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1 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC Solutions Overview Building the next generation data centre Chris Ralston EMC Field Technical Consultant.

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1 1 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC Solutions Overview Building the next generation data centre Chris Ralston EMC Field Technical Consultant

2 2 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Information Is Growing at an Unprecedented Pace Source: IDC, The Expanding Digital Universe, March B 200B 300B 400B 500B 600B 700B 800B 900B 1,000B Gigabytes Digital Information Production systems cant keep up with information growth IDC Study Predicts 6x Increase by 2010 What about backup & recovery?

3 3 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Information Challenges: Business Perspective Availability I want the information when I need it Costs My information is growing at more than 50 percent per year, but I cannot afford a 50 percent increase in costs Scalability How can I react quickly enough to changing business requirements? Simplicity I want to use information, not have to hire multiple specialists to manage it

4 4 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Information Challenges: IT Perspective Backup Backup windows keep growing, recovery takes longer and longer, and its too expensive to keep adding backup hardware and software Disaster Recovery I need to protect these critical assets just like everything else Flexibility The solution needs to leverage my current infrastructure and adapt to tomorrows technology Consolidation I want to consolidate distributed file servers and application data onto a centralized storage solution to drive down costs

5 5 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Whats driving data growth? Regulation – Govt or industry Larger file sizes applications add new features (bold, colours, fonts etc.) Audio files wav, wma, mp3/4 Video and picture files mpeg, jpeg etc Poor or no corporate retention policies Lack of resources and expertise to develop policies duplicate data in the IT environment Multiple files of the same saved on storage

6 6 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Understand your data environment 1.Do you know what type of data you have ? What is it (files, databases, pictures of kids etc…) 2.Canadian average for Data growth is 50% per year – are you experiencing similar growth rates ? 3.What is causing the growth i.e. size of files, more employees, compliancy issues, poor retention policies- keeping everything JIC 4.Do you have a strategy to manage the growth ? 5.Do you understand the impact of this growth over time both in $ cost & service delivery

7 7 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY What is driving the need for SAN? Server and Disk consolidation Blade server infrastructure New applications being rolled out SAP, Oracle, CRM, VOIP MS Exchange upgrades and migrations DR initiatives with array based replication Server Virtualization VMWare ESX 4.0

8 8 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY 1 Direct-attach storage Servers with unused storage, uncontrolled growth Storage dedicated to one server Decentralized backup 2 Fibre Channel SANs Eliminates islands of storage Increases utilization and availability Highest performance levels 6 Fibre Channel over Ethernet Converges LAN and SAN traffic on single link Lowers operational costs (cabling and Converged Network Adapters) Scalability for virtual environments 4 iSCSI/NAS Consolidates small or isolated servers Offers low-cost server attachment NAS is ideal for files and unstructured data FCIP/iFCP Connects geographically dispersed SANs Low cost and easy to deploy for disaster recovery solutions 3 5 Infiniband Low latency, high bandwidth Ideal for high-performance computing (HPC) Todays Storage Networking Technologies New Networked storage Fibre Channel SAN 2 Mainframe Servers VMware 1 Rack-mounted servers with CNAs 6 Fibre Channel over Ethernet 4 iSCSI/NAS Remote/isolated servers 3 FCIP/iFCP Disaster recovery site 5 Infiniband Server Network HPC

9 9 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC Clariion Storage Industry leading Virtual Storage Arrays for the mid-market

10 10 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Proven software functionality Complete Range of Affordable and Easy-to-Use Storage Platforms 2009 CLARiiON Family AX4CX4-120CX4-240CX4-480CX4-960

11 11 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Customer Requirements for Networked Storage Affordable Budgets arent all flexible Easy to use Not everyone is a storage specialist Highly available Everyones applications are critical Clear growth path Requirements will change

12 12 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY CLARiiON AX4 Simple, highly available storage system Unmatched comprehensive suite of software is included Ideal growth path for customers consolidating for the first time Optional software functionality and services allow growing environments to evolve Designed to enable key elements of VMware environments Entry-Level iSCSI Storage System for Small-to-Medium Businesses

13 13 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY CLARiiON AX4 Storage Systems Highly available iSCSI or Fibre Channel storage Scales from 4 to 60 drives (up to 60 TB) Mix serial-attached SCSI (SAS) and serial ATA (SATA) drives –SAS for I/O-intensive applications –SATA for cost-effective high capacity Comprehensive suite of included management software and functionality Optional EMC value-added software Choice of Enhanced or Premium support options High-growth environment with advanced requirements Entry-level storage consolidation Scalable, entry-level storage 600 GB 60 TB

14 14 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY CLARiiON AX4 Architecture Single or dual storage controllers One Intel Xeon processor per Storage Processor 1 GB cache memory per Storage Processor Intermix SAS and SATA within same disk array enclosure Connectivity 64 high-availability hosts (physical or virtual) Two front-end 1 Gb/s iSCSI ports per SP or two front-end 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel ports per SP SAS back-end expansionone port per SP Virtual LUN technology enables tiering within the system Scalability Up to 512 LUNs From 4 to 60 drives –146 GB, 300 GB and 450 GB 15K rpm SAS drives –400 GB 10K rpm SAS drives –750 GB and 1 TB SATA drives AFFORDABLE, SIMPLE, AND SCALABLE NETWORKED STORAGE Ideal for: Entry-level storage consolidation VMware environments Department and branch office requirements

15 15 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY MetaLUN Technology: Efficient Storage Provisioning Real-time LUN expansion allows quick creation of new virtual machines New capacity immediately available to VMware ESX Server No reboot necessary –Raw device mapping (RDM) and virtual machine file system (VMFS) support Efficient use of IT resources Virtual Machines APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS VMware ESX Server CLARiiON AX4 MetaLUN Technology

16 16 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Virtual LUN Technology: Enable ILM for VMware Tier virtual machines within CLARiiON AX4 Alter performance characteristic of virtual machine file systems Nondisruptive to virtual machines and applications Virtual Machines APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS VMware ESX Server CLARiiON AX4 FC SAS APP OS APP OS APP OS SATA Virtual LUN Technology

17 17 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Comprehensive Suite of Included Software Web-based management via EMC Navisphere Express –Manage and monitor from anywhere –Create, expand, and move volumes dynamically Array-based snapshot capabilities –Simplify online backup without impacting server performance Path management and failover ensure consistent application availability Virtual LUN technology –Move data nondisruptively between different drive types and RAID Groups –Alter performance characteristics of VMware virtual machines with applications online

18 18 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Optional EMC Value-Added Software Navisphere Manager for centralized management of multiple CLARiiON systems SnapView for nondisruptive backup and fast operational recovery from disk Replication Manager for integration with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle MirrorView /S/A - Array-based replication for disaster recovery (FC models) Navisphere Analyzer for performance analysis

19 19 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Introducing the CLARiiON CX4 Series SERVICE LEVELS SCALABILITY CX4-480 Up to 480 drives 16 GB cache Standard 8 Fibre Channel/4 iSCSI Maximum 24 front-end Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI Flash drives CX4-960 Up to 960 drives 32 GB cache Standard 8 Fibre Channel/4 iSCSI Maximum 32 front-end Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI Flash drives CX4-240 Up to 240 drives 8 GB cache Standard 4 Fibre Channel/4 iSCSI Maximum 20 front-end Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI CX4-120 Up to 120 drives 6 GB cache Standard 4 Fibre Channel/4 iSCSI Maximum 16 front-end Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI

20 20 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY All backed by EMC-qualified Reference Architectures, best practices, and supporting technical validation documents CLARiiON CX4 Series: Optimized for Virtualized Environments Virtual Machines APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS ESX Servers VirtualCenter Management Server VMFS Enterprise Storage Enterprise Network Enterprise Servers Virtual SMP Consolidated Backup DRS High Availability Shared storage The right connectivity, availability, and performance at the right cost VMware VMotion UltraFlex technology Flash drives Five 9s Backup and recovery Making backup-to-disk more affordable and energy efficient VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) low power SATA drive Spin Down Replication Disaster recovery that is rapid, reliable, manageable, automated VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) RecoverPoint MirrorView/S Resource management Efficiently meet service levels with end-to-end quality of service VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Navisphere Quality of Service Manager Virtual Provisioning Virtual LUN

21 21 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Flash drives Tier 0 storage with 30 times more IOPS Virtual Provisioning Increased utilization and easy provisioning Drive Spin Down; low-power SATA; Adaptive Cooling New energy-efficiency technologies Concurrent local and remote (CLR) replication RecoverPoint integration to simplify deployments UltraFlex technology Dual protocol, Hot pluggable, Future-ready CLARiiON CX4 Next-generation architecture CLARiiON CX4: Next-Generation Innovation for the Mid-tier 64-bit FLARE + multi-core processors Two-times performance and scale; Persistent Cache

22 22 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY New UltraFlex Technology Flexibility to mix and match Fibre Channel and iSCSI Easy, online expansion via hot pluggable IO modules Upgrade IO modules to accommodate future technology changes and integrate with existing investments Designed for Flexibility, Expansion, and Future Technologies FUTURE CONNECTIVITY i.e., 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10 Gb/s iSCSI Fibre Channel and IP Fibre Channel base iSCSI base Fibre Channel base iSCSI base Fibre Channel and IP Open slot Open slot Open slot Open slot Fibre Channel add Fibre Channel add iSCSI add The next thing The next thing

23 23 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning Simple to create –Assign a pool name (e.g., Test and dev pool 2) –Select resources (e.g., # of disks or GB capacity) –Choose your protection level (e.g., RAID 5 or 6) Simple to assign –Select a pool –Choose a host –Specify virtual capacity Simple to manage –Expand pools nondisruptively –Monitor usage versus virtually allocated capacity –Trigger alerts and generate reports Supports advanced capabilities: Virtual LUN, Navisphere Quality of Service Manager, Navisphere Analyzer, SnapView LOGICAL APPLICATION USER VIEW Common Storage Pool User A 10 GB User B 10 GB User C 10 GB Physical Allocation 3 GB 4 GB

24 24 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Navisphere Quality of Service Manager and Navisphere Analyzer Manage CLARiiON resources based on service levels –Monitor and tune storage resources based on performance objectives Optimize performance based on policy management –Set performance goals for critical applications –Set limits on lower priority applications –Schedule policies to run at different intervals Measure and control storage based on different metrics –Response time (e.g., Microsoft Exchange) –Bandwidth (e.g., backup to disk) –Throughput (e.g., OLTP applications) Provides real-time and historical CLARiiON performance data Pinpoints performance bottlenecks Manage, Optimize, and Measure Application Service Levels Medium Priority High Priority Low Priority File services OLTP Test and development Available Performance With Navisphere Quality of Service Manager

25 25 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Businesses are focusing on Information Lifecycle Management What is Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)? The process of managing business data throughout its lifecycle from conception until disposal in a manner that optimizes storage at the lowest cost Information Lifecycle Management

26 26 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Importance of Tiered Storage ILM matches the business value of the data to the value of the hardware Qualifying data into tiers based on business value to lower TCO Improve service levels to users Expensive FC disk is used for important data FATA disk can be used for 2 nd tier of data Tape for off-line storage

27 27 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Advanced Storage Tiering Capabilities Tier 1 15K FC disks Tier 2 10K FC disks Tier 3 1 TB SATA Tier 0 Flash drives Navisphere Quality of Service Manager Virtual LUN Technology Virtual Provisioning Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3 Competitor's Tiering Disparate storage platforms Multiple management tools High overhead and support costs Support multiple application tiers without multiple arrays Optimize performance and cost based on service levels Leverage common storage management and functionality

28 28 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Flash Drives for Tier 0 Requirements Faster performance –30 times IOPS and less than 1 millisecond response time More energy efficient –38 percent less per terabyte and 98 percent less per IO Better reliability –No moving parts, faster RAID rebuilds First midrange storage array to support Flash drives Flash drives IO per second Response Time 1 Flash drive 1 15K Fibre Channel drive 10 15K Fibre Channel drives 30 15K Fibre Channel drives

29 29 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY 5.4K 1 TB SATA II 267 kWh/yr Low-Power SATA II Drives for Archive, B2D 1 TB Data on Different Capacity/Performance Drives HIGH-CAPACITY DISKS CONSUME LESS ENERGY 15K 73 GB15K 146 GB10K 300 GB7.2K 500 GB 787 kWh/yr 1,434 kWh/yr 3,048 kWh/yr 6,096 kWh/yr 96% 91% 81% 7.2K 750 GB SATA II 525 kWh/yr 66% 7.2K 1 TB SATA II 393 kWh/yr 49% 32%

30 30 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Perception versus Reality Is Your Business Protected ? Regulation, corporate governance and terrorism concerns encourage awareness of vulnerabilities Yet there continues to be a protection gap between business and IT executives 30 Its likely that IT operations professionals are crossing their fingers and hoping a disaster wont hit, while business executives have no idea how vulnerable they really are to significant losses – or to going out of business altogether. Forrester Research, 2007

31 31 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Information Protection = RPO, RTO, and TCO Recovery Point Objective (RPO) How much data loss? Recovery Time Objective (RTO) How long to restart and access applications? DaysWeeksHrs.DaysWeeksSec.Min. Hrs. Automation Replication Restore from tape Sec. Replication Tape backup Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Cost of acquiring and maintaining BC/DR infrastructure (capital, power, communications, processes, people)

32 32 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY What If You Were Able to Effectively Meet protection service-level requirements on a consistent basis Restore your applications, mailboxes, files... or entire site in a timely manner Implement a cost-effective DR strategy with full confidence in your recovery processes Recover at a remote site without the headaches Incorporate virtual environments into existing BC/DR infrastructure 32

33 33 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Choices to Meet Customer Requirements Different Ways to Replicate… ARRAY-BASED Performance Scalable Management HOST Easily deployed Flexible Cost effective NETWORK-BASED Heterogeneou s platforms Asynchronous CDP

34 34 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY MirrorView/Asynchronous RPO: 30 minutes to hours Target updated periodically Unlimited distance Restartable copy on secondary if session fails Optimized for low network bandwidth (consumes 100 Mb/s maximum) One primary to one secondary MirrorView/Synchronous RPO: Zero seconds Both images identical Limited distance High network bandwidth One primary to one or two secondaries CLARiiONs Array-Based Remote Replication Software Limited distance PrimarySecondary Unlimited distance PrimarySecondary

35 35 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC RepliStor Overview Host-based replication for Windows –Asynchronous, real-time replication over unlimited distances –Over LAN and WAN –Automated failover during server outage Replicates changed data –Open and closed files, directories –Sub-file level replication Microsoft VSS integration for increased protection –Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 –SQL Server 2005 –Windows File System Easy to use –Centralized management GUI –Configuration wizards –Remote installation and upgrade –Scheduling, user rights and security options 32 and 64 bit Windows OS support Protects VMware and Hyper-V environments Flexibility to work with any storage array Cluster aware Asynchronous Replication RepliStor observes data written to storage RepliStor replicates changes to target RepliStor writes changes at secondary site IP Network Primary SiteSecondary Site Unlimited distance 2 13

36 36 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY RepliStor Protects in Virtual Environments with VMware and Hyper-V Cost-effective, robust data protection –Replicates data within Windows virtual machines –P V, V V, V P Supported virtual environments –VMware Server and VMware ESX Server Windows guest OS –Hyper-V Parent and Windows Child partitions Virtual licensing flexibility –Licensed per physical server –Single virtual license installs RepliStor on unlimited virtual machines PHYSICAL TO VIRTUAL VIRTUAL TO VIRTUAL

37 37 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY CLARiiON#1 in Midrange External RAID (IDC)* Optimized for virtualized environments –Unique software, system-level capabilities, and integration Lowest cost of ownership –The most affordable and highest performance midrange platform in the market Best energy efficiency –Innovative, energy-efficient capabilities Highest availabilityFive 9s –System- and site-level high availability and data integrity features ease of use Nondisruptive data mobility –Comprehensive in-the-box mobility and heterogeneous data migrations Easiest to use –Easy for customers and partners to install, manage, and scale * Midrange External RAID Market based on IDC product-line estimates CLARiiON CX4 The Proven Midrange Storage Solution

38 38 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC Celerra Affordable Unified Storage Consolidation

39 39 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY FCiSCSINAS VMware Infrastructure Data Center Multi-Protocol StorageCritical for VMware ESX Cluster–Simple AD, App Servers, Exchange 2007 iSCSI Celerra Unified StorageNAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel Initial Deployment Big I/O Deployment VDI Deployment Shared Templates ESX Cluster–Big I/O SharePoint, DW, DSS Fibre Channel SAN ESX Cluster–VDI Desktop VMs NAS/iSCSI

40 40 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY EMC Celerra Family The Industry-Leading IP Storage Platform Gateway Shared storage Add NAS, iSCSI to Fibre Channel SAN Highest storage usage Consolidated management Integrated Dedicated storage Easy to deploy Simple to manage Fibre Channel Option NX4NS20NS40NS80NS40GNS80G NSX AvailabilityFailover Advanced clustering Failover Advanced clustering Number of blades1 or 2 2–41 or 22–44–8 Connectivity NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel option NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel option NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel option NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel option NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel StorageCLARiiON CLARiiON, Symmetrix Maximum usable IP storage capacity (blade/system) 16 TB/ 32 TB 32 TB/ 64 TB 64 TB/ 128 TB 128 TB/ 384 TB 64 TB/ 128 TB 128 TB/ 384 TB 128 TB/ 896 TB

41 41 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Next Generation Celerra Innovations: Driving Down Costs Flash Drives Tier 0 storage with 30x more IOPS Advanced Connectivity Cost effective NAS & iSCSI High-performance MPFS & FC Increased Capacity 2x the previous generation (960 drives) Compliance Compliant file-level retention for archiving Simplified Provisioning New Celerra Provisioning Wizard Deduplication File system deduplication with compression Deduplication, Virtual Provisioning, Snaps, and AVM included at NO additional cost Next Generation Celerra Up to 22% lower TCO than Competitive Offerings Deduplication reduces capacity requirements by up to 40% Low-power SATA Drives consume 32% percent less energy

42 42 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Dual 2.8 GHz processors Four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 16 TB usable NAS plus iSCSI capacity Estimated performance ~22K NFS Ops Each Celerra NX4 Blade Celerra NX4 Features Integrated NAS plus iSCSI –VMware certified –Microsoft-certified iSCSI –Upgradeable to Fibre Channel Fibre Channel connectivity –Four optional Fibre Channel host connections –Access capacity to 60 disks Integrated high availability –Dual blades with automatic failover –Dual storage processors Simplified installation –Celerra Startup Assistant –Celerra Tools Web page –Installation placemat Support Options –Enhanced, Premium

43 43 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY SAN Celerra NX4 Integrated Unified Storage X-Blade Enclosure –DART operating system –Single blade Online upgrade to dual –Dual blades Primary/standby with automatic failover Primary/primary with quick reboots –IP connectivity (per blade): Four 10/100/1000 Copper ports Control Station n + 1 power Disk Processor Enclosure –FLARE operating environment –Dual active Storage Processors –Automatic failover –12 SAS and/or SATA drives Fibre Channel optionfour Fibre Channel ports Architecture and Packaging Upgradeable to Fibre Channel option

44 44 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Celerra Built-in Advanced Functionality = No charge Multi-Path File System Celerra Data Deduplication Up to 50 percent savings File-level deduplication and compression Compress and dedupe ~ 500 GB File data ActiveInactive 1 TB Celerra Replicator Simple business rule RPO Production Local SiteRemote Site 10-minute RPO2-hour RPO LANWAN Network Snaps FS/ LUN Network Snaps FS/ LUN Network Snaps FS/ LUN File-Level Retention Write Once-Read Many (WORM) Celerra Event Enabler Integration with third-party anti-virus and quota management vendors Anti-virus/QM server User Celerra Automated Storage Tiering Policy-based tiered storage with Rainfinity File Management Appliance SATA Flash FMA Policy Engine Flash Improved performance and scalability NS Application servers Fibre Channel or iSCSI IP NAS request SAN Delivery

45 45 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Celerra File-Level Retention Compliance Existing Celerra File-Level Retention (WORM) Set on a per-file basis –Indicate retention time –Commit to read-only Write-protected files cannot be modified Files can be deleted after retention time expires New Celerra Compliance Option Meets compliance requirement –SEC Rule 17a-4(f) –Prevents file systems deletions with locked files –Non-spoofable clock to honor file retention time –Write verify to validate committed content 3rd Party compliance certifications Unified Storage File System Archiving with Compliance

46 46 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Metavolumes Array Drives Flexible Volume Management Fully leverages advanced array functionality –Load-balancing –Availability –Disk type –RAID type Striping for improved performance Metavolume concatenation with auto-expansion for high capacity Slicing for optimal usage And these powerful capabilities can be automated… Logical volumes Metavolumes RAID Concatenation Auto-expansion LUNs Striping File systems Slicing MANAGEMENT

47 47 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY File System Filtering Filter files based on extension Prevent certain types of files from being saved on a share Prevent a particular user or group from accessing a certain type of file on a share NS80 Document Presentation.avi MANAGEMENT

48 48 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Celerra Data Deduplication Built-in Filesystem Deduplication –Compress all files with low activity –Single instance files to remove duplicates Supports full functionality –Celerra Manager –Celerra SnapSure –Celerra Replicator –Celerra NDMP Backup –Celerra File Mover Ease of use management –One-click GUI enablement –Hands-off policy driven 30-40% storage savings for typical unstructured file share datasets File A File B File A File B File A File C Active File File C Based on Integration of Key EMC Technologies Avamar RecoverPoint

49 49 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Virtual Machines (VMs) ESX Server Virtual Infrastructure Management and Automation Virtual SMPvStorage VMFS Why Celerra for VMware No risk infrastructure –iSCSI, NAS, and Fibre Channel High availability –No-compromise, built to deliver five-9s ( percent) availability Information protection –Celerra Replicator –Celerra SnapSure Advanced functionality –Celerra Automated Volume Management –Celerra Virtual Provisioning Ease of use –Celerra Manager –EMC Replication Manager VMware certified –E-Lab-certified Reference Architectures –VMware Services Enterprise servers Enterprise network Celerra

50 50 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Time The Joint VMware/EMC Effect The Path to Success Process and Tech Standard Phase Extended Mobility VM 1st Policy Heavy-Use Phase Disaster recovery Tier 1 Applications Backup built for virtual machines (VMs) Performance/Quality of Service VM mobility VMware View [formerly Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)] Light-Use Phase Utility servers High availability Pilot Phase POC servers Test/development TIME NUMBER OF VIRTUAL MACHINES

51 51 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY Storage Requirements for VMware Phases Pilot Phase Consolidated storage Basic best practices On VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) Light-Use Phase Every protocol VMware can leverage Highly available platform vCenter Site Recovery Manager integration Proven VMware/application solutions Storage VMotion integration Virtual desktop integration Process and Tech Standard Phase Backup for VMware Storage virtualization Heavy-Use Phase

52 52 EMC CONFIDENTIALPARTNER USE ONLY HLB System Solutions Repeatable, Proven Methodology to help you…. AssessPlanBuild Understand current workload capacity and utilization Identify: –Goals –Target hosts –Methods –Impacts –Scope Determine architectural design and project timelines Define: –Implementatio n plan –Validation criteria Implement and deploy to plan –Configuration –Execution of blueprint –Acceptance A comprehensive approach to ensure high-quality service, best practices, on-time execution, and comprehensive delivery within budget Improve processes and ensure ongoing success –Optimization –Maintenance –Cross- functional collaboration Manage


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