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PT Program Kirstin McCracken, TNI PT Committee Chair Quality Assurance Manager TestAmerica, Burlington Laboratory.

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1 PT Program Kirstin McCracken, TNI PT Committee Chair Quality Assurance Manager TestAmerica, Burlington Laboratory

2 Today’s Session  PT Standard TIA Recap  PT Frequency Update

3 TIA Recap  The PT Committee issued 6 TIA for public comment earlier this summer.  5 TIA were made to bring consistency between V1M2 and V2M2  1 TIA was issued for V3 to correct an error that was overlooked during standards development

4 PT Frequency Update  Background & Recap  PT Frequency Subcommittee  PT Committee Vote

5 Background and Recap  History  Hold for Next Revision Comments  LASC White Paper – Newport Beach  Request from Advocacy Committee

6 Rationale for Change  Costs of PT 2X per Year exceeds benefits to lab performance  TNI PT Frequency is primary barrier to expansion of national accreditation  TNI PT Frequency is out of line with Federal Program Requirements, specifically, USEPA Drinking Water Program  There is no real difference between WP & WS PT matrices; methodology and technology are equivalent.

7 PT Frequency Subcommittee Established by PT Committee in Spring 2008 Subcommittee Chair- Dan Tholen 10 Subcommittee & Associate Members 1 NELAC AB 2 EPA 1 Consultant 2 PT Providers 4 Lab

8 PT Frequency Subcommittee  NJ Data Study- published on TNI website  AB Survey  Lab Survey  All State Data Study  PT Frequency Subcommittee Report Report Completed August 3, 2009 8 Conclusions, 1 Recommendation

9 Subcommittee Conclusions  Labs that take more PT may have better performance – but cannot isolate frequency from other factors such as quality system  Data reviewed did not support any proposed theory for difference in laboratory performance and PT  PT Frequency is not the sole barrier for attracting more AB  Authoritative Association of Scientists (IUPAC) recommend 2 PT per year  Other Federal Agencies (DOE, DoD) require 2 PT per year  External publications show more frequent PT equals better lab performance  Economic impact of a reduction in PT frequency is difficult to determine with available information.  International efforts for PT frequency is based on individual laboratories  Based on current information available, there is no compelling reason to support a change to the current PT Frequency requirement in the TNI Standard

10 PT Committee Vote Hold for Next Revision Comments under consideration:  Reduce Frequency from 2 to 1 PT per Year  Combine WP & WS into 1 Study Is the rationale for change substantiated by the data studies and surveys conducted by the subcommittee; the White Papers and other reference information reviewed by the committee; and by the public debate that has occurred in support of or against a change?

11 PT Committee Vote Decision Type: High Stakes / Confidential Decision Making Rule: Enthusiastic Support (80% Affirmative) For a comment to be found persuasive; 7 out of 9 committee members must vote affirmatively.

12 PT Committee Structure  4 Laboratories  2 Large Commercial, 1 Municipal, 1 Captive  2 AB  1 NELAC AB, 1 Non-NELAC AB  3 Other  1 PTOB/PTPA  2 PT Provider

13 Negative Vote Rationale  The rationale that reduction in PT Frequency would attract more participating ABs and Labs is speculative and cannot be substantiated with current information available.  Rationale to combine WP & WS into a single aqueous PT with the most stringent concentration range and acceptance criteria would create unnecessary burden on many laboratories; methodology between WP & WS is not equivalent for all parameters.

14 Vote Tally Comment ## Affirmative# NegativeOutcome Comment 12245Not Persuasive Comment 20318Not Persuasive Comment 22545Not Persuasive Comment 31245Not Persuasive Comment 33154Not Persuasive Comment 22745Not Persuasive

15 Next Steps Post PT Frequency Subcommittee report on TNI Website along with survey and data studies. Committee to review vote comments, prepare formal response to comments found not persuasive.

16 Conclusion TNI is a consensus based standard; by consensus the TNI membership must establish the purpose of PT and then determine the best PT scheme to achieve that purpose. We need to hear from you-all of you.

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