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Developing Biomedical Research Davey Smith, MD, MAS UCSD.

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1 Developing Biomedical Research Davey Smith, MD, MAS UCSD

2 Hypothesis If we enhance biomedical research capacity through a UEM-UCSD partnership, then we will expand academic capability of UEM faculty

3 Specific Aim To enhance the capacity of the UEM in pre- and postgraduate medical education through the expansion of a bilateral partnership with the UCSD, initially focusing on communicable and neglected diseases, including HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and related infectious diseases.

4 Laboratory Support of Biomedical Research (aka Translational Science) What can the MEPI team do: – Needs assessment What is already available: UEM, MCH, INS, CDC, PEPFAR, etc. What is needed Complementary and Collaborative – Investigate and facilitate ways to provide needed laboratory capability. – On-site and off-site training – Project, grants, presentation review and advice

5 Building biomedical research capacity Establish local laboratory expertise – Partner with established research organizations in Mozambique. – Build sustainable laboratory infrastructure Training, Training, Training – Local – UCSD partners Quality Assurance procedures

6 Building biomedical research capacity Establish clinical partnerships – Partner with established clinicians and UEM faculty in Mozambique. – Support clinicians who wish to perform biomedical research – Develop two-way partnerships UEM UCSD – Training, Training, Training

7 Projects Based on: – Local needs Eg. HIV, malaria, TB, Kaposi, liver disease, etc. – Local investigator interests – Partnership capability MEPI Assistance – Provide critical review and plans to enhance study design. – Assist the development of partnerships – Assist in human subjects review.

8 Training See Dr. Benson and Dr. Carrilho lecture tomorrow. Main Point: Develop sustainable capacity within local laboratories. – “Train the trainer” – Tele-education – Training is an iterative process

9 Funding The purpose of the MEPI is not to fund individual research projects. As discussed, we think that research is important so: – Develop UEM-UCSD partnerships – Generate project ideas and preliminary data Eg. CFAR Developmental and International grants – Apply for larger governmental and foundation grants

10 Expert Review (aka informal training) MEPI will provide experienced investigators to assist investigators with: – Study Design: Clinical and Laboratory – Grant applications – Publications and presentations

11 Questions ?

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