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The Art of Optical Illusion

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1 The Art of Optical Illusion
“Op” Art The Art of Optical Illusion Adapted From a Presentation Created by Rock Ledge Elementary Fine Art Program, Seymour, WI Original Source:

2 What is “Op”? “Op” is short for optical. Optical means having to do with the eye.

3 You may have heard of an “Optical Illusion.”
An optical illusion plays with the way you see something. It is trying to trick your eye! Is the ball moving?

4 Are the balls white or gray?

5 Op Art Optical Art is a mathematically-themed form of Abstract art.  

6 Op Art The point of optical art is to confuse the eye.

7 Examples of Op Art



10 Look at this picture again…
In Op art, the dark colors recede while the light colors advance.


12 The Beginning of Op Art Optical Art started in the 1960’s with Bridget Riley! Bridget Riley is one of the most well known British artists and creators of Op Art.

13 Bridget Riley She was born in 1931 in London.
In 1960’s she began working just in black and white. In the 1980’s she started adding color.

14 Bridget Riley She transformed art by exploring the dynamic effects of optical phenomena. Later nick named “Op Art”

15 Bridget Riley Movement in Squares 1961 Tempera paint on canvas

16 Bridget Riley Blaze 1 1962 Emulsion on Hardboard

17 Bridget Riley Arrest 1 1965 Emulsion on Canvas

18 Bridget Riley

19 Bridget Riley

20 Compare and Contrast Activity
Bridget Riley’s Op Art Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

21 Your Project! You will be creating your own optical illusion!
We will be creating a design with pencils and rulers, painting that design with complementary colors, and then adding shapes to make the optical illusion. These shapes will be raised from the painting, but will also be painted.

22 Artsonia Examples!

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