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Modernize Communications AVST Unifying Communications Hardy Myers, President & CEO, AVST.

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1 Modernize Communications AVST Unifying Communications Hardy Myers, President & CEO, AVST

2 Page 2 AVST Company Overview Continuously developing software-based PBX- independent Unified Communications (UC) solutions for three decades Significant traction across all market segments due to alignment of AVST’s UC platform architecture, strength of applications and extensive interoperability with customer requirements 100% channel and OEM centric business although evolving support model to meet customer requirements Aggressive acquisition and partnering strategy to further accelerate innovation and growth

3 Page 3 3 Strategic Acquisitions in Past Year Active Voice from NEC Hospitality Solution and Linux UC Platform for SMB Market VMI Public Cloud UC Solution Beacon Solutions Business Process Applications Multiple OEM’s with Strong Global UC Presence Doubled Engineering Organization AVST 2.0

4 Page 4 State of the IT Market Significant focus on optimizing premise-based infrastructure through virtualization, centralization and disaster recovery/business continuity initiatives Grappling with the “consumerization” of IT – proliferation of mobile devices, iPads and their ease of use Social networking – The gateway to the Millennials? Cloud everywhere – Compute as a utility could transform IT

5 Page 5 State of the Unified Communications Market UC definition has been muddled and hence UC = UCC (+ Collaboration) SIP trunking is not UC Challenge is to cost effectively improve productivity of individuals, workgroups and institutions by leveraging existing infrastructure and integrating new capabilities Multiple and rapidly evolving delivery models for UC deployment (premise, cloud and hybrid) Interoperability is the new black UC

6 Page 6 Essence of UC Improve productivity of individual, work groups and enterprise Communications integrated with information to optimize business processes Institutional databases Geo-centric (location-based) Status and availability (presence) Need flexible solutions to meet evolving enterprise UC requirements

7 Page 7 Driver #1 - Interoperability IT TREND AVST Migrate from Legacy TDM Call Processing and Voicemail to Next Generation IP-enabled UC Applications Industry Leading Interoperability to Protect and Extend IT Investments All Major Legacy Brands End of Support by Summer 2011 Interoperability

8 Page 8 Driver #2 - Cloud Cloud 76% of CIO’s Anticipate a Centralized Infrastructure by 2013 2011 CIO Priorities: Virtualization, Cloud, and Mobility IT TREND AVST Flexible Deployment: Centralization Private Cloud with Business Continuity Virtualization Public Cloud Interoperability

9 Page 9 Driver #3 - Business Processes Business Processes Source: March 2011 InformationWeek Analytics 48% of CIO’s will Make Business Processes More Efficient in 2011 IT TREND AVST Enabling Communications Integrated with Information to Optimize Business Processes 20 Years Providing CEBP Applications Interoperability Cloud

10 Page 10 Mobility Business Processes Rapid Expansion of Workforce with Smartphones and Tablets Expected to Drive Demand for Enterprise Class Intelligent Mobile Solutions 32% of US Employees are Mobile Workers IT TREND AVST Intelligent Mobile Feature Set to Enhance Operational Effectiveness Leading Unified Messaging, Personal Assistant, and Speech Applications 15 Years Mobility Innovation Driver #4 - Mobility Source: Yankee Group Interoperability Cloud

11 Page 11 Driver #5 - Presence Presence Mobility Cloud Business Processes Interoperability Federated Presence to Foster Collaboration and Real-Time Communications IT TREND AVST Introduced Availability for Presence-Enabled Call Processing

12 Page 12 Interoperability Migration of Your Voice Infrastructure and Legacy Applications Cloud Flexible Deployment Options from Private Cloud to Public Cloud Extensibility Business Processes Improvements Mobility Intelligent Mobile Feature Set to Your Faculty and Students Critical Components of Future UC Solutions

13 Interoperability

14 Page 14 Unsurpassed Interoperability Telephony E-mailPresence Business Applications Interoperability

15 Page 15 400+ Integrations TDM ● IP ● Centrex Telephony E-mailPresence Business Applications Interoperability - Telephony

16 Page 16 Today… Microsoft OCS/Lync INTELLIGENT GATEWAY + IMPresence Voice PresenceIMVoice Intelligent Gateway

17 Page 17 SIP CallXpress is an Intelligent Gateway connecting Microsoft OCS/Lync to the PBX Routes incoming calls to user’s OCS client Allows outbound calls from OCS to the PSTN Utilizes Presence and IM capabilities in OCS No additional client software required INTELLIGENT GATEWAY Microsoft OCS/Lync PBX PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network Intelligent Gateway

18 Page 18 Unified Messaging Supports Premise to Cloud E-mail Systems Telephony E-mail Presence Business Applications Interoperability – E-mail

19 Page 19 Federated Presence TelephonyE-mail Presence Business Applications Interoperability – Presence Engines Presence State Online/Offline Calendar Location Motion Rules Schedules Integration of Presence Information Call Processing Announce Presence Greetings Notification

20 Page 20 Applications Custom Vertical Applications AVST Application Suite TelephonyE-mailPresence Business Applications Interoperability Applications

21 Page 21 CallXpress Communicate In Real Time IMGroupwarePhone Presence Engine Call Processing Announce Presence Greetings Notification Federated Presence Available in future release.

22 Centralization

23 Page 23 UC Mixed Environment

24 Page 24 Centralized Applications

25 Page 25 Branch Campus #3 Becomes Isolated CallXpress still continues to Process Calls Survivability and Disaster Recovery

26 Page 26 Call Server Virtualized Virtualization

27 Cloud

28 Page 28 Cloud Businesses are moving their most important and innovative work to the cloud Profoundly changing how companies buy technology Understand the risks – Not just security Consider long term recurring costs versus typical CPE acquisition model – just a change in the consumption model

29 Page 29 Phone Email Collaboration IM Presence UM / Voice Apps Business Apps CPEHYBRIDCLOUD Computing Resources Processing, storage, applications and services UC Applications UC Deployment Models

30 Page 30 Phone Email Collaboration IM Presence UM / Voice Apps Business Apps CPEHYBRIDCLOUD Computing Resources Processing, storage, applications and services UC Applications UC Deployment Models

31 Page 31 Phone Email Collaboration IM Presence UM / Voice Apps Business Apps CPEHYBRIDCLOUD Computing Resources Processing, storage, applications and services UC Applications UC Deployment Models

32 Page 32 CPE Single Company Single or Multi Location Private Cloud Single Company Multi Location Data Centers Public Cloud Multi Company Multi Tenant Repartee / CallXpressCallXpressUCN250 AVST Deployment Models

33 Page 33 Centralized Features Multiple Integrations User Time Zones Supports Different Dialing Plans Survivable Call Servers Disaster Recovery Scalability to 384 Ports Multilingual Legacy TUI Emulations Hundreds of Deployments Today Private Cloud

34 Mobility


36 Page 36 “I am in a meeting right now and will call you back in 30 minutes.” Acknowledges Call Interactive Call Screening Identifies Callers

37 Page 37 Office Mobile On mobile phone… …transfers call to desk phone Fixed Mobile Convergence

38 Page 38 Unified Messaging On Premise Cloud Microsoft Office 365 available in future release.

39 Page 39 Transcription PhoneTag converts voicemail-to-text CallXpress or Repartee LX forwards to PhoneTag Ditech delivers an e-mail message with a text transcript of the voicemai l Voicemail Message on CallXpress or Repartee LX Hi Mike, I think you’re in a meeting but I need to talk to you soon. Our meeting has been moved up to 2:00 PM. Give me a call if you can make it. Unified Messaging (Voicemail-to-Text) CallXpress Repartee LX

40 Page 40 Hands-free Speech Access

41 Page 41 Powerful UC Applications Designed to Support Mobile Environments iPhoneBlackBerryAndroid Mobile UC Applications

42 Extensibility (CEBP)

43 Page 43 Source: Gartner The Value of Information “Information will be the oil of the 21 st century!”

44 Page 44 Improve Business Processes Telephony E-mailPresence Business Applications Interoperability – Business Applications

45 Page 45 CallXpress Automate Information Flow to Students, Parents and Faculty Outbound Notification Services School Cancellations Schedule Changes Events Custom Communications Solutions Course Registration Pay by Phone - Student Tuition or School Events Substitute Teacher Scheduling Audio/Fax information Libraries Transcript Services Homework Information Menu Information Automated Business Processes (CEBP)

46 Page 46 Questions & Answers

47 Headquarters – Orange County, California Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. 27042 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 200 Foothill Ranch, California 92610-2810 Phone: (949) 699-2300 Fax: (949) 699-2301 Toll-Free: (866) 368-0400 Engineering, Testing and Support Facilities - Seattle, Washington Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. 20000 North Creek Parkway, Suite 200 Bothell, WA 98011 Phone: (425) 951-1600 Fax: (425) 951-1597 Europe, Middle East & Africa Headquarters Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Ltd. One Heddon Street London, W1B 4BD United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 870 444 8403 Fax: +44 (0) 207 432 4647 Technical Support: +44 (0) 870 444 8408 Copyright © 2011 AVST | All Rights Reserved Phone: 949-699-2300 | 866-368-0400 | E-mail: Thank You

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