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Archdiocese Of Baltimore PowerSchool

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1 Archdiocese Of Baltimore PowerSchool
Parent Access

2 Power School Features Secure Web-based Evaluate Student Progress
Anytime, Anywhere Authorized Access Web-based Evaluate Student Progress Enhanced Communication

3 Purpose Provide additional means of communication about students’ academic performance to parents/guardians It is not a replacement for other forms of communication (parent/teacher conferences) or official student records (i.e. Progress Reports)

4 Servers are located in California
Security Servers are located in California SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is installed on all AOB servers 128 bit encryption Same security used by banks and financial institutions

5 Parent Access Educate all audiences Parent Access Process
Faculty, Public, School Board, Pastors Parent Access Process Open access on servers around interims (PowerSchool assigns usernames + passwords). Parents must sign consent/disclaimer form and attend training before being allowed access. Parents must be current with tuition and school fees. Separated or divorced parents will be given one password.

6 Disclaimer DISCLAIMER: Parent access to PowerSchool is provided as a convenience. Grades and other information provided by this system are not official records and may or may not be accurate. Neither the School, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, nor Apple Computer, Inc. accepts any responsibility for information provided by this system and/or for any damages resulting from information provided by this system. To obtain official grades and student records, or to request correction of information on the system, please contact the School.

7 Parent Access Parents Must Sign the Form below (with disclaimer) in order to receive their child’s log in ID and password. I/we have attended the orientation session for parent access. I/we understand and agree to follow the guidelines as stated in the video and as outlined in the parent access letter. Signature (Date) Print Name

8 You must insert your server number here
Logging On You must insert your server number here Type in the username and password provided by your school and click on

9 Attendance Taken once a day by teachers
Period 01(A) is used to determine absences or tardies by teachers. Office staff make changes. Absence code legend – see your school handbook Progress Report will give accurate count

10 Grades T1=Trimester 1 Y1=Year grade GRADES

11 Notification Parents/Guardians may choose to have automatic notification for grades, attendance, all assignments and school announcements depending upon the box(es) you check. Parents/Guardians may also determine how often is sent using the drop down menu. Parents/Guardians MUST enter their own address for this to work properly. Parents/Guardians MUST click the blue SUBMIT button for this function to work.

12 Local Policies for Parent Access
How often will teachers PowerGrade be updated? Teachers will have most recent grades uploaded by 3 PM. Teachers will have 1 week go grade regular assignments/homework. Teachers will have 10 days (2 school weeks) to post grades for long term projects, or larger assignments. “Special Curricular” teachers may not have grades to post weekly. Teachers will make every attempt to return phone calls and s within 24 hours.

13 Local Policies cont. Only parents in Grades 3-8 will have parent access. Unpaid tuition? Principals can disable parent access easily.

14 Archdiocesan Policy PowerGrade Codes (uniform for Parent Access) EX - exempt or excused. Student does not need to complete assignment. AB - student was absent when the assignment was collected NHI - the assignment was not handed in (student was present when the assignment was collected.) R - Redo. Assignment was returned to student to redo and the student has not handed it back to the teacher. M - Medical Note: These are the codes to be used by teachers ONLY

15 Problems If you have a question about Attendance
Contact your child’s teacher If you have a question about grades If you have a question about usernames or passwords Contact your school’s local administrator

16 Archdiocese of Baltimore
PowerSchool has become one of the best examples of value to our parents PowerSchool is an important tool for better communication, assessment, and education

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