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Campus Compact 2007 Membership Survey Oklahoma and the Nation Disparities / Similarities.

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1 Campus Compact 2007 Membership Survey Oklahoma and the Nation Disparities / Similarities

2 Context Significant Disparities / Similarities with other Campus Compact states Fully Representative - 31 of 33 Oklahoma institutions responded (Thank You!)

3 Disparity in Institutional Characteristics OK more heavily Public Two-Years Other states more heavily Private Four- Years OK more heavily Community College Other states more: –Liberal Arts focused –Religious affiliated –Research/Comprehensive

4 Service-Learning Representation Average Number of Courses –OK 19%; Other states 36% Average Number Faculty Teaching –OK 16%; Other states 37%

5 Institutional President’s Involvement Participates in Campus Events: –OK 77%; Other states 94% Solicits Foundation or Other Support: –OK 29%; Other states 44% Speaks/Writes on Service/Civic Engagement (e.g. op-eds, campus publications, newspapers): –OK 32%; Other states 52% BY CONTRAST Serves on Community Boards: –OK 81%; Other states 68% Meets Regularly with Community Partners / Representatives: –OK 61%; Other states 52%

6 Student Involvement (Role for VISTAS / Work Study) Assist in Staffing the Community Service/Service-Learning/Civic Engagement Office –OK 42%; Other states 68% Play a Lead Role in the Direction of the Office –OK 10%; Other states 42% Act as Co-Instructors –OK 6%; Other states 21%

7 Student Involvement Similarities Serve on Campus Service, Service- Learning and / or Civic Engagement Committees Recruit Faculty Participation Act as Guest Speakers in the Classroom

8 Ways Students Assist in Service- Learning Courses Act as Course Assistants at Community Sites –OK 23%; Other states 41% Act as Course Assistants in the Classroom –OK 16%; Other states 32% Receive Funding for their Service-Learning Work (scholarships, grants, or fellowships) –OK 19%; Other states 40% By Contrast Assist with Reflection Activities –OK 74%; Other states 61%

9 Ways Students Have Presence and a Voice in Decision-Making Students on the Board of Trustees - OK 10%; Other states 40% Student Government has Autonomous Control of Funds / Activity Fees –OK 48%; Other states 71%

10 Area Oklahoma is Closest in Practice with Other States Institutional Support of Faculty and Administrative Staff in Participating in Service / Volunteer Activities Paid time off to participate Public recognition of service Opportunities to serve and advise

11 Ways Institution Supports Student Community Service, Service-Learning and/or Civic Engagement Designates a period of time to highlight student civic engagement and/or service activities –OK 35%; Other states 48% Institution Manages Liability Associated with Service Placements –OK 35%; Other states 47% Service Awards for Students –OK 52%; Other states 71% Offers Students Mini-Grants for Service-Related Initiatives –OK 10%; Other States 31%

12 Ways Institution Supports Student - Continued Community Service is Offered as a Major/Minor –OK 0%; Other states 6% Courses on Volunteerism Offered –OK 13%; Other states 21% Courses on Activism/Advocacy Offered –OK 19%; Other states 40% Service-Learning Incorporated into Majors –OK 39%; Other states 48% Service Formally Considered in Admissions Process –OK 6%; Other states 26%

13 Ways Institution Supports Student - Contrast Extra Credit Given for Service/Civic Engagement Participation –OK 74%; Other states 52% Service Recorded on Student Transcripts –OK 29%; Other states 17% Service-Learning Incorporated into Core Curriculum –OK 45%; Other states 38%

14 Ways Institution Supports Student Hosts and/or Funds Public Dialogues on Current Issues –OK 55%; Other states 63% **Oklahoma Public Policy Deliberation** Space/Avenue for Peaceful Student Protest –OK 29%; Other states 45% Provides Space for Student Political Organizations on Campus –OK 42%; Other states 60%

15 Programs Your Institution Offers Alternative Breaks –OK 19%; Other states 67% First-Year Experience Service Opportunities –OK 26%; Other states 58% Learning Communities Concerning Engagement and Service –OK 19%; Other states 36% Graduate School Service –OK 10%; Other states 20% Government Internships –OK 23%; Other states 40%

16 Programs Your Institution Offers - Continued International Service Opportunities –OK 26%; Other states 52% Inter-Campus Service Programs –OK 23%; Other states 32% Non-Profit Internships –OK 39%; Other states 69% One-Day Service Projects –OK 74%; Other states 85% Residence Hall-Based Service –OK 42%; Other states 53%

17 Programs Your Institution Offers - Contrast Freshman Year Orientation OK 65% Other states 55%

18 Ways Community Partners are Involved Act as Co-Instructors (Compensated) –OK 0%; Other states 12% Provide Reflection on Site in Community Setting –OK 48%; Other states 59% Provide Feedback on the Development / Maintenance of Community Service Programs –OK 61%; Other states 75% Participates in the Design and Delivery of Community-Based Courses –OK 19%; Other states 28% Serve on Campus Committees –OK 39%; Other states 47%

19 Average Number of Community Partnerships per Institution Oklahoma 43 Other States 77

20 Types of Organizations Partnering With Government –OK 55%; Other states 62% Non-Profit / Community-Based Organizations –OK 87%; Other states 93% Other Higher Education Institutions –OK 35%; Other states 42% By Contrast For-Profit Businesses –OK 45%; Other states 38%

21 Does Your Institution Assess the Impact of Its Service-Learning, Civic Engagement, and/or Community Service Activities on the Local Community?

22 Identify Most Valuable Services of Campus Compact Oklahoma Responses National & State Conferences & Workshops Networking, Communications Publications, Newsletters Workshops on Campus

23 Level of Satisfaction - Marked Very Important AmeriCorps*VISTA Program – OK 23%; Other states 45% (By Contrast - Not Important or Don’t Know OK 49%; Other states 36%) Sub-Grants –OK 39%; Other states 58% Publications –OK 45%; Other states 54%

24 Level of Satisfaction – Marked Very Important - Contrast Faculty Development –OK 74%; Other states 53% Compact Current Newsletter –OK 42%; Other states 22% Consulting Corps –OK 23%; Other states 15% Development of Presidential Leadership –OK 35%; Other states 27%

25 Level of Satisfaction – Marked Very Important By Contrast - Continued State Compact Newsletter –OK 58%; Other states 34% Technical Support –OK 45%; Other states 27% Legislative Updates / Policy Information - OK 58%; Other states 34% “Raise Your Voice” Student Engagement Campaign –OK 39%; Other states 19% Service-Learning Syllabi –OK 65%; Other states 55%

26 Level of Satisfaction – Marked Don’t Know – National Award Programs Frank Newman Leadership Award Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning Everybody!

27 Programs, Services or Resources You Would Like Campus Compact to Provide Oklahoma Responses Funding Regional / Campus Workshops State Conferences Public Relations Campaign on Service

28 Conclusions / Needs Expressed 1.Higher level of Service-Learning Course Representation & Faculty Participation  More funding, More regional/campus workshops 2.More Direct Presidential Involvement  Public relations campaign on service 3.More Student Leadership, Institutional Support  Workshops, conferences to explore examples, etc.

29 Conclusions / Needs - Continued 4. Greater Variety of Programs  Funding, workshops for awareness 5. More Community Partners, Greater Variety of Methods of Involvement  Funding, workshops for awareness, public relations

30 What We Like and Use from Campus Compact  Faculty Development  Newsletter  Technical Support  Service-Learning Syllabi

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