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Welcome to Independence. The Independence High School Advanced Academics Philosophy ●Open enrollment ●Student support ●Teacher preparation.

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1 Welcome to Independence

2 The Independence High School Advanced Academics Philosophy ●Open enrollment ●Student support ●Teacher preparation

3 What is PAP/AP? PAP ● PAP = Courses designed to prepare students for AP courses AP AP = College-level courses measured by end of year exams AP Exams provide students the opportunity to receive college credit. All AP courses include the same curriculum across the nation. Colleges understand the rigor of the program and look favorably on the AP program. PAP/AP classes carry an additional GPA weight

4 AP/PAPDual CreditRegularGrade Point 95 5.5 945.4 935.3 92975.2 91965.1 9095100 5.0 8994994.9 8893984.8 8792974.7 8691964.6 859095 4.5 8489944.4 Grade Point Average (GPA)

5 Benefits of the AP Program Students who take AP courses and exams are much more likely to graduate in four years. Students who take longer to graduate from a public university typically pay between $8,000 and $19,000 for each additional year. Students gain college-level analytical and study skills. Taking AP increases eligibility for scholarships and makes candidates more attractive to colleges. Students gain academic confidence.

6 “In October, ________ took the PSAT/NMSQT ®. By using AP Potential TM, a program based on PSAT/NMSQT scores, we are able to identify students who may be ready for the challenge of AP course work.” AP Potential Letters from IHS

7 What Counts in College Admissions Admission Trends: NACAC Admission Trends Survey 2008

8 The Benefits of AP for Students Down the Road ●You do not have to take the “weed out” classes…..Freshman college classes are typically very large. ●In many schools, teaching Assistants teach entry level college classes. ●Rigorous coursework prepares you for college and time requirements before you pay ($$$).

9 Students Parents How much more work is it? Are they harder? Can I have a life? What do colleges want to see? Can my child handle it? How involved should I be? PAP/AP vs. On- Level Classes

10 1. A willingness to actively engage with sophisticated concepts. - Desire to be challenged - Ask questions during class - Seek help when you need clarification - Stay organized 2. A willingness to be judged by rigorous, college- level standards. - More written vs. objective tests - Open-ended questions - Faster pace - More depth Responsibilities of AP Students

11 3. A willingness to complete longer and more complex nightly assignments. - 30-50 pages a week of outside reading - 30 minutes to 1 hour of homework 4. A willingness to complete the Advanced Placement Examination in May. - Studying/meeting outside of class - Accumulating knowledge and skills Responsibilities of AP Students

12 College RigorHigh School Reality BALANCE Duty of AP Teachers

13 Aug JanMay AugJanMay GROWTH

14 ●Administered in May ●Approximately 3 hours long ●Composed of multiple choice and free-response questions ●Free-response questions scored by college professors and AP teachers in June AP Examinations

15 5 — Extremely Well Qualified 4 — Well Qualified 3 — Qualified 2 — Possibly Qualified 1 — No Recommendation AP Examinations Interpretations of Scores

16 CollegeAP ScoreCourseCredit hoursOther UT Austin 4 or 5 HIS 306 N3 Texas A & M 4 or 5 HIST 1043 Texas Tech 3, 4, 5 HIST 2322 or 2323 3 TCU 4 or 5 HIST 109533 Rice 4 or 5 HIST 1083 UCLA 3, 4, 5 HIST World8.0 units Harvard 4 or 5 NonenoneAdvancement to higher levels U of Chicago 4 or 5 Electives3 quarters AP World History – 10 th grade course What scores do colleges accept?

17 ●$89 exam fee. If you're in financial need, contact your counselor concerning a fee reduction. ●FISD refunds $50 of the exam fee for students that score a 3, 4, or 5. ●Cost of a 3 hr. course (tuition and fees) UNT - $1091 UT Austin - $2059 (College of Liberal Arts) Exam Fees

18 1.Why did you decide to take PAP/AP? 2.How much time do you spend on homework per class? 3.How do you handle the workload? 4.What was your biggest struggle, and how did you overcome it? 5.What do you need from your parents to help you succeed? 6.What advice would you give to someone interested in enrolling in PAP/AP classes? What do IHS students Think about PAP/AP?

19 Supporting PAP/AP Students 1. Summer Orientation 2. PAP/AP CIT Committee 3. Study Groups / Peer Tutoring

20 The Advanced Placement Program ® and Pre-AP™ It’s not just an Examination. It’s not just a Course. It’s An Opportunity to Write Your Own Scholarship!

21 “A pupil from whom nothing is ever demanded… never does all that he can.” John Stuart Mill

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