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NovelAuthor “Paul Revere’s Ride”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Amazing BoneWilliam Steig Because of Winn Dixie Kate DiCamillo The BorrowersMary Norton The.

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2 NovelAuthor “Paul Revere’s Ride”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Amazing BoneWilliam Steig Because of Winn Dixie Kate DiCamillo The BorrowersMary Norton The Boxcar ChildrenGertrude Chandler Warner Boys Against GirlsPhyllis Reynolds Naylor Charlotte’s WebE.B. White Lawn BoyGary Paulsen Magic Tree House #47 :Abe Lincoln at Last!Mary Pope Osborne Magic Tree House TITANICMary Pope Osborne Maniac MageeJerry Spinelli Pink and SayPatricia Polacco Queen of the FallsChris Van Allsburg

3 NovelGenre “Paul Revere’s Ride”poem Amazing Bonefantasy Stinky Cheese ManFairy Tale The Borrowersfantasy Story of Jumping MouseFiction:legend Boys Against Girlsfiction Charlotte’s Webfantasy Lawn Boyfiction Magic Tree House #47 :Abe Lincoln at Last!Historical fiction Magic Tree House TITANICnonfiction Maniac Mageefiction Pink and SayHistorical fiction Queen of the FallsNonfiction biography

4 Paul Revere’s Ride 1.What is the date of Paul Revere’s Midnight ride? April 18, 1775 2. How many lanterns should be hung if the British marched by land? 1 3. How many stanzas are there? 12

5 The Amazing Bone Describe the amazing things the bone could do. What did the fox plan to do with Pearl? Both the fox and the bone made the comment, “I didn’t make the world.” What did each mean by this comment? What does the word flabbergast mean?

6 Boys Against Girls Name the two families? Hatford/Malloy What does gullible mean? Easily tricked Describe the abaguchie? How does the feuding end? Team up to play joke on parents

7 Pink and Say What happened to Sheldon that made his leg burn, and prevented him from moving? He was wounded Who gave Pinkus the last name of? His master What did Pinkus call slavery? The sickness When and where did this story take place? Civil War

8 Charlotte’s Web What does E.B. stand for? Elwyn Brooks White What does Mr. Arable decide to do with the piglet once he's been persuaded not to kill it? He gives it to Fern How does Fern feed the piglet? bottle What is Wilbur particularly glad Charlotte does before eating a victim? She puts her victim to sleep How many baby spiders stayed with Wilbur? 3

9 Lawn Boy What is the name of the main character? It never says What is the name of the first company that Arnold invests the money in? Memorial Wooden Container Corporation What percent is the fee that Arnold charges the lawn boy for his services? 5 How did he make so much money? He mowed lawns and invested his money

10 Magic Tree House #47: Abe Lincoln at Last What item did Jack and Annie have to get from Abe Lincoln? feather What was Willie’s brother’s name? Tad What was the feather called? Feather of Hope What two items did Sam give Jack? Quill pen and ink

11 When the Titanic sank, it dropped more than 2.5 miles to the ocean floor. There were only 16 lifeboats on board, instead of the 64 lifeboats that were part of the ship’s original design, but later eliminated to save space. Each lifeboat was designed to hold 65 people, but the first lifeboats went out only partially loaded. To save money, shipbuilders had used cheaper rivets, which helped lead to the destruction. 1,517 people died on the Titanic. 705 people survived. When the Titanic sunk, it was on its way from Southampton, England to New York City, USA. A crewman spotted the iceberg that sank the Titanic, the captain turned sharply by reversing the engines, and the iceberg carved a 300-foot hole in the Titanic, below waterline. The bow of the ship went down first, as five compartments filled with water. The Titanic was 882 feet long and 92.5 feet (at its widest point).

12 Question 1: Maniac Magee is really a nickname. Maniac's real name was... Jeffrey Lionel Magee Question 2: Though this story takes place mostly in Two Mills Pennsylvania, part of Magee's legend is that he was born in a dump. Where was Maniac Magee really from? Bridgeport, PA Question 3: The first person in Two Mills to talk to Maniac Magee was... Amanda Beale - she lent him a book. Question 4: Ocassionally Maniac Magee would eat at the Pickwell's. What did they serve every third night? Spaghetti Question 5: What did Maniac Magee do that made him a welcome guest at the Beale's? He got Lester and Hester to take a bath He took the dog for a walk He did the dishes all of the above Question 6: When John McNab was unable to strike out Maniac Magee what did McNab try? He tried pitching a frog - Magee bunted it. Question 7: According to the jump-rope song Maniac Magee kissed a bull. That's not really true. He kissed... a baby buffalo Question 8: What did Maniac Magee do to earn a year's worth of free pizzas at Cobbles Corner? He untied the famous Cobble's Knot Question 9: What was Maniac Magee's address when he was staying with old man Grayson? 101 Band Shell Blvd. Question 10: Who does Maniac Magee bring to the McNab boys birthday party? Mars Bar Thompson

13 Queen of the Falls What is the name of the daredevil? Annie Edson Taylor What was the daredevil’s occupation? Taught charm school How old was the daredevil? 62 What happened at the end?

14 Stinky Cheese Man Name 3 real fairy tales that were fractured in this book. Who is the first character we meet? Red Hen Where does Jack the Narrator live?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Fairy Tale Forest What really hits Chicken Licken on the head? Table of Contents


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