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The Match: Update 2013 Lisa Cannada, MD Chair BOS Match Oversight Committee.

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1 The Match: Update 2013 Lisa Cannada, MD Chair BOS Match Oversight Committee

2 Disclosures This topic: Previous chair of OTA Fellowship Committee and Current Chair of AAOS Match Oversight Committee Full disclosures on website

3 What We Know Over 90% residents enter a fellowship The process was becoming chaotic Residents were forced to make decisions….. –Very early in residency –Significant pressure to take position “on the spot”

4 AOA Match Symposium 2007 79% residents felt process was unaccaptable 87% felt match process at that time was “Not fair” 86% residents wanted a match process

5 History Most subspecialties had organized process in past…unravelled Hand-NRMP since 1991 ASES since 2004 AAOS believed organized match process a priority

6 BOS Match Oversight Committee Began to identify issues At the center is the resident and fellowship program Worked to put together organized match process SF Match key player –6 matches –7 subspecialties

7 2013 Match Program Participation Data Adult Recon& Tumor Foot & Ankle HandPeds Shoulder & Elbow SpineSports Trauma Match Date for 2013 Fellowship Begins 2014 4/264/25/154/1812/124/94/113/12 # of Programs 70*42*8046*27*67**9450 # of Positions 140*67*15768*41*116**224*77 # Applicants 245*9697**61*145268*139* # IMG/DO 88/28 9/15 37/8 2/6 43/2 5/2 14/6 1/5 66/11 1/5 50/22 9/18 50/6 5/9

8 More Applicants than Positions in ALL Matches Sounds like residency all over again… List is be made available of unmatched applicants and unfilled positions by each subspecialty society Concern regarding unmatched domestic applicants voiced

9 Why the Increase? Year# Positions 2007606 2008636 2009641 2010656 2011670 2012682 2013693

10 The Applicant Applies to many… –Just one click Interviews at more… –Hassles of travel Ranks around ?? –What is needed to match?

11 The Applicant

12 What We Have Learned Applicants continue to apply to large # programs(15-25)…YET Applicants rank a reasonable number (10) The average # of interviews should be <10

13 Information Pathways Specialty Society Website SF Match Website Word of Mouth AAOS Match Webinar (Fall 2013)

14 Data # Applicants Matched –1 st choice –2 nd choice # applicants Matched Mean # applicants program ranked Mean # Programs applicants ranked # Interviews # days gone for interviewing # Applicants interviewed/position #Programs filled

15 Post Match Survey The goal is to make this information available to programs and applicants for future use; especially regarding # interviews of matched applicants

16 Match 2013: Code of Conduct Subspecialty Societies –Definite Application Deadline END Programs –Send out interview invites w/in 30 days –Let applicants know if they are NOT getting an interview

17 Were You Aware? ACGME proposes for 2014: –Accredited programs cannot take IMG/DO applicants unless they completed ACGME residency –Affects up to 30% in some matches –ALL subspecialty societies responded –Statement regarding DO’s and working on accreditation 10/24/12


19 Current Match Issues Accreditation Monitor Sanctions Ethics/Professionalism Funding of Fellowships AAOS Book of Fellowships

20 OIM Surgeon-Industry Relationships in Orthopaedic Surgery 1/13 Funds from industry for residency and fellowship programs and other training programs should be distributed through unbiased, independent, third party organizations or through central administration of the institution. Residency and fellowship training programs should stop accepting individual-focused grants from companies and require companies to submit funding through either of the aforementioned approaches.

21 What We Have Learned Rank list should be taken seriously as less than 60% match at first choice More applicants than positions in ALL subspecialties Increasing number of fellowships to match increasing applicants

22 What We are Doing Working towards Universal match Annual Progress Report Submission to JBJS “Topics in Training” Collaboration with ARCOS Collaboration with CORD

23 Questions/Comments

24 Thank You!

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