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Marina Munguia, Andrea Franco, Elizabeth Morales, Janet Gonzalez Period 3.

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1 Marina Munguia, Andrea Franco, Elizabeth Morales, Janet Gonzalez Period 3

2 Film Basics Film was released 25 August 1939 The Director was victor Fleming Writers; Noel Langley (Screenplay) Florence Ryerson(Screenplay) Genre; adventure, family, fantasy, musical The Wizard of OZ came from Culver City California, USA

3 Critical Reception Academy Awards, USA 1940 won Oscar Best Music, original score 1940 nominated Oscar, Best Art direction, Best cinematography, Best effects, Best picture

4 Stylistic Importance First Film to used Technicolor, Horizontal lines, shadows Long shots, close up shots Technicolor Wizard of oz used a filming method where they had to film outside were lighting was very bright Filming the beginning in the movie they used brown and white color.

5 Stylistic importance Cont. – The “Oz” in Wizard of Oz means ounces which can symbolize gold in the movie. The gold can represent the yellow brick road which was golden in color. – Gold also can represent prosperity and wisdom as well as wealth. – The costumes in this film were very detailed and fantasy like but realistic at the same time. – Some of the costumes had very bright vivid colors for example Dorothy’s ruby slippers and the Lollipop kids.

6 Fun Facts Original Tin Man (Buddy Ebsen) was replaced by Jack Haley due to allergic reaction to make- up (aluminum) Somewhere Over the Rainbow Won an Academy Award for best song Judy Garland played Dorothy although some preferred Shirley Temple The character who played the lion was Bert Lahr Person that received the highest pay way Ray Bolger (scarecrow) earning 3600 per week Wizard and lion earned $2500 per week Tin Man earned $2250 per week Dorothy earned $500 per week While Toto earned $100 per week

7 Fun facts continued Original movie poster for The Wizard of Oz in 1939 The Wicked Witch received second- and third-degree burns when filming the sequence where she disappeared in a cloud of smoke part of her costume caught fire. Her burns caused her to miss six weeks of filming.

8 Famous quote This quote is famous because isn't that what everyone truly longs for? To go home, or to return to wherever place that you felt at home.

9 Actors The producers began their casting search with the supporting roles of the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. In March 1938, Roy Bolger was chosen for the role of the Tin Man. Bolger was honored to be a part of the film, but he was upset with the role. he expressed "I loved the thought of being the Scarecrow, and I could not imagine anyone else playing the part.“ Buddy Ebsen would play the Scarecrow. Bolger complained about his role as the Tin Man. Bolger and Ebsen' roles were switched. Bolger would play the Scarecrow and Ebsen would be the Tin Man. The search for the Cowardly Lion ended when the film's lyricist E.Y. "Yip" Harburg recommended Bert Lahr. Who he had previously worked with and he was convinced that he could write lines for Lahr that would embrace a burlesque comedy style while at the same time display the sweetness behind the lion.

10 Actors Continued The producers had imagined child star Shirley Temple as the role of Dorothy because of her incredible success at the box- office. Instead Judy Garland was chosen On account of her voice. As well as her personality. She would only be casted on the condition that she lost weight prior to filming. Judy Garland as Dorothy Ray Bolger as The Scarecrow Jack Hanley as The Tin Man Bert Lahr as The Cowardly Lion


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