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This is the Login screen. The address is

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1 This is the Login screen. The address is

2 Log in: Username is Initials & Last 6 digits of SS# Password is Birthday (with dashes) You will be asked to change or update this once you login. You may change it to the same as it currently is by retyping the same information or you may wish to change it to something else such as your Novell login. dm345678 03-06-74 Lauderdale County

3 Your Name This is the Home screen. Click on PD titles.

4 You may search the PD Title Catalog by clicking here. Or search by a calendar of sessions by clicking here.

5 If you go to Search PD Titles, type in LAU under the PD Title Number to bring up all of the listed Lauderdale County sessions. Leave it blank to see all listed in the state. Next click Search Now.. This is the screen for Search PD Titles.

6 This is the screen for View Sessions Offerings. Click the button on My LEA only to limit search to Lauderdale County. For a calendar view, click here. To enroll, click on the PD activity you attended or will attend.

7 If you Go to Calendar view, you will put in the beginning date of the month or the date of the activity.. To enroll, click on the PD activity you attended or will attend.

8 When you click to enroll in a session, this box pops up. Click ENROLL NOW to enroll. Note the location and time.

9 This box pops up when you enroll. You have to click YES to confirm enrollment.

10 This is what you see once you have enrolled.

11 Click on My History tab to see training history. My Profile has

12 When on the HOME tab... Use the My Profile tab to change personal information. Use the My Sessions to view upcoming sessions for which you have enrolled. Your Name

13 Procedures for Submitting Out-of-System, not listed, or pre-2006 Professional Development for Approval 1.You will need to enter the activity in STI Professional Development. To do so, go online to 2.Log in using your username and password. 3.Click on the My History tab near the top of the page. 4.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue link that says submit new training history item for approval. 5.Enter the information requested—Type, Training Date, Training Name, and Notes (You may provided additional information in this box to describe the event you attended, the locations, or other pertinent information.) You only need to enter the number of hours you attended in the Hours Credit box. 6.You will need to provide a Certificate of Participation or some other evidence of your attendance, such as a program, meeting schedule, etc. 7.Make a copy of the certificate, meeting schedule, or other document. 8.Fax or put in the county mail the document(s) along with a note of explanation to the attention of Pam Tanner. Mrs. Tanner will complete the process to grant your credit for the out-of-system event.

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