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The FBLA-PBL Professional Division Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Business World.

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1 The FBLA-PBL Professional Division Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Business World

2 Purpose of the Professional Division The FBLA-PBL Professional Division is for businesspeople, educators, parents, former members, and anyone who supports the goals of the association. Established business professionals can help, teach, and encourage the rising generation of business leaders. Professional members give students the chance to work one-on-one with experienced leaders.

3 History of the Professional Division In 1979, The Alumni Division was formed to allow FBLA-PBL alumni a chance to continue supporting the organization In 1989, the Alumni Division was changed to the Professional Division to include advisers and business leaders. It allowed our organization to reach a greater audience.

4 Who are Professional Division members? Alumni Educators/Administrators Business Professionals Parents Government Officials

5 Goals & Objectives Like the other divisions of FBLA-PBL, we follow the same philosophy of Service, Education & Progress. – Service – PD members support the associations programs and serve as liaisons between the workplace and classroom. – Education – PD members mentor FBLA-PBL members to strengthen leadership abilities and provide career counseling. – Progress – PD members keep the other divisions informed & up to date on current business trends.

6 What can PD Members do for your chapter? Serve as a liaison between business and the classroom Share real life experiences at meetings and workshops Provide professional development training through workshops Arrange tours of local businesses

7 What can PD Members do for your chapter? – Cont. Guide members as they prepare for competitive events. Judge at local, state and national competitions. Help chapters with fundraising Create internship and job shadowing opportunities Offer scholarships and other financial support

8 PD Membership Benefits Receive The Professional Edge, a newsletter exclusively for PD members Receive Tomorrow’s Business Leader or PBL Business Leader (depending on affiliation) Discounts at car rentals, stores, and hotels nationwide

9 PD Membership Benefits, Cont. Discounts at hotels, car rental facilities and stores nationwide.

10 Membership Dues Options One Year – $23 with $8 rebate to the state chapter Lifetime – $350 with $50 rebate to the state chapter

11 Retaining Members Now that you have PD members, how do you get them to comeback each year? At the start of the year, request a copy of the PD members designated to your chapter or state from the FBLA-PBL National Center. Send out renewal letters at the beginning of the membership year. Samples letters are available on the national website.

12 Retaining Members, Cont. Provide one on one contact with PD members. The personal contact goes far when asking members to renew. Take examples of publications to PD members, especially ones that highlight your chapters activities. Who wouldn’t want to work with winners & leaders in the community?

13 Integrate PD Members into Chapter Activities Promote PD members in local and state chapter newsletters/websites. Celebrate American Enterprise Day on November 15 with PD members, Serve on a panel discussion focusing on current business topics, trends, and issues. Send letters to the PD member’s manager or boss letting them know what the PD member has done for your chapter. During FBLA-PBL Week, celebrate your PD members for their support of your chapter.

14 Some Recommendations Using the How to Kit, start recruiting PD Members—Alumni, Advisers, and Business Community Develop program plans and start asking for help from PD Members Create Directory of PD Members’ Strengths and Area of Concentration Call/Contact PD Members Regularly

15 Professional Division Members- A Valuable and Priceless asset for your chapter.

16 Presented by FBLA-PBL Professional Division National Officer Team Tod Reinhart – National President Juan Soto – National Vice-President Angela McCallie – National Sec./Treasurer

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