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Photovoltaics in Switzerland © Architektur Plus, Monika Rau.

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1 Photovoltaics in Switzerland © Architektur Plus, Monika Rau

2 Swiss Solar EnergyProfessionals Association Predecessor association already founded in 1978! Covers Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal and Solar Construction Functions: Information, Quality assurance, education, political frameworks. Around 450 members: Manufacturers, installers, designers, utilities, associations, provision of services. Suppliers‘ directory „Die Solarprofis“ with over 500 entries. Head office in Zürich, branches in Fribourg and Avegno President: MP Roger Nordmann Managing Director: David Stickelberger

3 Activities Annual Solar Days with ~200 events Extensive 4-language Website incl. «Solarprofis» index, solar calculator, solar hotel index, subsidies’ list and much more Training of professionals Conferences Quality assurance (i.e. ombudsman) Standards and certification Political lobbying

4 Solar irradiation in Switzerland

5 Swiss PV Market: Annual sales As of 2007: Effects of Feed-in tariff Overall installed 2012: ~400 MW p (source: market study solar energy 2012, Swissolar on behalf of BFE; incl. valuations)

6 Support schemes for PV Feed-in tariff (FiT) since January 2009 for all renewable electricity Financed by charge of CHF 0.009/kWh (cap) Annual decrease for PV tariffs of at least 8% Funds are insufficient, 22’000 PV projects (1100 MW) on waiting list Raising or abolition of FiT cap: part of possible measures for nuclear phase-out. Subsidies or FiT bridging tariffs in some cantons and utilities Possibility of tax deduction in most cantons

7 Planned Changes in FiT scheme Parliament decision expected in early June 2013, entering into force January 2014 Financing charge to be increased (0.015 CHF/kWh, around 0.0125 €/kWh) Pv plants < 10 kWp will be excluded from FiT, instead a one-time subsidy of 30 % of the installation costs From 2014 to 2016 there will be an annual FiT contingent of about 150-200 MW Because of these two points until 2016 about the half of the waiting list (22’000 PV plants) could be reduced Internal consumption (total or partial amount) will be possible for the PV plant owners, also for FiT-plants Release of the FiT contribution for companies with a very high consumption of electricity depends from energy efficiency measures

8 Important role of BIPV

9 Rapid Fit Tariff decreases

10 ~25% higher tariffs for BIPV

11 The Swissolar Target Replace half of todays nuclear power production with PV by 2025! Corresponding to 20% of annual electricity consumption 12 TWh could be replaced An area of 90 km 2 or 12 m 2 per inhabitant is sufficient to reach this goal Priority for PV on buildings and infrastructure

12 The Swiss PV Industry: Efficient implementation Along the Whole Value Chain


14 Outstanding Examples Monte-Rosa cabin 2883 m a.s.l., energy autarky > 90% 84 m 2 PV panels and 56 m 2 thermal collectors

15 Examples: Klein Matterhorn Cabin and restaurant at 3883 m a.s.l., built 2008 180 m 2 PV façade, waste heat used for heating. Energy independency over a year.

16 Examples: Kraftwerk B Multi-family-house producing more heat and electricity than it consumes. Built 2009, 32 kWp PV (roof) and 146 m 2 solar thermal collectors (façade). © Swiss Solar Prize

17 Thank you for your attention!

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