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US Army Corps of Engineers AE Selection Process Rosemary Gilbertson, PE Chief, Army & Air Force Section Louisville District.

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1 US Army Corps of Engineers AE Selection Process Rosemary Gilbertson, PE Chief, Army & Air Force Section Louisville District

2 In Louisville District… Avg number of A/Es selected per year = 18 Avg number of submittals per solicitation = 40 Number of individuals who sit on Pre- selection & Selection Boards = 70 & 30 Hours devoted to selection procedure per solicitation on average = 160

3 Indefinite Delivery Contracts Main A-E contracting tool >90% Multiple awards preferred: –All firms must be considered. –Price can’t be a factor! District limits: $3M over 3 years; $5M over 5 years if SB set-aside. Minimum quantity: –2%/1% rule eliminated. KO has discretion. –Not a minimum guarantee! A-E must prove costs.


5 Standard Form 330 Part I: Contract-Specific Qualifications Corporate team members and roles –Including organization chart Resumes of key personnel Examples of relevant projects Key personnel participation in example projects Other relevant qualifications GSA forms website has PDF, FormNet, & Word formats: mId=21DBF5BF7E860FC185256E13005C6AA6

6 Standard Form 330 Ownership and small business status Number of personnel in each discipline Profile of firm’s experience Annual revenues Firms can submit and update (at least annually) through Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Part II: General Qualifications

7 A-E Evaluation Boards – Preselection and Selection (FAR 36.602)FAR 36.602 Engineering Division oversees the A-E selection process and chairs all boards Boards are composed of registered professional personnel with experience in engineering, architecture, construction and acquisition Compare firms' qualifications using criteria in the synopsis Using agency invited, but must be qualified Must be rational, consistent and fair 004-D-7

8 General Selection Criteria FAR 36.602-1 / DFARS 236.602-1 Professional Qualifications Specialized Experience and Technical Competence Capacity Past Performance Knowledge of Locality Location of Firm* Volume of Recent DOD Work* Participation of Small Businesses and Small Disadvantaged Businesses* * Secondary factors per DFARS

9 A-E Preselection Board Optional Recommends to the selection board the highly qualified firms which have a reasonable chance of being considered as most highly qualified Does not consider secondary criteria: –Geographic proximity –Equitable distribution of DOD contract awards –Participation of SB and SDB Report submitted to selection board. No separate approval required Example preselection report: EP 715-1-7, Appendix S

10 A-E Selection Board Initial phase conducted like preselection board if preselection board not held Determines most highly qualified firms, in order of preference (minimum of 3) Conducts interviews with most highly qualified firms Applies secondary criteria as tie-breaker in ranking if needed Report provides clear rationale for ranking of most highly qualified firms and reasons other firms were eliminated. Details in EP 715-1-7, Appendix T.

11 What A-E Evaluation Boards Primarily Look For Adequate depth in all disciplines cited in synopsis Key personnel have: –Degree and registration –Pertinent experience –Worked on example relevant projects Prime and subs have: –Relevant recent experience in the required type of work –Worked together recently on similar projects –Clear roles Established quality management program Unsatisfactory or excellent past performance

12 Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS) Sub-component of Navy’s CPARS system Managed by USACE Portland District Mandated for use by DoD Agencies –FAR 36.604(C)FAR 36.604(C) –DFARS 236.604(C)DFARS 236.604(C) 004-D-5

13 How Performance Evaluations Are Used Excellent or unsatisfactory past performance can be pivotal in selections. ACASS is the primary source of past performance information (PPI), but any other credible, documented PPI can be used. Boards must consider relevancy of PPI: similarity of work, role in contract, which office, recentness. Firm can submit PPI with SF 330, and explain any past problems. No PPI = neutral rating.

14 Using ACASS for Source Selections Requires Business Analysis Report access to ACASS A-E qualifications (SF 330 Part II) –Received from ORCA –Purged from ACASS when 18 mos. Old DoD A-E contract awards (DD 350) –Received from FPDS-NG –3 year history of awards Performance evaluations (6 year history) –OMB requires Source Selection Officials retrieve evaluations from PPIRS, http://www.ppirs.gov 004-D-6

15 Approval of A-E Selections Selection authority is at a level appropriate for the dollar value and nature of the proposed contract. In USACE, MSC Commanders are delegated unlimited A-E selection authority and may redelegate to districts as appropriate. (EFARS 36.602-4 (a))EFARS 36.602-4 (a))

16 Notification of Unsuccessful Firms (FAR and EFARS 36.607(a))FAREFARS 36.607(a)) All firms should be notified of their selection status within 10 days after approval of selection report. –No notifications after preselection A simple letter is sent; no reasons provided Advises firm they have 10 days to request a debriefing Name of firm with which a contract will be negotiated may be released (FAR 36.607)

17 A-E Debriefing A-E must request in writing or electronically Debrief within 14 days of A-E's request Based on preselection/selection report Discuss significant weak or deficient qualifications Do not discuss other firms Summary for contract file (FAR and EFARS 36.607(b))FAREFARS 36.607(b))

18 A-E CONTRACTING PROCESS Selection 004-D-1

19 “Selection” of Firms for an IDC Task Order If an order can be awarded under more than one IDC, document basis for issuing order under a particular IDC, such as: –Performance and quality of deliverables under the current IDCs –Current capacity to accomplish the order in the required time –Uniquely specialized experience –Equitable distribution of work PRICE IS NOT A CONSIDERATION IN DECIDING WHICH IDC TO USE FOR A-E SERVICES

20 USACE A-E Contracting Policy Engineer FAR Supplement (EFARS): –Subpart 16.5: Indefinite Delivery Contracts Subpart 36.6: Architect-Engineer Services – EP 715-1-7 - Architect-Engineer Contracting: –Detailed guidance and procedures for A-E contracting – pamphlets/ep715-1-7/toc.htm Engineering and Construction Bulletins: –Quick method to issue information and directives –

21 FY07 Louisville District ID/IQ Contract Opportunities Type # Length Value Award Date Environmental AE (8a/HZ/SDV)up to 25 years$ 10M eachFY07 2Q Environmental AE (8a/HZ/SDV)up to 35 years$ 5M eachFY07 2Q Environmental AE (F&O)up to 35 years$ 15M eachFY07 2Q Environmental Data Records (EDR)12 years$ 250kFY07 2Q Real Estate Cost Analysis Services15 years$ 2MFY07 2Q WPAFB AE (F&O)23 years$ 6M eachFY07 2Q WPAFB AE (SB)13 years$ 2MFY07 2Q Cost Estimating & Scheduling for AMC 13 years$ 6MFY07 3Q LRD-wide Mil/CW AE (F&O)23 years$ 6M eachFY07 3Q LRD-wide Mil/CW AE (SB)13 years$ 2MFY07 3Q Chemical Laboratory Servicesup to 25 years$ 1M eachFY07 3Q Environmental Waste Disposal15 years$ 500kFY07 4Q MARC (F&O)55-10 yrs$200M poolFY08 ? MARC (SB)55-10 yrs$200M poolFY08 ?

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