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Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Participants Committee Meeting (FCPF PC3) Montreux, Switzerland June 16-18, 2009 Evolution of FCPF Readiness Plan Concept:

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1 Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Participants Committee Meeting (FCPF PC3) Montreux, Switzerland June 16-18, 2009 Evolution of FCPF Readiness Plan Concept: Early Lessons and a Path Forward

2 Outline of presentation: Issues and lessons from “R-Plan” process Proposal for a path forward. Learning from 3 early-actor R-Plans: FCPF R-Plan template invented to identify information needed. Holistic concept of R-Plan is challenging: Countries newly encouraged to look across sectors, ministries, issues. 3 R-Plan submissions  insights about what countries can provide, and what FCPF needs. FCPF is a Partnership: We are all learning together. Outline and Rationale

3 1.Countries desire simpler template. 2.Harmonize with UN-REDD. 3.Title “R-Plan” raises expectations that a full plan is ready, when countries really presenting a proposal 4.Shift to planning document that identifies funding priorities and timing –- to enable funding decisions. 5.18 review criteria difficult to operationalize. Are these the right criteria? 6.Terms of Reference not always actionable. 7.Role of the PC, the Bank, and the TAP still evolving. Early Lessons on R-Plan Template

4 1.Assessment of deforestation drivers not yet adequate to inform REDD strategy choices. Additional studies needed in Readiness phase. 2.Reference scenario, monitoring, REDD Implementation Framework, etc. proposed activities and ToRs still need further elaboration. 3.Countries need funding for studies to advance thinking. 4.Substantial consultations needed with representative stakeholders during writing of the R-Plan. Overly high expectations, given that country’s REDD strategy still needs to be decided. Thus, consultation needs to be phased in, and continuous. 5.Timing and application of World Bank Safeguards not yet clearly understood (discussed later in presentation). Early Lessons on R-Plan Content

5 5 FCPF Partnership of 37 Countries with Varying Forest & Development Contexts How to define what R-Plan should contain for each?

6 Thus, assessing first R-Plans is challenging: -Each domestic & international stakeholder group seeks to meet its global expectations for REDD via first country R-Plan. -What does an R-Plan need to accomplish ? Key issue: How much information, consultations, etc. necessary for early preparation for REDD Readiness ?? Implications for Assessment of Early R-Plans How Much Consultation? How Specific REDD Strategy?? R-PIN Current “R-Plan” Achieving Readiness Not Enough Info.? Perfect Information? WHERE TO BE ??

7 Provision under the Charter: “REDD Country Participant shall, on the basis of the Readiness Plan Idea Note, develop a Readiness Plan and submit it to the FMT for review and approval by the PC.” Implication of the word “approval”: - Giving formal sanction or confirming authoritatively But, the action of “approval” does not accurately reflect experiences of Readiness preparation process. Role of PC in Reviewing R-PP

8 “Readiness Preparation Proposal” focuses on 4 key building blocks + what is knowable now. Includes request for funding of activities. Full “Readiness Package” details come later, when known. Allows time & funding for consultations & progress on most topics. Harmonizes with UN-REDD as feasible. A Proposal for Moving Ahead: R-Preparation Proposal onto R-Package R- Preparation Proposal Readiness Package: Full description of Readiness

9 R – Package ; Achieving Readiness R- PIN R- PP ToR & R-PP WORK General REDD STRATEGY Specific REFERENCE SCENARIO NATIONAL MONITORING SYSTEM Framework consultations > ORGANIZE & CONSULT > Broad Proposed: R-Preparation Proposal Leads to Readiness Package

10 Acknowledges countries not ready to fully describe REDD activities Strives to start funding REDD analytic work to inform country’s REDD strategy development, reference scenario, etc. Readiness Package remains the major product of Readiness process Establishes need for consultations up front: Starts with framework consultations with representative groups of stakeholders, and stakeholder analysis … Then broadens and deepens over time. Advantages of Proposed R-PP

11 Progress on Harmonization with UN-REDD FCPF & UN-REDD actively working to harmonize, per PC request Goal is to simplify what a country needs to produce Propose 4 key common components: Organize and Consult REDD Strategy Reference Scenario National Monitoring System + Budget & Schedule; Program Monitoring & Evaluation Propose common budget sheets Drafting common Consultation Guidance

12 12 Proposing Harmonization with UN-REDD UN-REDD NJPD (for Funding and Administration) FCPF Grant Agreement (for Funding and Administration) FCPF –PP for National REDD Activities Organize and Consult REDD Strategy/ Priority Setting REDD Strategy/ Priority Setting Reference Scenario Review by Expert Panel drawn from Common Roster of Experts National Monitoring System

13 PC discussion in Panama asked: When do WB Safeguards apply, at what stage? How will they be applied, e.g., for consultation? Bank internal discussions suggest: Build on international good practices for consultations, environmental and social safeguards Reviewing how WB Safeguards apply to FCPF stages, suggesting: Development of overarching frameworks first, then More specific Safeguards applied once the REDD strategy and activities become known. Working to Clarify How and When World Bank Safeguards Apply

14 Discussion by PC If R-PP approach accepted, FMT revises R – PP template for new submissions 3 submitted R-Plans are grandfathered in ? Training and tech assistance Potential Next Steps: 1

15 Recommendations, in light of this R-PP proposal: 1) Review and assess the 3 existing R-Plans on the basis of the criteria proposed in Program Note (FMT2009-1 Rev.4 on “Review and Assessment of Readiness Preparation Proposals”; Make recommendations for areas for improvement; Determine whether an R-PP provides a sufficient basis to proceed with a Readiness Preparation Grant (up to US$3.6 million) 2) Consider the applicability of the existing Program Note criteria for any new R-PP proposals. Potential Steps 2: Role of PC in Reviewing R-PP

16 Propose: R – PP training event: Tentatively July Via Skype and Video Conference from World Bank offices Ask 3 countries with submitted R- Plans to share their experience & process with others FMT and TAP experts walk through major components Record event for later use by FCPF countries? Propose: Regional Workshops? AFRICA, SE ASIA, LATIN AMERICA? August to December, as feasible? Potential Steps 3: Training and Tech Assistance

17 Coordinate or provide technical assistance, as feasible. Potential examples: REDD strategy development Deforestation and opportunity cost analysis Reference scenario development National Monitoring System design Distributive aspects of REDD National REDD registry Cooperate with international organizations (FAO, UNDP, UNFCCC, CfRN, etc.) Regional collaboration, sharing of experiences in R-Plan formulation Potential Steps 4: Training and Tech Assistance? (2)

18 Thank you! 18

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