First Day of Practice – A, T-Ball, 5T 3/18 – Parent from the Stands Umpire Training (Irving, Barker Hall)‏ 3/19 – Team Parents Meeting (Keene Mill Cafeteria) 3/19 – Safety Awareness Training (Keene Mill Cafeteria) TBD – Food Handlers Training TBD – Scorekeeping Training 3/14 – Coaches List, and Volunteer Forms due to League Directors 3/28 – Player Call up List Due 3/28 – Opening Day Ceremonies 3/29 – Games Begin 4/26 – Team Pictures (Keene Mill) 5/4 – Mid-Season Managers Meeting (Byron)

54 April/May – In-Season 4/26 – Team Picture Day Time: Varies by team at Keene Mill ES 5/4 – Mid-season Mgrs. Mtg.—must have representative at meeting 5/10, 5/17 and 5/24 – Approximate Dates of Fall Ball / Fun Tournament Registration, Byron

55 June/July 6/14 – Announcement of All-Stars. 6/14 – Championship Saturday. ~6/20–6/28 – Fun Tournament (approximate) TBD – All-Star Opening Ceremonies TBD – Turn in equipment; End of season shutdown

56 Questions? Thanks for Managing & Coaching Our Kids! Have a Great Season!

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