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1 NREGA and PO

2 Objective of MGNREGA To provide livelihood to rural household through
Guaranteed wage employment of 100 days in a financial year Adult members who volunteer to do unskilled manual work are covered To reduce rural urban migration

3 Works taken up under NREGS
Water conservation and harvesting Irrigation works Land development Flood control works Rural connectivity Any other notified work

4 Wage payment Wages are paid on weekly basis but not later than a fortnight Payment is through bank or PO Worker should open Savings account Details of wage payment should be through wage slips and displayed in the notice board of GP office

5 Rights and entitlements
Every registered adult member entitled to work under NREGS for as many required days subject to maximum of 100 days per household One third of the beneficiaries should be women Employment will normally be provided within a radius of five km of the village If not possible, work within the block provided and workers paid 10% extra to meet additional expenses Medical treatment free of charge is available in case of injury due to accident in course of employment

6 Rights… cont’d Following facilities to be provided at worksite
Safe drinking water Shade for children Periods of rest First aid box If number of children below 6 years accompanying women workers is 5 or more, one of the women to look after children at minimum wage rate

7 Rights…. Cont’d Death or permanent disability during employment entails exgratia payment of Rs /- Unemployment allowance – If applicant not provided employment within 15 days of application One-fourth wage for the first 30 days of the financial year One half of the wage for the remaining period of financial year

8 Household registration
Adult members of the household to register their names with local gram panchayat GP verifies the particulars Job cards with unique registration number issued within 15 days of registration and contain the following Info on household and adult members willing to work Details of employment provided

9 Payment of wages through Post Offices

10 NREGA Accounts - features
Single Account A Registered adult member of a household issued a Job Card Joint Account Joint A only Husband and Wife(Both names should be in the job card) Minimum deposit -NIL Number of accounts-One Minimum balanace -NIL Type of deposit Wages only Non-transferable No cheque facility

11 Features cont’d Registration of nomination if applied
Job card number, date of issue, date of expiry be noted on SB-3 Can be opened in BO,SO,& HO BPM to issue PR Identification of depositor through Job card and wage slip Accounts will not be treated as silent

12 Withdrawals Entire amount of wages credited can be withdrawn
In the normal course through SB-7 Wage slip to be produced for verification at the time of withdrawal Payment to depositor himself Payment to representative of depositor in emergent cases-Written authority and wage slip of depositor required to be produced. Payment of interest-SB procedure

13 Closure of account On request by depositor and on authorisation/permission by Program officer On deletion of name of depositor from Job list/Card PM can close the account if it is not closed by the depositor within 30 days from date of deletion of his name from the job list The balance with interest be remitted by Money order less MO commission

14 Opening accounts – BO role
BPM to ensure the following SB 3 card is properly filled up Contains signature of program officer or others as introducer Job card number is correctly written on the top of SB-3 card Application for new accounts should not be accepted from group leaders if they are not wage seekers Passbook of new accounts to be delivered to wage earners immediately on receipt from AO

15 Opening of Accounts – Role of SO
AO to check correctness of SB-3 and introduction New account to be opened and documents sent to HO within the time limit permitted as per MOU

16 Subsequent deposits Receipt of wage list with cheque at SO in 5 copies
Cheque is for total amount and correctly prepared Cheques be sent to Bank/HO immediately On receipt of the information about clearance of cheque, concerned HO/SO make ledger entries, entries to be made in SO ledger and BO SB journal Simultaneously SO/BO are informed through fastest means to effect payment. At BO, wage list is pasted in BO SB Journal and BAT is noted. Arrangements to be made for getting sufficient cash.

17 Conditions for withdrawals
Entire amount of wages credited in NREGS account will be allowed to be withdrawn Part withdrawal permitted Withdrawal beyond Rs 2000/ be referred to account office In any case all payment should be completed with in 3 days from the date of receipt of wage lists In case of heavy number of withdrawals, same may be spread over, but at least 200 withdrawals to be made in a day (all payments to be made within 3 days)

18 Withdrawal process BPM to make payment immediately on receipt of cash
Ensure the following before making payment Wage earner is present Wage earner has signed/impressed thumb impression Verify the SS with SS Book Obtain witness signature Pass book & wage slip be accompanied

19 Withdrawal… cont’d Under no circumstances, amount of several Account Holders should be paid to Group Leaders/GRS/Field Assistants/Panchayat Secretary etc. The amount to be paid to concerned account holder directly by BPM. Pass book to be returned to the account holder and should not be retained with BPM. BPM/SPM to send weekly consolidated report to HO and DO

20 NREG disbursement at work spot
Snapshot of Gulbarga district

21 Workers engaged in tasks

22 Wage disbursement at work spot by BPM

23 Thanks

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