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The Advanced Placement Program®

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1 The Advanced Placement Program®
Mesquite ISD

2 What is an “AP” Course? AP stands for “Advanced Placement”
AP classes are taught at the college level This means more independent reading Students are expected to do more outside research and work The College Board offers tests for each AP class Students take AP tests in May Students can earn college credit based on their AP test scores

3 AP and College Success™
Students who take AP courses and exams are much more likely than their peers to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years or less. Students who take AP courses and exams are much more likely than their peers to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years or less. Source: Camara, Wayne. (2003). College Persistence, Graduation, and Remediation. College Board Research Notes (RN-19). New York, NY: College Board. No AP 1 AP Course 2+ AP Courses

4 Factors in Admission Decisions
Considerable Moderate Grades in college prep 79.9% 14.4% Strength of curriculum 63.8 23.9 Admission test scores 58.5 30.9 Grades in all courses 51.6 40.1 Essay or writing sample 25.8 37.9 Class rank 23.4 43.8 Demonstrated interest 22.0 30.3 Counselor recommendation 21.1 40.4 Teacher recommendation 20.8 40.0 Interview 10.8 23.7 Source: NACAC 2008 State of College Admissions Report

5 AP Credit and Placement Policy Information
Colleges and universities throughout the world offer credit and/or placement for qualifying Advanced Placement Exam scores. Information about AP credit and placement policies at many colleges and universities is now available on the College Board’s Web site:

6 AP Credit and Placement Policy Information
Go to Type in the name of the college or university whose AP policy you want to view (or browse by letter of the alphabet). You will see two things for each school that has provided their AP credit policy info: A link to the college’s own Web page that details its AP credit and placement policies. A statement by the college or university about its AP policy.

7 Student Participation
The purpose of an Advanced Placement course is to prepare students for the AP test in May. Students are expected to take the AP exam for all AP classes taken. Work begins the first day of class! Some classes have summer assignments

8 What are the requirements for taking an AP class
What are the requirements for taking an AP class? (Teacher completes this recommendation) Personal Criteria:  GT Student Y N   Strong study skills and self-motivational skills   Self-discipline that enables the student to plan, organize, and carry out tasks to completion   Interest and academic strength in this particular subject Academic Criteria:   Reading on or above grade level (as demonstrated by meeting the standard on STAAR ELA tests)   Proficient oral and written communication skills   Most recent score on the STAAR End of Course Exam is Level 2 or higher.   Semester Grade average of 85 or higher in the class/course of the subject area.   Teacher recommendation if the semester grade is below 85 in the subject area/course (written)

9 If I sign up for an AP class, can I get out of it?
District expectation is that students remain in enrolled course. We ask that the student AND parent sign the AP contract, and therefore expect the commitment to be honored A “seat” is reserved for your student AP teachers are trained to assist all students; success is our goal!

10 AP Exam fees For Spanish, History, Art and Psychology exams: Total cost to student is $89 per exam $15 deposit $74 balance Students on free / reduced lunch pay $15 per test

11 AP Exam fees For all Math, Science and English exams: Total cost to student is $69 per exam $15 deposit $54 balance Students on free / reduced lunch pay $15 per test

12 Environ-mental Science
AP Courses offered English Language English Literature Spanish Language Spanish Literature Calculus AB US History Government Economics Psychology Biology Environ-mental Science Chemistry Studio Art: Drawing Studio Art: 2D 3D Physics Statistics Human Geography World History Calculus BC

13 Benefits of Taking AP Classes
Confidence Better study habits Improved writing skills Improved problem-solving skills Tuition savings / College credit (based on AP Test scores) Increased grade points Strengthened college admission portfolio

14 Distinguished Achievement Program
Students complete: the recommended plan a third year of foreign language earn 4 advanced measures

15 DAP - Advanced Measures
(1)  original research/project (2)  test data where a student receives: (A)  a score of three or above on the College Board advanced placement examination; (B)  a score on the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) that qualifies the student for recognition as a commended scholar or higher by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, as part of the National Hispanic Scholar Program of the College Board or as part of the National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding African American Students of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. (3)  college academic courses, advanced technical credit courses, and dual credit courses, including local articulation, with a grade of 3.0 or higher.

16 PSAT and SAT Prep has SAT Boot Camp at JHHS
Sample questions Full tests for practice On-line prep course SAT Question of the Day Personalized Study Plan SAT Boot Camp at JHHS Naviance – “Prep Me” Many books with test prep help








24 Dual Credit Classes Classes offered through Eastfield
Students receive both college and high school credit (hence “DUAL” credit) Some are on the Eastfield campus and some are on the JHHS campus Two classes offered on campus: DC English 4 (ENGL 1301 & 1302) DC US Government (GOVT 2305)

25 Dual Credit (cont.) Students must apply and complete some testing through Eastfield Classes are FREE for Dual Credit students See your student’s counselor for the application packet and process

26 Questions?

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