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Just for the Moment  The Expert at anything was once a beginner !!

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3 Just for the Moment

4  The Expert at anything was once a beginner !!

5 Ju st f o r t h e M o ment

6  What’s In store this term  What’s New this term  Machine Operations  Word Processing  Drawing & Painting  Data Base  Spreadsheet  Internet  Multimedia Curriculum

7 This Quarter our major assignments will center on the idea of starting your own business. Think about what it would take to start a business and what kind of business you might like to be involved with.


9  Machine Operations  Basic Operations Windows Management Mouse Manipulation  Troubleshooting Computer Status Not Able to Login Computer Freezes  Network Skills Login / Logoff Turn files in over network

10 Curriculum  Word Processing –Creating Reports Stories Letters, etc –Topics to Discuss Content Formatting –Font / Size / Style / Spacing Editing –Spell Check / Thesaurus Use of Graphics

11  Drawing or Painting –Using Drawing Tools –Using Painting Tools –Different types of Graphics –Using Graphics in your Work Curriculum

12  Data Base –Be Able to Organize Information Search for Specific Information –Review Search Techniques Sort Techniques –New Set up an alternate layout Changing Appearance in Layout

13 Curriculum  Spreadsheet –Working with Math Calculations –Content Basic Formulas / Functions Creating Graphs – Formatting Value / Text / Alignment Chart Formatting – Editing  Insert / Hide Row – Graphics

14 Curriculum  Internet Use –Searching the Internet –Selecting Information –Downloading –Creating Home Pages

15  Multimedia –Create a Presentation using Graphics Text Buttons Transitions Animations Curriculum

16 Just for the Moment

17  Clear  your  mind of  can’t !! Just for the Moment

18 Classroom Rules  Arrive to class on time  Bring Materials with you for class  Respect the Teachers Right to Teach  Respect the Students Right to Learn  Respect the Computers and Equipment

19 Just for the Moment

20  Don’t be content with  being average --- 4Average is as close 4to the bottom as 4it is to the top !!!

21 FHomework  In Preparation for Projects  Impact of Technology FProjects  11 Major Projects Grading

22 Just for the Moment

23 Suggestions for Success



26 Let The Journey Begin !!!

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