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Public Relations – Your Secret Weapon to Business Success Presented by Sharon Sim-Krause, Shen Yanling 36 Monterey Blvd San Francisco, CA 94131 v. 415.333.9991.

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1 Public Relations – Your Secret Weapon to Business Success Presented by Sharon Sim-Krause, Shen Yanling 36 Monterey Blvd San Francisco, CA 94131 v. 415.333.9991 f. 415.333.9909

2 I. Quick Introduction about Panache Communications. II. What is Public Relations? III. Benefits/Results of PR –  Getting Your Message Right!  Increased Visibility  Increased Sales  Reduced Costs IV. The Industry Through Asian American Eyes V. Concluding Thoughts Speech Outline

3  A ward-Winning Asian-Focused Technology Public Relations Firm.  Focus on public relations, media relations and marketing communications strategies and their execution for a range of technology to government, professional services and non- profit clients.  Senior staff from pedigree global PR firms delivering knowledge, substance and quality.  We deliver results, and do it with panache! Who We Are

4 Our Clients PECC, a division of APEC

5 TRUTH? FALSE? FACT? MYTH?  The MYTH: PR is about pretty young things who go around shaking hands, throwing parties and schmoozing.  The TRUTH: US PR professionals are educated, well- trained on the norms of business and specifically the media and analyst industries. We serve as strategic advisors to our clients’ businesses, and help them grow via independent third party influcencer programs. What is Public Relations?

6 DEFINITION Public Relations can be summed up in two words – “Reputation Management.” It is the continuous act of raising public awareness and building name recognition for your company. A well-planned PR program will communicate your company’s key positioning in this crowded marketplace, it will influence the influencers as it speaks to key media and analysts who will in turn influence your company’s universe of investors, customers, partners, employees etc. Public relations, when conducted effectively, will inevitably raise yours and your company’s visibility, enhance its reputation, thereby leading to more queries and even sales. What is Public Relations?

7 FUN ANALOGY - volunteer anyone? - What is Public Relations?

8 IMAGINE THIS… You are a startup trying to grow, find investors, worthy partners, and customers. Now, consider the value of….  Getting on the cover of Fortune Magazine or Business Week, and its impact on your business.  Winning an award for “Best Product of The Year” with PC Magazine.  Getting a ringing endorsement and highly positive story from reporter at Venture Capital Journal or Red Herring.  Getting a keynote speaking opportunity at the “go to” industry trade show.  Having your phones ring non-stop from people who heard or read about you from the mass media or analyst reports. Getting Back to Business…

9 The Value is Priceless. Have you ever tried to sell something without any marketing or PR support? It is difficult. E = S/M The harder you work on Marketing, the less Effort you need to make on Sales. What The Value?

10 Starting Out is Hard!

11 Get That Message Right! Increased Visibility Increased Sales Reduced Costs But The Rewards Are Aplenty!

12 Case Study Challenges  Raise awareness of Wedgetail and its JCSI Single Sign-On (SSO) at RSA Conference 2003.  Position Wedgetail as an emerging players in the security sector.  Raise awareness of Wedgetail with customers, partners, and company management. Strategies  Target security and IT developer vertical media and analysts.  Position JCSI SSO to define an overall corporate vision.  Position Wedgetail’s executives as authoritative resources. Results  Top-tier media exposure in vertical and trade press– InfoWorld, Enterprise Systems Journal, Java Developer’s Journal and JavaWorld  Drove conference traffic to Wedgetail booth leading to sales and partnership leads

13 Case Study Challenges  Increase awareness of Techtel with prospects, partners, and company management.  Position Techtel’s CEO as foremost authority on IT business sector. Strategies  Conducted tenacious outreach to business, financial and technology media.  Created relevant story ideas for the U.S. media correlating IT demand to the overall economy. Results  High-level Media Exposure — Barron’s, CBS MarketWatch, San Jose Mercury News, Investor’s Business Daily, Financial Times,, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle  New Lead Generation —Generated new customer relationships and seen as a source by the press community.  Industry Awards: BMA Beacon Award & PRSA Compass Award.

14 Case Study Challenges  To launch chinadotcom in the US as Asia’s leading Integrated Internet company.  Position chinadotcom executives as industry leaders. Strategies  Conducted East & West Coast Press Tours to tell the chinadotcom story.  Launched aggressive speaking opportunities campaign for chinadotcom’s top executives, CEO and President for US.  News Trends Strike Program Results  High Level Media Exposure – Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Industry Standard, New York Times, C/Net, Upside, Yahoo Finance, Silicon Valley Business, ZDTV  Maximize visibility for cdc executives. More than 15 speaking opportunities achieved in nine months.

15 Case Study Challenges  To garner public awareness of focused SARS detection RFID technology in various SARS-infected Asian markets.  Raise awareness of Savi technology. Strategies  Served as lead agency, conducted outreach to 5 target markets.  Worked with local partners in Beijing, Hong Konogm Guangzhou and Singapore.  Customized pitches for local markets. Results  Coverage in Guangzhou New Express Post, Guangzhou Information Post, Beijing Science Times, Singapore’s leading radio news, 93.8FM, and Silicon Valley’s leading Chinese dailies Sing Tao Daily News and World Journal.  Multiple phone calls and sales queries!

16 Reducing Costs… You’ve got a company, great products, and investment $$… Now you’re thinking of doing some marketing and PR… Let’s consider the costs… Say you have a $100,000… what would you spend it on??  A. a one-time half-page ad in Wall Street Journal  B. a nice booth and plane tickets at a trade show, or  C. a sustained PR program to last you a whole year?

17 Reducing Costs… C.A Sustained PR Program that will last you a full year, of course! The answer is obvious to me because: I’d rather have objective, respected third parties endorse my firm and promote our products, rather than “toot my own horn” about how good we are.

18 Michelle Yeh, Chinadotcom ex-VP of Marketing Client Nuggets Michael Kelly Techtel Corporation Chairman “I have been looking for you for years! Panache exceeds my definitions of high value PR. You are knowledgeable, client-centric; surpasses everything I would expect of a PR agency and more.” “Panache was instrumental to our success in achieving our marketing objectives in the US. They are strategic, responsive and flexible. Our client-agency relationship was so seamless that working with them just like having a fully-staffed in-house PR department, only better because they try harder.”

19  As of 2001, the size of the US PR industry was at $4.4 billion, according to the Council of PR firms.  Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders comprise 7% of the US workforce.  In the PR industry, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders make up only 4% of the workforce (81% is Caucasian). (Source: PR Week) The Industry – A Look Through Asian American Eyes

20  About 33% of the high tech startups in Silicon Valley are founded by Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs. (Source: Berkeley Professor Dr. Annalee Saxenian)  But of the number of PR firms that were founded in Silicon Valley by Asian Americans, besides my firm, I can only think of only one other firm.  As the globalization trend continues, the need for savvy PR professionals who can easily straddle different cultures will rise in demand. The Industry – A Look Through Asian American Eyes

21 A Theory: Do you agree? Disagree?  Asian entrepreneurs have a natural tendency to shy away from the spotlight. “I do a good job, but I shouldn’t show- off, it’s against my culture.”  My challenge to you: Get over the culture, and put first things first!  PR & recognition of you and your company is critical for your company’s success! The Industry – A Look Through Asian American Eyes

22 Now What are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and tell your story!!! Panache thanks you for this opportunity. 36 Monterey Blvd San Francisco, CA 94131 v. 415.333.9991 f. 415.333.9909

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