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Club Leadership Objective

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1 Club Leadership Objective
“To create an awareness of those concepts and strategies that will facilitate an understanding of successful leadership and to develop new leadership skills.”

2 Leadership Defined “He, who cooperates with the Divine purpose in imparting to the youth a knowledge of God, and molding the character into harmony with His, does a high and noble work. He awakens a desire to reach God’s ideal, he presents an education that is as high as heaven and as broad as the universe.” Education, p. 19

3 For All Staff – Ten-hour Training
Requirements For All Staff – Ten-hour Training Executive Director SDA member Be Master Guide (Ideally, PLA or PIA) Minimum 3 Years AY Leadership Experience

4 Executive Director Duties
Be Member of Church Board Liaison with Pastors & Elders Liaison between Conference & Club Conduct Induction & Investiture

5 Executive Director Duties, cont.
Lead in making schedule & calendar Advisor to All Club Directors Oversee and Coordinate Finances

6 Club Director Responsibilities
SDA Member Be Master Guide or Working on It

7 Club Director Duties Preside at Club & Staff Meetings
Organize & Supervise Club Activities Coordinate, Assign, & Supervise Staff Know Each Member & be Role Model Maintain Club Discipline

8 Deputy Director (SDA Member) Duties
One or More Deputy Directors May Preside over Club or Staff Meeting (when Director is Absent) Must Support the Director

9 Club Secretary Duties Check & Transfer Records of Scribes
Record Points & Demerits Post Accumulated Points on Board Send Monthly Report to Conference Keep Director Apprised of Club Points

10 Club Secretary Duties, cont.
Inform Director of Negligent Member Maintain Club Library Order Supplies from Exec. Director Oversee Club Correspondence

11 Club Treasurer Duties Collect & Record All Income
Transfer Cash to Exec. Director Keep Income-Expense Journal Collect & Approve All Receipts, etc.

12 Club Treasurer Duties, cont.
Have Records Ready for Inspection Oversee Fund-Raising Proceeds Oversee Fund-Raising Merchandise

13 Club Chaplain (must be SDA) Duties
Wears a Uniform Works with Director to Prepare Spiritual Activities Arranges Devotions, Speaker, Prayer Oversees Missionary Outreach

14 Club Chaplain (must be SDA) Duties, cont.
Finds Prayer Volunteers Arranges Spiritual Activities for Campouts Helps Plan Path. Day, Induction, etc. Works with Unit Counselors

15 Club Chaplain (must be SDA) Duties, cont.
Spiritually Mentors Each Child & Staff Member Participates in Club’s Secular Activities

16 Unit Counselor (must be SDA) Duties
Oversee Unit During All Programs Help Prepare Members for Investiture Model Neatness, Attendance, etc. Model Exemplary Christian Behavior March & Drill with Unit

17 Unit Counselor (must be SDA) Duties, cont.
Develop Friendship among Members Help Members with Problems Encourage Member Participation Participate in Campouts & Staff Meet. Notify Director in advance of absence

18 Instructor Duties Be Well-Prepared to Teach Class
Bring or Arrange for All Necessary Materials Teach Class at Scheduled Meetings

19 Qualities of Christian Leaders
Love God Supremely Model & Support Church Standards Love Children Sincerely Serve with Enthusiasm Possess Emotional Stability

20 Qualities of Christian Leaders, cont.
Enjoy Being Outdoors Know the Characteristics of Age Group Learn a Variety of Skills Develop Ability to Organize Get Along with Fellow Staff Members

21 Qualities of Christian Leaders, cont.
Radiate a Dignity that Assures Order Be Resourceful and Creative

22 Styles of Leadership Political Evaluation Participative Laissez-faire
Authoritative Political Evaluation Participative Laissez-faire

23 Leadership Traits Desire for Achievement Mental Energy Decisiveness
Persistence Confidence Integrity Persuasiveness Ability to Handle People


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